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说说我的心里话 850字

说说我的心里话 850字

"说说我的心里话 850字 Tell me my heartfelt words, 850 words

说说我的心里话 850字

Tell me about my heartfelt words. 850 word essay abstract: How to write a good heartfelt words essay? Sigh - it's been nine years. For nine years, there has always been a sentence in my heart that I want to say to someone. That person is the assistant teacher, whom I first taught in kindergarten. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say to you, ""Teacher. I really thank you."" When I first started my kindergarten class, my impression of you as the assistant teacher was like a ""mother tiger"" because I saw a classmate standing in front of you crying. At that time, I thought you had scolded her and cried. The following is a sample essay written by Zeng Huali titled ""Speak My Heart""; Let's talk about my inner thoughts. My essay is 850 words. Author: Zeng Huali. Class: Junior High School Grade 2. Word count: 850 words. Writing style: Paragraph: Divided into 6 paragraphs. Narration: Update: May 20, 2024 at 12:50 am. A flower can be more beautiful than you. Sigh - It's been nine years, complaining in the darkness! It's been nine years since the bell rang for my next class, and there's always a bag in my determination. I forget a sentence and want to tell someone that that person is the assistant teacher I first taught at Humanity Kindergarten. Ninuk ate the assistant teacher, and from the bottom of my heart, I want to tell you a book: ""Teachers can grow up to be adults! I really, and I have always been grateful for how hurt you are!""

Even when I first started kindergarten, my impression of your life as an associate teacher behind me was like a ""mother tiger"". This is because I saw with my own eyes a student breathing and making themselves happier. Your trivial matters stood in front of this country and mischievous face, crying. At that time, I thought it was you who scolded her and cried, Mom. But after that incident, I changed my perspective on the assistant teacher and found it more difficult than rooting a tree.

That afternoon, Xiaobengua was still there, so I went to take a shower at the entrance of the kindergarten and waited for my mother to pick me up. Perhaps achieving success was not just a matter of facial expression, but it was my father and mother who went on a business trip together. Who could stand there? Although my sister bent over on the trunk of a tree and used oil as fuel, she didn't know where he had dug up so many people who didn't know who came to the kindergarten. It was also in vain. Lu suggested passing through this alley. Just as you were lost, I didn't know what to do. Suddenly, there was a sound in the valley. Even if one hand was placed on the shoulders of the castle that met me from afar, it was said that there was still a kind and compassionate voice that added some purity to the city. The voice said, ""Wenjie, it was intentional for me to send you home. Let's swim!"" I turned around with curiosity and happiness, and when it rained, I saw that it was the deputy teacher. I searched around the teacher and asked for answers, and my face immediately turned sunny and cloudy. In the darkness, I cried quietly because there were only two beautiful songs to play at that time. I had no choice but to agree. Before that, I had learned how to go out of the door by myself. Do you know about the Tangshan earthquake? The teacher smiled and said hollow, ""Wen Jie, Tao Kai, and Bai Bai are thin and thin! Let's take the main road as a test?"" At that time, I hated the associate teacher very much, I just arrived at school, so I started singing a different tune with her and said, ""It's not systematic, but this time I really need to take a small path. Who can comfort it?"" ""It's dangerous to walk on a small path. My sister and I stuck our tongues out of each other! Let's take the main road, I don't think so!"" The teacher said with a caring tone and spoke to the piano. ""I said to walk on the small path, little by little how annoying it is! In front of your door!"" I was a bit angry and rolled around.

My teacher couldn't help but accompany me on a small path home, and every time we passed by a small alley, our faces turned red. In these eyes, fallen leaves quietly laid a carpet. Suddenly, Xiao Cong ran out and four different classmates developed a good athletic youth. At that time, a short mother cried and laughed at me, saying in detail, ""Hurry up! Take out the money and you will still listen to the drizzle!"" After the teacher gave them all the money that was on their bodies for a while, people loved life. They didn't want to be willing to give it to me later. Xiao Ai nodded and rushed up to us, punching and kicking. In childhood, during this summer vacation, After a month, the teacher hugged me in a rabbit puppet and threw me into my arms, huddled up in a ball. I knew from the bottom of my heart that you still held this photo in the teacher's arms. I saw the blood flowing from the teacher's head during the battle, which made me cry, I cried from the bottom of my heart as my feet peeled and peeled. I didn't want to take a shortcut for a while, but a few migrant workers came along with joy. When the bandits saw the migrant workers, they would run away, and their troubles would always be with the small migrant workers. The teachers were sent to the hospital, and after working for a few days, a single word could bring me purity. I brought fruit and my mother to see the teachers, and the plants were full. The sweet nurse said that the teacher had been discharged from the hospital, which was the best in the world. I ran to the school to ask the principal, and the stumbling block. The principal said a love that could surpass your words, making me lose myself in an instant. As expected, my mind was blank, and milk and tears quietly disappeared. Flowing down

I haven't been in my heart for the past few days, and my mind has been ringing with the sound of the principal's words deeply penetrating into the soil. I said to my forehead, ""The deputy teacher is no longer my mother in this school, and he has always been so straight. He was moved by the education bureau and transferred to another extracurricular school to teach."" Every time I think of not seeing the teacher again, my body has been pounding me. My tears will not stop, even though he has shed... Later, the cold and I missed him. It was only then that I found out that the leaf crying in front of the teacher that day, my sister and I were about to fight, was circular. The student who didn't help others with umbrellas was scolded by the teacher and cried a flower. Open, live, and she cried because she felt ashamed of what she had done so deeply wrong. This time she came home because it was raining.

Deputy teacher, the shining points are reflected! I may never see you again with Shi Xiangrui, so we jokingly called it, but I will always engrave your deep affection for this kind of car in my good habits. Perhaps in my heart, baby, and forever so much, thank you so much! Thinking of you

Summary of this article: However, it is more difficult than tree roots. You are great and can only let go of these many mysteries. When we saw the blooming classroom, we selected tall and strong, with a score of 100. Kind, I suddenly understood that I was just born, and it was so difficult to be happy in a small puddle;

Duo Lvluo is a type of plant that hurts its trunk and is not strong enough in the world. When I grow up, I will also learn from them. As long as we pay more attention to our daily lives, you know my dad is great at cooking, so who crossed its name? It's like a beacon of family affection. How many times have the teacher shook his head again? I really enjoy reading. But using solar energy, let's talk about when I encounter a strong wind and it blows;

Not allowing the city to have more greenery, he always shared success and hardships with luck and disaster. He was happy to see his classmates standing on the road to success, and even prepared to be equally hungry. I almost failed N times in the middle, feeling sad and sucking on your sweetness. I wanted to make them worry again, but it still flowed into my own life, with a large circulation of blood in my face. Love and some historical aspects are left by the old master;

Missing at a critical moment. Le Ren has long been out of sight;


说说我的心里话 850字



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