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高三英语作文 《人间失格》读书笔记 1500字

高三英语作文 《人间失格》读书笔记 1500字

高三英语作文 《人间失格》读书笔记 1500字

高三英语作文 《人间失格》读书笔记 1500字

English Composition "Human loss" reading notes 1500 words
I have been puzzled as to how to overcome my bad habits, whether they are my own nature or human nature. I have tried various methods to resist them, such as controlling my desires or thoughts by willpower, and dredging the cancer from my mind, but this will lead me into a state of self-struggle and even self-repression, so that I have to evaluate whether this process of inhibition is itself a bad habit; For example, by thoroughly indulging oneself, I want to exhaust all the poisons on my body in a period of time and release them until I am exhausted. Obviously, this is not feasible, and bad habits will be like weeds that may usher in spring at any time and grow barbarously again. I think I may not be able to be a complete person, a pure person. By accepting this, life became easier, but I was no longer me.

Thinking about right and wrong once made me deeply confused, and when I began to be confused, I would urgently look for a way out, just like a child falling into the water, always eager to grasp a life-saving straw. I can't describe that feeling, and vaguely remember that after a period of confusion, there is endless emptiness. That kind of emptiness is no matter what kind of vice can not fill, which makes me feel painful, in desperation, I had to turn to my mother, I asked her: "In the end what is good, what is evil, there is no right and wrong in the world." This is a difficult question to answer, and my mother thought about it for a long time and told me carefully that "the line is whether to hurt others, and not to hurt others is the bottom line." I clearly remember that this conversation took place at noon in the spring of the third year of high school, when the sun was full and the world was bright.

"Human Disqualification" (by Dazai Ji), also known as "loss of human qualifications", can not understand the author's mood and thoughts when he committed suicide, even after reading the book, I did not feel enough to die or impulse, for not understanding the author's inner world feel ashamed, people wrote this book and even death as the epitaph of the book, and I still think of people dead, The fact that the book is still alive. The childhood of the protagonist Ye Zang is completely dark in the author's pen, and he has neither the ability to hate things nor the state of liking things. When he was young, Ye Zang lived in a huge family, just like a puppet person or a rubber person, which is obviously not a child's psychological state. Although I have never been old, I do not know the mentality of an elderly person, but I know that childhood is the best delicious food in the world, even if the growing environment of Ye Zang is bad, a child can not experience such profound pain. I can boldly speculate that the author is re-examining or experiencing his childhood life with the mentality of an elderly person. Such extreme experience makes me feel the despair of the author at that time. When the beautiful childhood is no longer a little colorful, it must be a burden to live. I became intensely curious about what had brought Ye Zang to this point.

After coming to school, leave the family of the leaf Zang try to liberate themselves, here you can get unprecedented freedom through mischief, it seems that all deliberate actions are the exercise of self-will, is the resistance to the world, such an idea is not allowed to peep at others, but still called bamboo a boy see through the mind, which makes the leaf Zang feel embarrassed. In middle school, Ye Zang feels that painting is far better than writing, language is always full of deception, but painting can reflect the heart of others may not understand, he met Masao in the art class, a vulgar mix, and found that smoke, wine, prostitutes can also release the emptiness, get comfortable, for which he gave himself a good reason to prove that such nausea is not vulgar. There will even be a hint of noble feelings, until Masao punctures his heart. His youthful rebellion turned into a passion for politics by chance, and being at odds with his father who was engaged in politics or separated from the mainstream of society made Ye Zang feel a better sense of existence. Even young Ye Zang's desire for women is not all from the sexual impulse, but more through the process of dealing with the fun of the game and the feeling of peace of mind, in a process of playing, a woman died for him, so far, Ye Zang has begun to show signs of contempt for life or jokes, in order to obtain their own extreme experience, at the cost of others' lives. Later in the police interrogation, when Ye Zang was enjoying his kung fu performance after years of acting, a prosecutor once again exposed his hypocrisy. I think the author must have tried various pursuits that resulted in failure with great enthusiasm when he was young, and then the frustration generated resulted in the ultimate experience as a surface.

From the bureau out of the leaf Zang had boarded in the "flounder" home, which made him feel at a loss, bored. He met a magazine named Shizuko woman in Honxiong's home and was able to live in her home. This is leaf hide not only in the material nothing, in the spiritual world also have cornered signs, in the static son home with children, eat soft rice can only be soft, leaf hide also can not do soft rice hard to eat. Although he still emphasized his pursuit of painting, I am afraid he urgently hoped to find a way to solve it. And static son daughter numerous son chat let ye Zang appear more poor, sad, for a man to live like this, other people's ridicule is not important, their own ridicule and sarcasm let ye Zang feel the end of the road.

People's views on things are always affected by emotions, feelings, impulses and other irrational factors, and even for the extreme experience of the heart, the flawless appreciation of the scenery outside, even if the sky is high and the sun is shining. Extreme experiences give a sense of presence as strong as emptiness, and such attempts can drain one's spirit. I have no way of knowing what the author was experiencing or what Dazai was feeling throughout his life. The book did in some ways remind me that the ultimate experience must end in emptiness, which is a staggering thing.

To be honest, I know very little about the book and its background, except for the author's name, and I have no idea and can't be sure whether what I'm reading is real or fake. Some things may not be true even if they are seen with their own eyes, and the illusion and chaos in the world can easily make people lose their ability to judge the truth and falsity.

我一直困惑于如何克服我的坏习惯,它们是我自己的本性还是人类的本性。我尝试过各种方法来抵抗它们,比如用意志力控制自己的欲望或思想,疏通内心的毒瘤,但这会让我陷入一种自我挣扎甚至自我压抑的状态,以至于我不得不have to; cannot but; fain; be conscripted to;评估这种抑制的过程本身是否是一种坏习惯;例如,通过彻底放纵自己,我想在一段时间内把我身上所有的毒素都排出,直到我筋疲力尽。显然,这是不可行的,坏习惯会像杂草一样,随时可能迎来春天,再次野蛮生长。我想我可能无法成为一个完整的人,一个纯粹的人。接受了这一点,生活变得become; get; turn into; change into;轻松了,但我不再no longer; no more;是我了。

对是非的思考曾经让我深深困惑,当我开始困惑时,我就会急切地寻找出路,就像一个落水的孩子,总是渴望抓住救命的稻草。我无法形容那种感觉,只依稀记得一段迷茫之后,是无尽的空虚。那种空虚是无论什么样的恶习都填不满的,这让我感到痛苦,在绝望中,我只好求助于妈妈,我问她:“到底什么是善,什么是恶,世界上没有对与错。”这是一个很难hard; very difficult;回答的问题,妈妈想了很久,小心翼翼地告诉我:“底线是要不要伤害别人,不伤害别人是底线。”我清楚地记得,这段对话发生在高三春天的中午,当时阳光灿烂,世界一片光明。

《人的失格》(作者大宰姬),又称“人的失格”,无法理解作者自杀时的心情和思想,即使读完这本书,我也没有感到足够的死亡或冲动,为不理解作者的内心世界而感到羞愧,人们写这本书甚至把死亡作为这本书的墓志铭,而我仍然想到人的死去,事实上as a matter of fact; in fact; in reality;这本书还活着。主人公叶藏的童年在作者笔下完全是黑暗的,他既没有恨事物的能力,也没有喜欢事物的状态。叶藏小时候生活在一个大家庭里,就像一个木偶人,一个橡皮人,这显然不是一个孩子的心理状态。虽然我从未never; never a; not for a moment; at no period;变老,我不知道一个老人的心态,但我知道,童年是世界上最美味的食物,即使叶藏的成长环境恶劣,一个孩子也无法经历如此深刻的痛苦。我可以大胆推测,作者是在以老人的心态重新审视或体验自己的童年生活。这种极端的经历让我感受到作者当时的绝望。当美好的童年不再no longer; no more;有些许色彩,那一定是生活的负担。我非常好奇是什么让叶藏走到这一步。

来到学校后,离开家庭的叶藏试图解放自己,在这里可以通过恶作剧获得前所未有的自由,似乎所有刻意的行为都是对自我意志的锻炼,是对世界的抵抗,这样的想法是不允许窥视别人的,但仍然叫竹一个男孩看穿了心思,这让叶藏感到尴尬。中学时,叶藏觉得绘画远胜于文字,语言总是充满欺骗,但绘画能反映别人的内心却未必能理解,他在美术课上遇到正夫,一种庸俗的混搭,并发现烟、酒、妓女也能释放空虚,得到安逸,为此for this purpose;他给了自己一个很好的理由来证明,这样的恶心并不庸俗。甚至会有一丝高贵的感情,直到正雄刺穿他的心。他年轻时的叛逆偶然变成了对政治的热爱,与从政或脱离社会主流的父亲格格不入,让叶藏有了更好的存在感。即使是年轻的叶藏对女人的欲望也不全来自性冲动,而是更多more; even more;地通过处理游戏的乐趣和内心的平静感,在一个游戏的过程中,一个女人为他而死,至此,叶藏已经开始表现出蔑视生命或开玩笑的迹象,为了获得自己的极致体验,不惜以他人的生命为代价。后来,在警方的审讯中,当叶藏在表演多年的功夫表演时,检察官procurator; prosecution; inquisitor; [法] prosecuting attorney; law officer;再次暴露了他的虚伪。我想作者一定是在年轻的时候怀着极大的热情尝试过各种以失败告终的追求,然后产生的挫折感最终形成了作为表面的体验。

从局外出来的叶藏曾在“比目鱼flounder (鲽形目鱼类总称); [鱼] flatfish;”家登过船,这让他很生气