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我的梦想 My Dream

我的梦想 My Dream

My Dream

我的梦想 My Dream

Dream, avers, countless people in compiling the dream of frustrations. At night, when the dark dream of fire happens, bring people farther and nearly hope suddenly. It floats in the imagination and expect, is the people heart longing.

In reality, under the impact of dreams just peace of mind, make life more than a light. Established in persistent dream forever, sweat, and tears, overlooking efforts over the past: the great Madame Curie to benefit human, hard struggle for life, and finally produced a pure radium. Her life though because long-term accept radioactive substances stimulation and gone, but she dreamers never stop footstep. She used her dream, write down the eternal life.

But we, because many obstacles and stopped because of laziness, or heart and give up the dream. Don't flashy longing dream will come true, also don't immersed in a busy and noisy. Choose the right way, so you must go, no matter how long the road ahead, regardless of whether, as long as have danger "and a" belief, came to the joy of dreams, is far away from you will also?

The dream is flower seeds, the eagle's dream is ready to fly. "Li-an old hero, costraint", even a nag are able to support the weak body dream. So, whether we should be more young take advantage of this wonderful time chasing the dream trace?

Dream, it is like the butterfly wings, with beautiful we capture it, But it is more like a fragrance pubi fragrance, we find it, temptation to catch a refreshing "to". Also no wonder that someone will give up the pursuit of dreams, because "the real dream too is". Don't dream really so hard to reach? No, because those who are too greed, will put the dream with high places, all day but never considered himself ever reach the dream. When it is discovered, he is already dispirited and discouraged, no interest in exploring the dream again.

Dream really so far? In fact, it might be far ahead, are you looking forward to your hand, eagerly. Or, it in the corner, prepare crossroads in unexpected jumped out when you scare you jump, give you a surprise. It may be illusory dreams, perhaps is immensely. The life forever, because dream and flash.

In the streets to see the girl singing a song, sweet singing on stage, this should now, but in the eyes of silent singing. Oh, don't disturb her, don't think she is poor, you know, she is in order to realize her dream and playing well. In the persistent efforts, sweat, and tears filled with turn your heart, your dreams will release its true light!