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高三英语作文 高三的“三步曲”_记事 1000字

高三英语作文 高三的“三步曲”_记事 1000字

高三英语作文 高三的“三步曲”_记事 1000字

高三英语作文 高三的“三步曲”_记事 1000字

English Composition The "three steps" of the third year _ 1000 words

A string of time in life flies away again, taking away my ignorance, but not my worries and fears; Keep loneliness and helplessness, but can not keep time and happiness; Take away my old world, but not my maturity and new world.

Now, I can only sincerely write the story of the time in the new world to make up for the mistakes made in the old world, and the recent time is the third year of high school, I sincerely write its "three steps" and even the "three steps" of life.


At the beginning, in order to write the future, I aspire to - stepped aspirations.

From the "Upper middle school" in primary school to the "upper high school and university" in junior high school to the "upper university" in senior high school; From being kind to yourself to being kind to your parents to serving the people; From being honest to being honest and trustworthy and so on. Among these aspirations and ideals, in addition to failing in high school, others can be realized. In addition to the ambition of "going to junior high school", the depth of other aspirations can also be improved, and I will continue to strive to do my best. Now, although I have spent three years in a non-ideal high school, my original ambition is still there. Now, I have entered the hall of senior high school, which will be a turning point for me. I have to sort out my original aspirations and give them new connotations, such as filial piety to my parents, serving the people and being honest and trustworthy. Going to university means going to an institution higher than high school, and the university I attend should also be related to my ideals, so as to better improve my knowledge and scientific and technological level. To promote and ensure the stable realization of the final ideal. Ambition is to realize the ideal, the ideal reflects my thoughts, my thoughts listen to me!

Inspirational passage

Ambition is necessary to encourage.

The road of life will not be smooth sailing, and we will inevitably be frustrated when we strive for our aspirations. At the beginning, I was in the heart of the high school failed, in the face of non-ideal high school, I had to give up high school, and to read a mechanic and so on. Due to family requests and expectations and advice. I was barely able to regain confidence and ambition in the masturbation sound of "maybe this non-ideal high school is the high school you are destined to, and the only place in your life." Soon, I met many new classmates and even good friends here. At the same time, it also opened the door of my mind and let me realize what I realized. Now, high school life has been left so a year, during this period, I have encountered the failure of the examination room and even frustration - the first month of the Chinese exam failed, and encountered what they want to do obstructed, and lost some due opportunities and so on. After setbacks, people will also have a period of sadness, but I believe from time to time: let me be frustrated, is to hone my will, strengthen my will, test the firmness of my ambition. Therefore, in the face of these setbacks, I must face it squarely, admit it, calmly analyze the causes of setbacks, but also to overcome it strongly to lose a spiritual wealth it gave me.

With the setback, I believe that fate, with the setback of the temper, I am more firm in my will, with the presence of setbacks, I believe that my future is not a dream.

Chapter on tackling Key Problems

The June day of 2007 in the world, in this place, there is no June frost-like scene, there is no Dou E injustice that scene, there is only the annual national college entrance examination battlefield and the students who are studying here, I will rest assured in this, leaving a melody of life here, the melody is sad, or happy, or both happy and sad, The answer will come only in the years after the war. We should not judge heroes by this battle, still less think that we will win or lose if we fight this battle. But whatever the outcome of this battle, we must continue to fight. I also want to continue to tackle, I will continue to write my life "three steps"!

生命中的一串光阴再度飞逝fly; fleet (away); flight; pass away swiftly;了,带走了我的无知,却带不走我的烦忧worry;与恐惧;留住了寂寞和无奈,却留不住时间与快乐;带走了我旧的天地,却带不来了我的成熟与新世界New World;。

如今,我唯有真诚地谱写新世界New World;里的光阴故事来弥补旧世界里所犯的过错,而最近的光阴则是高三,我的真诚地谱写它的“三步曲”乃至人生的“三步曲”。



从小学的“上心中的初中”到初中的“上心中的高中和大学”再到高中的“上心中的大学”;从善待自己到善待父母再到为人民服务;从诚实待人到诚实守信等等。这些志向乃至理想当中,除了高中落榜flunk a competitive examination for a job or school admission;外,其他的实现得可以,除“上初中”的志向外,其他的志向的深度还可以提高,我也会继续努力做到最好。如今,虽然在非理想的高中度过三年光阴,但我当初的志仍然存在。现在,进入高三的殿堂了,又将是我的一个转折点,我更要整理当初的志并且赋予新的内涵,孝顺filial piety; fealty; piousness;父母,为人民服务和诚实守信一手抓,上大学就是上比高中高一层次的学府,所上的大学也要同理想相关,以便更好地提高知识水平和科技水平,以促进和保证最终理想的稳定实现。立志就是为了实现理想,理想体现我的思想,我的思想听我的!



人生的道路坎坎坷坷,是不会一帆风顺的,我们在为自己的志向努力奋斗时,难免会受挫。当初,我在心中的高中落榜flunk a competitive examination for a job or school admission;了,面对in the face of;非理想的高中,我曾经要放弃读高中,而去读技工之类的。由于家人的要求和期望以及劝告。我才勉强在“也许这非理想的高中才是你命中注定的高中,人生中的必经之府”的自慰声中重拾信心和志向。很快,我就在这里认识了很多新同学,甚至好朋友。同时,也在这里开启了我的思想之门,让我悟我所悟。如今,高中生活已剩下那么一年了,在这段时间里,我又遇到了考场的失败乃至失意——第一次月考语文考砸了,又遇到了自己想做的事呗阻碍了,又丢失了一些应有due; proper; deserved;的机会等等。受挫后,人也会有一段伤心的时期,但我不时地相信:让我受挫,就是为了磨练我的意志,增强我的意志,考验我志向的坚定性。所以,面对in the face of;这些挫折,我要正视它,承认它,冷静地分析产生挫折的原因,更要坚强地战胜它以不失它送给我的一笔精神财富。



人间中2007年的六月天,在这地方里,没有六月飞霜般的景象,更没有窦娥冤的那般景象,有的只是国家一年一度的高考战场以及在此攻关的莘莘学子,我也将放心地在此攻关,在此留下leave; leave behind; keep back; leave over;人生的一道旋律,旋律是悲的,还是喜的,还是既喜又悲,战后postwar;的若干年才会有答案,我们不要凭这一仗论英雄,更不要认为打了这一仗就会定我们的输赢winning and losing; bunko;。但不管这一仗的结果如何,我们都要继续攻关。我也要继续攻关,我也会继续谱写我人生的“三步曲”!