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高一英文作文 有关“学习”的改变 750字

高一英文作文 有关“学习”的改变 750字

高一英文作文 有关“学习”的改变 750字

高一英文作文  有关“学习”的改变 750字

High school English Composition 750 words about "learning" changes
I am in an ordinary class in our school. As a freshman in senior one, I was not used to this kind of life when I first came here. Before the school started, I heard a lot of rumors about this school, both good and bad. After this period of life, I also found a lot of problems, the comparison of my psychology now and in the past.

The admission score of this school is not high, so I have a preliminary idea about the situation of my classmates in this school. First of all, during this period, the discipline of the class was particularly bad, which was much worse than that of the class I was in when I was in junior high school. The learning consciousness of the class is not strong, but they seem to be happy, although very crazy. After the military training, began the formal learning, my heart is always in the impetuous stage, can not do the mind calm water, may be playing sex germination, I also went crazy with a group of girls. In the past, I would never do this, just laugh a few times a day. At that time, I would make good use of the power that the teacher gave me, seriously and responsibly, so I also offended a lot of people, but I did not care about these, because the classroom was only classmates, I always like to be alone, a person's life.

I don't know if the things and people around me have changed or if my own heart has changed. Anyway, the present state and life is not satisfactory to me. Now, I can no longer do the kind of questions can be easily out of the street, can be harsh on their own requirements, now, others can question my answer, which is rarely appeared in the past. Now, it is others in charge of me, I have become that common person in the sea of people, my achievements have also begun to follow the crowd, and now others can despise me. Either of these situations makes me dissatisfied, I want to change, but I don't want to, because I am greedy for the present happiness, I may have fallen into this abyss. Noooo! My heart, my pride won't let me.

I am not comfortable with the status quo, but I do not want to work hard, OK, anyway, my pride still exists, in order to make it can gain the respect of others, I will change the current state. Maybe this process is very slow and difficult, but I will learn to stick to it and correct my mind step by step and move forward in the right direction. But in this process, I will not give up the simple happiness that I have now, as well as the Internet life during this period of my occupation.


这所学校的录取分数线并不高,所以我对这所学校同学的情况有了一个初步的了解。首先,在这段时间里,这个班的纪律特别差,比我初中时所在的班要差得多。班级的学习意识不强,但他们似乎很开心feel happy; be delighted; have a grand time; joyful; rejoice;,虽然很疯狂。军训military training;结束后,开始了正式的学习,我的心总是处于浮躁fickleness; flippancy; blunderingly;的阶段,做不到less than; absent oneself from; on the right side of;心静如水,可能是在玩性萌发germinate; bud; sprout; bourgeon;,我也跟着一群女生疯狂了。在过去,我从来不会这样做,每天只是笑几次。那时,我会好好利用老师赋予我的权力,认真负责,所以我也得罪了很多人,但我并不在意这些,因为教室里只有同学,我总是喜欢一个人呆着,过一个人的生活。

我不知道是周围的人和事变了,还是我自己的心变了。不管怎样,现在的状态和生活对我来说并不满意。现在,我再也不能做那种可以随便出题,可以对自己苛刻要求的问题了,现在,别人可以质疑我的答案,这在过去是很少rarely; little; seldom; hardly ever; scarcely ever;出现的。现在,是别人管着我,我成了人海中的那个普通人,我的成绩也开始随波逐流go with the stream; go adrift; serve the hour; swim with the tide; drift along;,现在别人都可以看不起我了。这两种情况都让我不满意,我想改变,但又不想改变,因为我贪恋cling to; be reluctant to leave; can't bear to part with; be unwilling to part with; hate to leave;眼前的幸福,我可能已经掉进了这个深渊。他!我的心,我的骄傲不让我。