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初二英文作文 想想你,太白 1500字

初二英文作文 想想你,太白 1500字

初二英文作文 想想你,太白 1500字

初二英文作文 想想你,太白 1500字

Grade two English composition Think about you, Taibai 1500 words

(1) Reasons

From the micro knowledge of the Tang Dynasty brilliant poetry culture, from a little understanding of the poetry charm, you will recognize this makes the later generations crazy "banished immortal". Whenever I meet you in the future, I will always stop to think about you, perhaps my ignorance and carelessness, since you left, I can no longer see the love and hate in the bones of a Chinese poetry history.

Can not tolerate I don't want you, you I how strange similar; Can not tolerate I don't want you, how can I accept the confusion of your thoughts; I do not want you, you are the modern Chinese children's self-esteem, is the beauty of life and solemn.

I have missed a thousand years ago, and now only touch your warm seat, only feel the blood surging in the chamber, the sword singing on the wall, you have already left together with the tone of the Tang Dynasty, leaving only tea gas dense.

"You gave birth to me before I was born, but I gave birth to you when I was old." Close friends are hard to find. Beckoning to me, your flask, your sword.

(2) Simplicity

I have to say you are simple, otherwise you will no longer be you.

Because of your simplicity, only you know to look forward to, to yearn for. You'll smile to the mountain and sleep to the moon. Believe that everything in the world is good, and you even don't have to believe that you created it. And the pain, if it is yours, is hidden in the poem, a sigh from the confidant. You are not the one who needs to be comforted by a simple derived confidence. If it is someone else's, let you pain, it will become the pain of The Times, "shame floating mother, three thanks can not eat."

Because of your simplicity, you are romantic and unrestrained, so you are brave and optimistic.

(And, of course, because of that magnificent Don, who threw everything you had at you.) When you are frustrated, you can throw away as much as you like, you think that there is only love and hate in the world, only joy and sorrow, you have your own heaven, but you never believe that there is a hell in the world for you. In the face of the bright moon, the Yellow River, you shouted "ancient people today like water, look at the bright moon are so", "you do not see, the Yellow River water from the sky, rushing to the sea never return" so strong; And in the face of friends, in the face of the emperor's king, you sing so beautiful, "I am drunk and sleep Qing and go, the Ming Dynasty intends to hold the qin to", "the famous flowers pour into the two countries happy, long make the king smile to see, explain the spring infinite hate, agarwood north pavilion leaning against the railing"; What about facing yourself? However, it is resolute and bold, "I am a madman of Chu, the phoenix song laughs at Kong Qiu"!

Let us have a drink of today's scenery. Give your simple truth to your poetry, listen, thousands of holes of the breeze is blowing through the jade sheng, thousands of white turbulence is stirring up the lingring ancient string.

Of all the countless poets, only here can I forget myself.

(3) Ask questions

How long is the day? Where is the earth? What does the heart want? What does the heart want?

"What is the name?" A word of the Ministry of Du Gong said all the world's unsuccessful writers and writers of the mood, naturally including you. Whether call you "banished fairy" or "poetry fairy" worth mentioning, you or you. Even if you let the strongman take off your boots for a thousand times, let the concubine study ink for you a thousand times, you can not leave anything in your heart. You have your lofty ambition "but with Dongshan Xie Anshi, for the Jun talk and smile net Husha."

Because your ideals are too high, so you are too crazy. In that age of the jungle, in the transverse of time, all the conspiracies are established, how can you succeed without a low brow? But it is also a time that will not be forgotten, and in the longitudinal direction of time, all the songs written with blood and tears will not be rewarded with death.

Although, your dream has never come true, but your heart? "All saints of old are lonely, but the drinker keeps his name." I hope I will never wake up after a long drink." When learning "Will exhaust the wine", the teacher said that there is sorrow and anger here. Yes, your heart cried, even if only once, even if it did not cry.

So, will your heart sink from now on? "Gold white round buy song laugh, a drunk tired month light Wang Hou." Yes, immersed in sadness, keeping an injured heart is not comforted, how brave it is: like Qing Zhao always guarding her Shuangxi 舴艋 boat, like Jia Xuan always unable to put down his Lou. But, but a Qing lotus appeared in front of you, how do you accept its temptation, you give up the past, singing "natural to carve, water out of hibiscus"!

(4) Desperation

To the end of life, you met death in the desperate, looking back, as if all the emperors and generals, the three religions and nine streams are hollow fonts, only you, is a cursive script in the sky.

Your heart and your simplicity finally get the perfect match with the strange mountains and rivers. Natural wild is a kind of self-confidence, self-confidence to "Ann can bend the eyebrows to do the dignitaries, so that I am not happy face!" Rebellious, confident to "laugh up to go out, my generation is Penghao people." Of contempt.

Imagination of the wonderful, the change of the gratuitous, the structure of the vertical and horizontal jump, the length of the sentence pattern scattered, to become you, but also dissipate with you.

Your life is at an impasse, and so is your poetry? At the extremity of your poem, you open a door, and engrave the ecstasy and the sting of life.

"Before the remote air shore ling strong men, the wind will fall after others."

Death said to give you one last chance, so Rock Rock left the last legend.

I came too late after all...

(5) Mourning

Maybe my words can not tell Taibai's spirit, but let me move for him once, let him know that he 拊掌 after a thousand years. Perhaps I am insignificant, but if one day too white fly, see me, maybe will take me to travel together, think too white open-minded, will not refuse me.

Maybe tonight...


从微观上认识唐代灿烂的诗歌文化,从微观上了解诗歌的魅力,你就会认识到这让后世疯狂的“放逐仙人”。以后每当遇见你,我总会停下来想你,也许是我的无知和粗心,自从你离开,我再也看不到less than; absent oneself from; on the right side of;一本中国诗词史骨子里的爱恨情仇。


我已经错过了千年前,现在只摸到你温暖的座位,只感觉到血在房间里涌动,剑在墙上歌唱,你已经离开了唐朝的腔调,留下leave; leave behind; keep back; leave over;的只有茶气氤氲。




因为你的单纯,只有你自己知道去期待,去向往。你会对着山微笑,对着月亮入睡。相信世界上的一切都是好的,你甚至不必相信它是你创造的。而痛苦,如果是你的,就藏在诗里,藏在知己的叹息里。你不是那种the sort of;需要靠简单的自信来安慰自己的人。如果是别人的,让你痛苦,那就会成为时代的痛苦,“耻浮母,三谢不能食。”



让我们喝一杯今天的风景。把你朴素的真情交给hand; deliver; hand over; abandon;你的诗,听着,千孔的清风cool breeze; refreshing breeze;是吹过的玉笙,千白的湍流是搅起的古弦的萦绕。




“你叫什么名字?”杜公部说过said; quoth;一句话,天下所有不成功的作家和作家的心情,自然也包括你。无论叫你“放逐仙子”还是“诗仙”值得一提,你还是你。即使让强人脱靴一千次,让贵妃highest-ranking imperial concubine;为你学墨一千次,你心里也留不下什么。你有你的远大抱负”,但与东山谢安石,为君谈笑网胡莎。


虽然,你的梦想从未实现,但你的心呢?“古往今来的圣人都是孤独的,但酒徒wine bibber; tippler;却名存实亡。”我希望我永远不会在长时间饮酒drink;后醒来。”在学习《将尽酒》时,老师说这里有忧伤和愤怒。是的,你的心哭了,即使只有一次,即使没有哭。

那么,从现在开始你的心会沉沦吗?“金白圆买歌笑,醉倦月光望侯。”是的,沉浸在悲伤中,守着一颗受伤的心得不到less than; absent oneself from; on the right side of;安慰,这是多么勇敢啊:就像清昭总是守着她的双溪舴艋船,就像嘉轩总是放不下自己的娄。可是,可是一朵清莲花出现在你面前,你怎么能接受它的诱惑,你放弃过去,高唱着“自然要雕琢,水出芙蓉”!