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高一英文作文 国庆节有感 800字

高一英文作文 国庆节有感 800字

高一英文作文 国庆节有感 800字
High school English Composition National Day has 800 words
I sing of you, my country.

高一英文作文  国庆节有感 800字

I sing of you, your big heart. You open your arms north and south, accept the plantains and cedars, let the ice and fire dance together, hold the hands of the green leaves and the red maple, and bring the vegetables and the sun into your arms. You set your feet toward the east, with the sky on your head and the waves on your feet, connecting the water with heaven with your heart, and letting love smooth the undulating gullies. You are passionate and unrestrained, you are calm and calm. You let the boundless land join together as a whole, let the people of the four seas will be friendship into your chest, with your magnificent wealth, raising this side of the happy land.

I sing of you, your thoughts and wisdom! You cast light to reveal the time, drop dew to show the way. The Great Wall stretching between the mountains is your magnificent, the hanging coffin beside the river is your mystery, the stone in the ancient city is your deep. You use your dexterous hands to light the gorgeous fire, with your careful thinking to write the numbers around. The four Great inventions are just a corner of the iceberg, who can forge immortal swords thousands of years ago? Who could have composed a beautiful movement thousands of years ago? Looking back on this brilliant glory, the road ahead is also paved with glory to come.

I praise you, your integrity and strong! The sea is gone, the stars are gone. Even as holy as the Roman Empire has fallen long ago, and as swift as the Turkish cavalry has been swallowed up. Byzantium's tough armor can not stop the sword of time, Egypt's galloping two-headed horse can not escape the tsunami of history - even Barbarossa's steel will, in the end, can only cry silently in the murmuring stream. History does not allow eternity, but you are eternal - standing in the East, thousands of years of vicissitudes can not let you age, thousands of years of wind and rain can not knock you down, even if all things wind and frost can not cover your glorious face. Even if the Great Wall is blocked by flames, even if the harbor fort can not blow ripples, even if a strip of water can not stop the sky of war, you have ever been knocked down? More than that, more than never falling - that is not living, but tenacious struggle! How can we forget the beautiful and magnificent cliff? How can we forget the roar of smoke that Humen burst out of the water? How can we forget the singing under the smoke of war? ! Thy high, proud head, it never dips! You can't be crushed by tyranny, you can't be struck by the sword, and the bullet holes and holes are the testimony of your strength - suffering more highlights the nobility of that strong soul, my great country!

My motherland, you are the giant of the East, solid backbone let you stand in the storm, unyielding heart let you see the hope of the future! This is you, my vast deep strong and great motherland!


我为你歌唱,为你宽广的胸怀歌唱。你张开stretch; expand; puff; splay; expansion;怀抱南北,接纳芭蕉banana; plantain; Chinese banana;与雪松cedar; [林] deodar; white pine;,让冰与火共舞,握住绿叶与红枫的手,把青菜green vegetables;与阳光揽入怀中。你把脚向东方,头顶天,脚下浪,用心把水与天相连,让爱抚show tender care for;平起伏的沟壑。你热情奔放,你沉着冷静。您让无垠的大地连成一片,让四海的人民将友谊装进您的胸膛,用您的瑰丽财富,养育这片幸福的土地。

我歌颂你,歌颂你的思想和智慧!你投下光来揭示时间,滴下露珠dewdrop; beads of dew;来指明道路。绵延于群山mountains; hills;之间的长城是您的瑰丽,江边的悬棺是您的神秘,古城中的石头是您的深邃。你用你灵巧的双手点燃华丽的火焰,用你细心的思考写下四周的数字。四大(in Buddhism) all the four elements (earth; water; fire and air);发明只是冰山一角,谁能在几千年前锻造出不朽的剑?谁能在几千年前写出优美的乐章?回首这辉煌的辉煌,前方的道路也铺满了辉煌的未来。

我赞美你,你的正直和坚强!海没了,星没了。即使神圣如罗马帝国,也早已沦陷,迅捷如土耳其骑兵,也已被吞噬。拜占庭坚韧的盔甲挡不住时间的利剑,埃及奔腾的双头马也逃不过历史的海啸——就连巴巴罗萨的钢铁意志,最终也只能在潺潺的小溪中默默哭泣。历史不允许永恒,但你是永恒的——站在东方,几千年的沧桑不能让你衰老,几千年的风雨不能把你打倒,即使万物风霜也不能遮住你光辉的容颜。即使万里长城被火焰阻隔,即使海港堡垒吹不出涟漪ripple; dimple; popple; riffle; lipper;,即使一条水也挡不住战争的天空,你曾经被打倒过吗?不止于此hereof; ad quem;,不止于永不倒下——那不是活着,而是顽强奋斗!我们怎能忘记那美丽壮丽的悬崖呢?我们怎能忘记虎门冲出水面的轰鸣声?我们怎能忘记战争硝烟下的歌声?! 你高傲的高头,从不低垂!你不能被暴政压垮,你不能被刀剑击倒,弹孔和弹孔是你力量的见证——苦难更彰显了那个强大灵魂的高贵,我伟大的祖国!