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高三英语作文 《中国人的精神》读后感 1200字

高三英语作文 《中国人的精神》读后感 1200字

高三英语作文 《中国人的精神》读后感 1200字

高三英语作文 《中国人的精神》读后感 1200字

English Composition "The Spirit of the Chinese" after reading 1200 words
As the contemporary Chinese youth, what kind of spirit and attitude should we adopt to face life and society? Young people are the hope and future of society, and they should have a high sense of responsibility and mission for the country and the nation.

Recently, I read "The Spirit of the Chinese" by Mr. Gu Hongming, who is known as the eccentric of modern Chinese culture. This book explains the spirit of Chinese civilization and reveals its values from the real Chinese people, Chinese etiquette, and Chinese language. Written during the First World War at the beginning of the last century, when European civilization was in crisis, Gu Hongming's purpose was clear, pointing out a way out for the crisis of Europe, and even the whole world civilization. The aim is to try to explain the spirit of Chinese civilization and reveal its values. That is, Chinese civilization under the Confucian tradition.

The Spirit of the Chinese was originally published in China Review in 1914. In 1915, it was renamed The Great Meaning of the Spring and Autumn Annals. It was soon translated into German and became a sensation in the West. The book illustrates the value of traditional Chinese culture to Western civilization, especially at a time when Chinese culture was facing discrimination and the Chinese nation was being bullied.

To understand the real Chinese and Chinese civilization, you must have three characteristics: broad, profound, simple In this work Gu Hongming summed up the Chinese spirit in the following aspects.

The first Chinese spirit is gentlemanliness. Is not tough, harsh, rude and violent. The real Chinese may be ugly, vulgar, ignorant, cunning, but they are not terrible, not aggressive, not absurd, not evil. Chinese people do have a lot of shortcomings, but these shortcomings are revealed in a kind of cute. The second spirit is a strong sense of compassion. The real Chinese live an emotional life influenced by human beings, and may sometimes be said to neglect what should be done but are free to live a real and felt life. The book also talks about the Chinese language and the inescapable Chinese civilization.

The author believes that Chinese is a language of the heart, so a real Chinese is a person with "a child's heart and an adult's mind." To reveal the spiritual life of the Chinese people in the book, it is necessary to publicize the value of traditional Chinese culture.

There is no denying that the kind of "Chinese spirit" emphasized by Gu Hongming is indeed yearned for and missed. In the comparison between Chinese and Westerners and Chinese culture and Western culture, the old gentleman praised Chinese culture and Confucian culture, and believed that Chinese people were deep, broad, simple and sensitive. In the article, Mr. Gu revealed the spiritual life of the Chinese people, propagated the value of Chinese traditional culture, advocated Confucian civilization, and rescued Western civilization, which aroused great repercussions in the West at that time. In his view, Westerners fear God and the law, so they need external coercion to restrain them. Spending a lot of property to support the "idle class", but also caused a strong constraint on people themselves, and this constraint in turn prompted people to go to the extreme, which was also a major reason for the powers in the early 20th century coveting China. Today's China, despite its defenders of traditional culture, is dwarfed by an increasingly Westernized public. So some people always think that "the moon is rounder in the West than in China", thus forgetting the fundamental. From the perspective of our contemporary people, we must inherit and develop the excellent culture of our own nation, and we must also learn and draw on the advanced culture and science and technology of other nations. We must not have that kind of national arrogance, so that our national culture can continue to develop and flourish in the integration of the excellent culture of other nations and benefit our Chinese nation.

Gu Hongming is a genius. He is proficient in Chinese and Western languages and has received 13 doctoral degrees. Reading English newspapers backwards ridiculed the British and said the Americans had no culture, and were the first to translate Chinese Analects and the Mean into the West in English and German. He worked as an interpreter for ambassadors of six countries. He lectured on Confucianism to Japanese Prime Minister Hirobumi ITO, exchanged letters with literary master Leo Tolstoy, and discussed world culture and political situation. Mahatma Gandhi of India called him "the most honorable Chinese"...... Gu Hongming should be recorded by history. The exploration of the Chinese spirit is not and never will be.

作为当代中国青年,我们应该以一种什么样的精神和态度去面对in the face of;生活、面对in the face of;社会呢。青年是社会的希望和未来,对国家和民族应该具有高度的责任感和使命感。

最近,我阅读了有近代中国文化怪杰之称的辜鸿铭Gu Hongming;先生所著的《中国人的精神》。这本书从真正的中国人,中国礼仪,中国语言——以此来解释中国文明的精神并揭示其价值。写于上个世纪初的一战期间,正当欧洲文明陷于危机,辜鸿铭Gu Hongming;的目的很明显,为陷于危机的欧洲,甚至整个世界文明指出一条出路。目的,是去尝试解释中国文明的精神并揭示其价值。即儒教传统下的中国文明。

《中国人的精神》原载 1914年的《中国评论》, 1915年更名《春秋大义》在京出版,并很快被译成德文,一时轰动西方。全书阐述了中国传统文化对西方文明的价值,在当时中国文化面临歧视、中华民族遭受欺凌的情况下,其影响尤为特殊。

理解真正的中国人和中国文明,你必须具备的三个特征:博大、精深、淳朴在这部著作中辜鸿铭Gu Hongming;把中国人的精神概括为以下几个方面。

中国人的精神第一个就是绅士性。是没有强硬、苛刻、粗鲁和暴力。真正的中国人也许是丑陋、庸俗、愚昧、狡黠sly; cunning; crafty;的,但却并不可怕horrible; dreadful; terrible;没有侵略性,没有荒唐,没有邪恶。中国人确实有很多缺点,但这些缺点中却又透露出几分可爱。第二种精神就是强烈的同情心。真正的中国人过着一种感情的受人类影响的生活,可能有时会被人说成忽视了应该做的事情但是确是自由的过着一种真实的、感觉的生活。书中还谈到了中国的语言和无法绕开的中国的文明。


不可否认,辜鸿铭Gu Hongming;所强调的那种“中国人的精神”,确实是令人向往和怀念的。老先生对中国人和西方人及中国文化与西方文化的比较中,推崇中华文化、儒家文化,认为中国人是深沉的、博大的、纯朴的和灵敏的。在文中,辜先生揭示中国人的精神生活,宣传中国传统文化的价值,鼓吹儒家文明,救助西方文明等论调里在当时的西方引起了极大的反响。在他看来,西方人惧怕上帝和法律,所以需要外在external; extrinsic;的强制力去进行约束。耗费了大量的财物去供养“闲人idler; an unoccupied person;阶层”,更是对人本身造成了强大的约束,这种约束进而促使人走向极端,这也是对 20世纪初的列强觊觎covet;中国的一大主因。如今的中国,尽管有一批a batch;传统文化的捍卫者,却在日益西化的大众面前显得那么苍白无力。所以会有人总是觉得“西方月亮比中国圆”,从而忘掉根本。以我们当代人的眼光来看come to see; seen from;,我们对自己民族的优秀文化须继承和发扬,也要学习和借鉴其他民族的先进文化、科技,绝不能有那种民族自大的心态,从而能让我们民族的文化在与其他民族的优秀文化融会贯通中继续发扬光大,造福于我们的中华民族。

辜鸿铭Gu Hongming;是一个天才。学贯中西、精通九种语言、获得 13个博士学位。倒读英文报纸嘲笑英国人,说美国人没有文化,第一个将中国的《论语》、《中庸》用英文和德语翻译到西方。曾为六国使节当翻译。凭三寸不烂之舌向日本首相伊藤博文大讲孔学,与文学大师列夫·托尔斯泰书信来往,讨论世界文化和政坛局势,被印度圣雄甘地称为call; name; term; intitule; hight;“最尊贵的中国人”......辜鸿铭Gu Hongming;,是应该被历史记下的。探索中国人的精神,没有也永远不会结束。