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初二英文作文 做最好的自己 900字

初二英文作文 做最好的自己 900字

初二英文作文 做最好的自己 900字

初二英文作文 做最好的自己 900字

Grade two English composition Be your best self in 900 words

Anna, an ordinary Swedish poetess, writes: "Of course I see those people in Europe, the men and women who sit at the table. I was born and raised for just that: to be Anna in the world." I was deeply moved by the strength of her voice, perhaps we are all put on this earth with the greatest mission, and that is to be the best we can be.

Have seen a sentence: "People live, just to die one day, maybe it is a very pessimistic sentence, but if you try to understand maybe there is another scene, we live, not just to one day can die without regret, in such a gorgeous life as summer flowers after the end of calm like autumn leaves to die, this life, just a few decades, we are just to do the best of ourselves."

I saw a movie called Ugly Roll Over. It tells the story of the transformation of a girl who chose to have a full-body plastic surgery for her beloved because of obesity and ugliness. After plastic surgery, she became a famous singer with her beautiful appearance and a good voice that was born to sing. From then on, she lived as Jenny. Can no longer hide behind the scenes for others lip-sync dubbing, but her best friend left her, and she could not recognize her father, she abandoned the original life and the original self, finally, she gathered the courage to clarify the facts to everyone, become Hannah again, find themselves, do the best of their own.

Perhaps most of the time, we forget to appreciate ourselves, always dissatisfied with ourselves, lack of confidence; Perhaps most of the time, we are too love imagination, unwilling to accept the reality; Perhaps many times, we will be at a loss, do not know the real purpose of life, do not know how to live, for whom to live. In fact, when we begin to love ourselves, everything will become, love the most real self, do the best self, in order to be yourself, survive in this world, to prove to everyone that the best self is the ultimate purpose of our life, no matter which road, towards the end of the effort to move forward, is a struggle, but also responsibility, responsible for themselves.

To be the best of himself, Tao Yuanming went to nature and sought the belonging of his soul; Qu Yuan to the Miluo River, for their patriotism; Sanmao wandered all his life, because of the yearning for freedom; Jin Yuelin chose to wait and remembered Lin Huiyin for a lifetime. Heart, spontaneous, is the highest realm of our life, and this realm, and how many worldly obstacles, just choose a good road of their own is worth it, because this is the best of their own.

To be the best of ourselves, we can hesitate, but we can't give up, we can change, but we can't fall, we can have dreams, but not only dreams. To work step by step towards their ideals, improve themselves again and again, worthy of life, do the best of yourself.

一位[计] single bit;普通的瑞典女诗人安娜写道:“当然,我看到那些在欧洲的人,那些坐在餐桌[家具] dining-table;旁的男人和女人。我出生和成长就是为了这个:成为世界上的安娜。”我被她声音的力量深深deeply; profoundly; keenly;打动了,也许我们每个人来到这个世界上都肩负着最伟大的使命,那就是尽我们所能做到最好。

曾经看到过一句话:“人活着,只是有一天会死去,也许这是一句很悲观的话,但如果你试着去理解也许还有另一种场景,我们活着,不只是为了有一天可以无怨无悔地死去,在如此绚烂gorgeous; splendid; luscious;的生命中像夏花结束后平静的像秋叶死去,这一生,只有几十年,我们只是要做到最好的自己。”

我看了一部a volume; motion picture; a (book; etc.);电影叫《丑女翻身turn over;》它讲述了一个女孩因为肥胖obesity; [内科] fat;和丑陋而选择为她心爱的人做全身整形手术的故事。整形手术后,她凭借美丽的外表和天生的好嗓子成为了一名著名的歌手。从那时起,她就以珍妮Jenny;的名字生活。再也无法躲在幕后为别人假唱配音[电影] dub;,但她最好的朋友离开了她,而她也认不出自己的父亲,她抛弃了原来的生活和原来的自己,最后,她鼓起勇气向大家澄清事实,重新成为汉娜,找回自己,做最好的自己。


陶渊明为了做最好的自己,走向自然,寻找灵魂的归属;屈原到汨罗江,为自己爱国;三毛流浪了一辈子,因为向往自由;金岳林选择了等待,并记住了林徽因Lin Huiyin;一生。心,率性,是我们人生的最高境界,而这个境界,和世间多少障碍一样,只要选择一条适合自己的路就值得了,因为这是最好的自己。