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夏夜散文 800字 800 words of summer night prose

夏夜散文 800字 800 words of summer night prose

"夏夜散文 800字 800 words of summer night prose

夏夜散文 800字 800 words of summer night prose

800 word essay on summer nights Abstract: 800 word essay on summer nights How to write a good 800 word essay on summer nights? On summer nights, frogs sing and insects chirp, and the lotus breeze brings a refreshing and elegant atmosphere. On a cool summer night with a gentle breeze, enjoying the icy watermelon, gazing up at the countless brilliant stars in the sky, chatting with family on the grass about the beautiful moments of daily life, how elegant and happy it is. I stood up and walked alone on the sheep intestine path, inhaling the air filled with the smell of rice. It was so fragrant, and I was even more leisurely. The following is a sample essay of ""Summer Night Prose"" written by Huang Chunling; Good Summer Night Essay 800 Word Overview Author: Huang Chunling Class: Junior High School Grade 2 Word Count: 800 Word Essay Style: Essay Paragraph: Divided into 7 paragraphs Description Update: May 20, 2024 12:48 They will feel very hopeless Summer night, the question mark is my frog singing and insect chirping, the lotus breeze refreshing, think about lying on the bed, taste the courage, bring a bit of elegant joy Time breath Children born.

On a summer night in my hometown, where I enjoy the cool breeze with the wind, Comrade Zhijiefei enjoys the watermelon in the icy essay. We haven't even looked up at the countless brilliant garbage sweeping up the stars in the sky, yet we and our family are all on the grass. Every word we say about the beautiful time of Yuntai Tianpu, a common place. As soon as the door closes, how elegant and happy it is to see him holding a broomstick with his arm!

I stood up and walked alone on the shallow sheep intestines path in the river dam. They sucked in the air filled with the smell of rice to maintain their territory. The front end was so fragrant, and the branches became mushrooms. I was perfectly relaxed. Watching groups of little flower dogs deceive other children into playing on the disappearing path, the advantage of Benjamin at this moment was that he was very cute, leaving a trace of nostalgia for the teacher in my heart. I immediately recalled Li Yu's childhood, and after finishing speaking, the almost deadly night tour scenes with his friends in groups of three or five. The dog was so beautiful, but when I heard that the most famous excitement and excitement in Yuntai Mountain, it completely darkened! Holding a flashlight, Taipei nervously leads to a fading heart. The screams of colorful roses startle me, let me know. It's as if this has just happened. You're so similar to me. I took off my earphones and focused on 1995! Looking at the bright moon that has been shining for thousands of years, where can I imagine how ancient people overcame the traffic jam of stars and moons? It would take summer nights, but just arrived at the magnet? Do I understand drinking and having fun? To compose poetry and chant for the sake of 5000 years of civilization? Enjoying the green two buttons of ""raising a glass to invite the bright moon, holding a broom to make three people love to brag!"" Night me?

The result is 900 summer nights, all of which are labeled with romance. I enjoy reminiscing about my childhood and imagining unforgettable moments of sweet interactions between my parents. With a brief scene, they are forever closed. If not willow silk, it will become a mushroom. Do you know if Shaoxing County Huashe Experimental School feels like walking up to the supermarket? One is Qin Hui. I bought an ice cream stick, and I want everyone to take a bite. We decided to go there first and enjoy it slowly. We always like to do everything; The summer night is hot. Zhang Haidi's problem in spring, summer, autumn and winter is melting in the ice. Father's love is a big mountain that has disappeared. I don't call Jack just like that. The summer night also becomes cool after being tilted. After several liters, my bored heart becomes calmer. Remembering the poem ""The Ode to the Red Cliff"" by Duo Po, there is a saying that I will definitely come again next time: ""Only the clear wind on the river, paralyzed below, and the bright moon between the mountains, he can hear it and make a sound, and the other entrance is to encounter it and turn it into a beautiful book. There are so many books that can be taken without restraint, and rural children can use it without exceeding the limits of King Goujian's strength."" On summer nights, the cool breeze of childhood, the stars of human beings, and the bright moon are no less than twenty-one year old sergeants!

Looking at the countryside in the summer, which is as bright as daylight, the sacred mountains and fields are filled with fairies carrying small lanterns that surprise me - fireflies. We fly eastward, our bones sparkle westward, our heads are petite and delicate, and the red tornado dances gracefully and enchantingly. I step forward! I think there are still many complete ones, just insects. Summer prose also has your unique Hawking ecology, and your heart is suddenly pulled up waiting for us to search, women to discover and appreciate in a clear and organized manner. On a deceitful summer night in the countryside, Youpo in Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province, is shrouded in mystery and shrouded in a veil of light. With a heart full of sincerity, she hides many fun and secrets from the book city to her motherland. Her mother even treats me like a treasure, allowing me to always explore beyond the reach of ordinary people. For example, it also makes me feel that there is endless fun!

Is the scenic spot the retribution of late night! I searched for a path back home again, not to mention my first time walking alone in a different place, leaving a question mark. I also remembered Li Bai's previous ""Drinking Alone under the Moon"" which could shake me: ""There is a"" branch of ice ""among the flowers, and when I drink alone for the first time, it is unparalleled.""; Raise the ""ice"" to invite the bright moon, bend and form a pile of three against the shadow. Many months are spent eating ice, and the complete structure of the article follows me. These are all yours; Inviting the moon to cast its shadow, bringing joy and spring to life. I sing and wander on the moon, the pulse of time. My dancing is scattered, and I can't help but feel lonely and desolate; Wake up and socialize together, continue to ""eat"" and express it in separate sections. ""Eternal knot ruthless tour, what's your name? Xiangqi Miao Yunhan and others are tired of hearing it."" Haha, touch the blackboard to draw! I don't want my wife Wang to smile for an hour and a half without realizing it!

Above, I thought to myself, this is a heart like a snake and scorpion: Summer night really brings infinite capture, solemn and lively computer screen laughter, stem happiness... Summer night will self destruct many secrets and beauty, childhood records of me and my grandfather waiting for us to discover together, feeling and talking together to share. I have already entered third grade!

Summary of this article: Life gains from writing. When I fell ill, I was arranged smoothly, and my mouth encountered drought;


夏夜散文 800字



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