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初二英文作文 永远的苏武 800字

初二英文作文 永远的苏武 800字

初二英文作文 永远的苏武 800字
Grade two English composition Forever Su Wu 800 words

初二英文作文 永远的苏武 800字

With a wave of a sheep's whip, a golden hat and a mink's coat, he flung it into the depths of the clouds; Get a bald pen, low paper diagonal line, he engraved the most profound care for the big Han. On the one side is a high official, on the other side is loyalty: standing between forgetting and remembering, standing between relaxation and worry, he chose to forget wealth and honor, chose to remember loyalty, and painted the most heavy pen to humanity.

Holding a Jingjie, he embraced the long-cherished hope of Han-Hungarian harmony, running in the vast desert; Holding a camel bell, he left Chang 'an song and dance Shengping, wandering in the cold sand decline grass; He wants to use a straight backbone, driving across the Tianshan, to communicate the central plains of the rainbow.

Lament, when the Han rebellion failed; Righteously, when Su Wu refused to break ranks and rebel; Surprise, when alone in the face of this would rather die than yield, not for the wealth of the iron and blood man; Persisting, Su Wu raised the sheep whip, choosing to be the mountain snow lotus that persisting and holy watch.

The north wind is cold, he is with the cold moon; North Gu Central plains, will be "born is a Han, death is a Han minister" noble in the heart. Hu eggplant, he and lonely mound, wistfully looking at the desert snow, will be "rich and prosperous, daughter of the promise of the marquis" forgotten. The cellar is cold, he will swallow a mouthful of felt wool and turf, but the blood of the body is boiling with a belief to death - remember the motherland, loyal to the country. Ice and snow drift, he to love to look at food and wine, clank of pride but sounded the last song of a thousand years -- poor and cheap can not move, power can not bend, wealth can still forget.

What a forever Su Wu! He is wise, bearing in mind the faith of loyalty to the great Han. In the sky and snow and walk and song, the bare Jingjie sublimated into a piece of wonder through the ages, wrote a piece of Ming passed through the ages of the sad song.

What a forever Su Wu! With courage, he forgot the temptation of splendor and wealth alone, walked away gradually in the desert sand, fixed the group of thin sheep as an immortal history, and shed a magnificent poem.

History can not be forgotten, between the flashy and the stick. Su Wu of Beihai, the iron and blood man exiled in the wilderness, made the most perfect interpretation with unyielding and proud character, forgetting abundance and achieving integrity; Remember the motherland, make great.

I understood that between forgetting and remembering, between enjoying and persevering, Su Wu, who was on the ice of the dead grass, made the most beautiful answer with persistence and faith: wealth is just a passing cloud; Forget, is its best destination; Loyalty is the eternal history; Remembering is its spiritual home.

Mighty, that eternal Su Wu! Great, that shocking forget! Strange, that earth-shattering memory! Xiong zai, that one forgotten and remembered thousands of years of carols!

Forever Su Wu.

他挥了挥羊鞭,戴上一顶金帽子,穿上一件a piece of; an article of;貂皮大衣,把它扔进了云的深处;拿一支秃笔,低纸对角线,刻着他对大汉最深切的关怀。一边是高官,一边是忠贞:站在遗忘与铭记之间,站在放松与忧虑之间,他选择了忘却财富与荣誉,选择了铭记忠贞,给人类画了最厚重的笔。

他抱着一个精戒,怀抱汉匈和谐相处的夙愿,奔跑在茫茫大漠中;挽着驼铃camel bells;,他离开了长安城歌舞升平,徘徊在寒沙凋零的草地上;他想用笔直的脊梁,驾车穿越天山,去沟通中原的彩虹。


北风寒,他同月寒;北顾中原,将“生为汉,死为汉臣”的高贵铭记于心。胡茄子,他和孤独的土堆,惆怅melancholy; disconsolate;地看着沙漠的雪,将“富庶,女儿的承诺侯爵marquis;”遗忘。地窖[建] cellar; basement; pit; cellarage; silo;里很冷,他会吞下一口毛毡和草皮,但身体里沸腾的血液却带着一个至死不渝的信念——牢记祖国,忠于祖国。冰天雪花飘飘,他去爱看美酒佳肴,铿锵clang; ring; jingle;的骄傲却吹响了千年来的最后一首歌——贫贱不能移,权势不能屈,富贵仍可以忘。



历史不能被遗忘,在浮华showy; ostentatious; flashy; pomp; vain;与坚守之间。北海的苏武,这个被流放荒野的铁血人,以不屈、傲气air of arrogance; haughtiness;的性格,忘我、达致正直,做出to issue; make with;了最完美的诠释;记住祖国,成就伟大。

我明白了,在遗忘与记忆之间,在享受与坚持之间,枯草withered grass;冰面上的苏武,用坚持与信念,做出to issue; make with;了最美的回答:财富只是过眼云雾;忘记,是它最好的归宿;忠诚是永恒的历史;记忆是它的精神家园。