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高一英文作文 迎风的山坡 850字

高一英文作文 迎风的山坡 850字

高一英文作文 迎风的山坡 850字

高一英文作文  迎风的山坡 850字

High school English Composition Windward hillside 850 words
There is a mountain in my heart, one side facing the wind, which always seems to face the sun, the other side facing the lee, where light is not easy to find. The windward hillside is lush with vegetation, but it is not all light, but also dark, forming a unique landscape in my mind.

From a corner of the mountain city, it holds the things in my heart, very ordinary but it is only for me. Maybe, everyone has such a period of time.

The failure of the high school entrance examination made me suffer a blow, originally agreed with the classmates to go to the same school, and see the reality let me disheartened, don't I have a little use? Am I an incompetent person?

I started my high school life sloppily with a pessimistic mood. It seems that the residual positive support of my study in my heart, the results proved that my results since a month, barely squeezed into the ranks of the upstream. I'm useless wherever I am.

However, a thought that scared me jumped into my mind, can I really not? Why not prove you can? I thought for a long time and made a decision: fight it out, in order to prove that I can.

I picked up the good habits of junior high school and even changed my attitude towards people and things. Prove that I can make the first as the goal, once not I can try more times, refuse all kinds of temptations around me. People say I've changed, and I think so.

The world is supporting serious people, so I want to be serious, to insist, may have felt so hard people really stupid, when they become such a person will find the original naive. Gradually, I entered a new state and felt that I was really different.

A month later, I finally walked out of the examination room with a clear conscience, which is a valuable self. It seems that the results are not important, think back to their own changes in a month, applaud for themselves, although there are shortcomings during the period, but also can correct in time, indeed paid hard work and diligence.

People say that there is a return to pay, when I know that they are in the top, my heart fluctuates, a long time can not calm. Once countless fantasy, can actually be realized, this is to give me a reward?

Dad said: "Son's level should be like this." I think there are a lot of words should be revealed, but it is still hidden in my heart, because this experience is only my own experience and feel, with achievements will let me remember the past more.

Pain and sadness make Chang think, the achievement of that moment makes me feel that all this is worth it, I realized the bitter taste of the grinding, but also realized the joy of the moment of rebirth.

I like to live on the windward side of my heart, where the sun shines and the birds sing and the flowers smell. Although there is pain mixed dark, but it is this dark, just make me go to the light, chasing the inner sun, may taste a sweet.

心中有一座山,一面迎着风,似乎总是迎着太阳,另一面迎着背风,那里的光线不容易找到。迎风windward; with the wind; into the wind; [水运] aweather; facing the wind;的山坡上植被茂盛flourish; bloom; exuberance; run riot; olentiful;,但也不全是光明,也有黑暗,在我的脑海里形成了一道独特的风景。





我恢复了初中的好习惯,甚至改变了我对人和事的态度。证明我可以以第一first; firstly;为目标,一旦不行我就可以多试几次several times;,拒绝我周围的各种诱惑。人们说我变了,我也这么认为。



人们都说付出是有回报的,当我知道自己在上位[植] superior; epistasis; epigyny;时,我的心就起伏不定,久久for a long, long time;不能平静。曾经无数的幻想,居然都能实现,这是给我的奖励吗?



我喜欢住在我心灵的迎风windward; with the wind; into the wind; [水运] aweather; facing the wind;面,那里阳光明媚,鸟儿歌唱,花香potpourri;四溢。虽然有痛苦夹杂着黑暗,但正是just about; the very; no other than; nothing else than;这种黑暗,才使我走向光明,追逐内心的太阳,才可能品尝taste; taste of; sample; savour; degustation;到甜蜜。