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高三英语作文 寄给天国的一封信_高三书信 2000字

高三英语作文 寄给天国的一封信_高三书信 2000字

高三英语作文 寄给天国的一封信_高三书信 2000字

高三英语作文 寄给天国的一封信_高三书信 2000字

English Composition A letter to the Kingdom of Heaven _ High School letter 2000 words
以下是此篇初一Dear Grandma,

"In the past, I went to the willows. As I think about it today, rain and snow continue to fall." Do you remember? When you walked in the spring, I thought of the poet Haizi. With his heart full of talent, he went away with his "Facing the Sea, with Spring Blossoms", so quietly... But you are not like him, you have nothing but a primary school teacher and a small pension. You are walking in your native land and the land you love, and with your hardworking heart you have gone to the holy land - the Kingdom of Heaven. Now recall, only willing to find a bit of warmth and comfort in this cold winter. Grandma, do you remember how you always picked me up after school? Do you wrap my cold little hands tightly with those calloused but warm ones? Remember how you always talked about my mom? Grandma, am I too heartless? Why in my memory only your back, but your face is not clear? I even forget your smile. I guess only memory can tell me everything.

Memory has been washed away by time only a little outline, but that rainy day still reminds me of it is also creepy.

When I was a child, I was so naughty that my neighbors all knew that although I had the childlike elegance of "not knowing the moon when I was a child, calling me a white jade plate", I had the naughty energy of "picking stars by hand". One day, the small yellow dog at home ran to the back hill to play, hiding from his grandmother, skipping along the way, "The day has an unexpected situation, people have a good fortune." Accidentally, the foot slipped and rolled down the hill, and the whole process I inadvertently grabbed a plant, made me stop, and I fainted.

After a while, I opened my hazy eyes and suddenly found that there was no one around, and I couldn't help but mutter to myself: "I must not have seen the almanac when I went out today." Struggling to get up, suddenly found that there was a stabbing pain at the foot, so that my expression suddenly became extra, turn my head, this only to find that their feet and legs were those dead branches and leaves scraped into a bloody blur, terrible to see.

At this time, I suddenly have some unspeakable feelings in my heart. This feeling made me very frightened, the feeling in my heart more dark shadow. It suddenly dawned on me that this was fear. Fear made my heart like the bronze tripod of the Zhou Dynasty, so heavy that I could not breathe. Will I starve to death here? Will they be eaten by some monster? Will someone be abducted... fear made me wonder, even my heart in the chest: "bang" "bang" beat, at that moment, the wind blew those dead grass rustled, and occasionally appeared. Two little rabbits, but these things make me scared. The thin rain cast a veil around.

When I fell into despair, a familiar shadow came into view, and I had a inexplicable peace of mind when I saw that figure, because of physical weakness and fainted again. Open your eyes, find yourself in a familiar room, look, this is not my room? Carefully summer bed, you suddenly broke into the door and hugged me, crying like a child, after crying, stood up and walked out, your back in my eyes more magnificent.

In the years of primary school, I changed from the little girl who was ignorant and naughty to a ignorant girl, although not a few years apart, but also passed two. Three years. Another day after school, a few boys stopped me, while making faces and Shouting: "You orphan, you little monkey," young self-esteem made me wave my fist at them, and hit the first boy hard, the boy was unexpected, and I staggered backward a few steps. When the other boys saw someone being beaten, they all jumped on me and beat me violently and rudely while Shouting, "You uneducated little evil!" "You rude little monkey! I was infuriated by them, and roared at them like a little lion, gnawing. Grab. Pull. Yes. Drag. I used all the barbaric methods to reflect my anger. They saw the danger and fled. I stood tall like a victor, but my tears came out in vain. I bared my teeth with pain all over. But it's not the body that hurts, it's the heart. I fell to my knees feebly, tears pouring from my banks.

Suddenly, there was a familiar touch outside the school gate. The old figure, because I can only see the body characteristics with tears. When I saw who was coming, I eagerly jumped into your arms and cried bitterly. You gently stroked my hair with both hands and hugged me home without saying a word. When I got home, you took out the medical box to apply medicine for me, you did not speak, I did not speak. After half a sound, the parents of these boys directly kicked the door in, kept talking and gesturing, you have been there to apologize, with a smile on your face, when I wanted to explain, you stopped me and motioned me not to speak. They went away in your apology. And the boys went out triumphantly with their heads held high like a victorious rooster. I ask you in a loud, reproachful voice, "Why did you do that? Not my fault? Why don't you let me explain?" You lean down and whisper: "Forget it, we have a clear conscience, let it go!" Then turn around and leave me a experienced back.

Later, I left with my parents the place where I had childhood memories. On the day I left, I clung to the door and refused to leave, and my tears poured out like spring water, and you gave me a happy look with a smile, but I could obviously see that there were also reluctant and nostalgic, and you turned into the room in order not to reveal too much emotion, looking at your back, the figure that was usually so magnificent suddenly became so skinny.

The night before you left, you called me and told me that you would always be there for me. You will use magic to accompany me to school; You also tell me that you have a ticket in exchange for time, and that you will travel and stay in a place called the Pure Land of Bliss, which has a beautiful name - Heaven.

After that day, you went away, in the spring when the grass was long and the nightingals were flying, and everyone cried, but I didn't cry, because I knew you went to what you thought was a good destination.

Oh, I know that I am not heartless, but you left me a beautiful childhood and magnificent back. I am going to send you this letter without a stamp, and address it to you, Grandma of Heaven.

Your granddaughter英语作文的英文翻译版:



“过去,我去了柳树。我今天想想,雨和雪还在继续下。”你还记得吗?当你走在春天里,我想起了诗人海子。他怀着满腔的才华,带着他的《面朝大海,春暖花开》,这样静静地走了……但你不像他,你什么都没有,只有小学老师和微薄的退休金。你行走在你的故土和你所爱的土地上,用你勤劳的心,你已经走向了圣地——天国。现在回想起来,只愿在这寒冷的冬天里找到一点温暖和安慰。奶奶,你还记得你总是放学后来接我吗?你用那双长满老茧callus; callosity;却温暖的手紧紧closely; tightly; firmly;地包裹着我冰冷的小手吗?还记得你总是谈论我妈妈吗?奶奶,我是不是太无情了?为什么在我的记忆里只有你的背影,而你的脸却不清晰?我甚至忘记了你的笑容。我想只有记忆才能告诉我一切。



过了一会儿,我睁开朦朦胧胧的眼睛,突然发现周围一个人也没有,不禁自言自语:“我今天出门的时候,一定没有看到那本年鉴。”挣扎着站起来,突然发现脚下有一阵刺痛,让我的表情突然变得become; get; turn into; change into;格外,转过头,这才发现自己脚上和腿上的那些枯枝deadwood; stick;枯叶被刮得血肉模糊,看得可怕。

这时,我心里突然有一种说不出的感觉。这种感觉让我很害怕,感觉在我的心里更有黑影。我突然明白这是恐惧。恐惧使我的心像周朝Zhou dynasty;的青铜鼎,沉重得喘不过气来。我会饿死starve; starvation; starve to death; perish from hunger;在这里吗?他们会被怪物吃掉吗?会不会有人被绑架……恐惧使我疑惑,连我的心都在胸口:“砰”“砰”的跳动着,就在那一刻,风把那些枯草withered grass;吹得瑟瑟作响,偶尔还会出现。两只小兔子,但这些东西让我害怕。细雨给四周蒙上了一层薄纱。



突然,学校门外有一种熟悉的感觉。老了的身影,因为我只能看到带泪的身体特征。当我看到谁来了,我急切地扑到你的怀里痛哭。你轻轻地用双手抚摸着我的头发,一言不发地拥抱着我回家return home; be home; go home;。我到家的时候,你拿出医药箱给我敷药,你没说话,我也没说话。半声之后,这些男孩的父母直接踹门进来,不停without stop;地说话和打手势,你一直在那里道歉,脸上带着微笑,当我想解释的时候,你阻止了我,示意我不要说话。他们在你的道歉中消失了。男孩们昂首阔步swagger out; prance; stride proudly ahead; stride forward with one's chin up; hold one's head high;,像一只得胜的公鸡。我用责备的声音大声问你:“你为什么这样做?不是我的错?你为什么不让我离开