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高三英文作文 记忆深处的温暖700字作文2

高三英文作文 记忆深处的温暖700字作文2

高三英文作文 记忆深处的温暖700字作文

高三英文作文 记忆深处的温暖700字作文2

English Composition Warm 700 word composition in the depths of memory

The warmth of 700 words in the depths of memory 2
Even if it is not to dusk, without that touch of golden dye, this balcony is still yellow color, is the kind of time trampled many times, the footprints of the yellow emperor have been infiltrated again and again, just like the color of the old yellow paper page. It's too old. I do not know how many layers of rust the iron railing, and I do not know how many layers of paint.

On the wall of the balcony, there are many stick figures and many "Tibetan" characters. Those stick figures are nothing more than the little pigs and kittens that my kindergarten teacher taught me to draw, many of which have been eroded by the wind, but the naive outline is still faintly visible. Because the frequency of piglets in kindergarten fairy tales is very high, so there are more pigs on the wall. But most pigs are very thin. Because I am a pig, I am very thin, so I think pigs are skinny.

And that "Tibetan" word will have to follow the primary school. That's my handwriting comparable to that of Prime Minister Zhang. There was a girl in our class who wrote very neatly, and the old market praised her. But one thing I don't understand is that her mother wrote all the names in her exercise book. One day very lucky, I invited her and several classmates to my house to play, we will write on the balcony at that time we think the most difficult to write the word - hide. I know that my words are not good looking, so I don't write, and I paint the mosquito in the side. At that time, I probably became as small as this mosquito. The girl soon wrote down a "hide", very neat and powerful, I envy. When she wanted to part, she drew a picture of the cowherd and the Weaver girl, and the Weaver girl stepped on my mosquito and the Cowherd met. I was furious, but what was the use? I am not as good as her! I secretly swear that I will surpass her in the future!

The flowers on the balcony are lush, there is a small pile of soil next to a flowerpot, and there is a card on the mound skewed, what words are unclear, a bit like oracle bones, but I know clearly that this is a small tomb built for a snail that died on the balcony when I was a child. Although the snail was not killed by me, but died in my "territory", I could not bear to see it "violent corpse wilderness", so I learned to bury it in the TV Wuxia drama - although it was not a beautiful burial, but also inserted a "tortoise bone".

Think of this windswept balcony, recall how many star-catching nights and dawn bathed in the morning, and the flowers, the grass, the wall, the tomb, can give me a little warmth in the severe winter.

记忆深处的温暖700字作文 2
即使没有到黄昏,没有那一抹金光的漂染convert; bleach and dye;,这个阳台依旧是黄颜色的,是那种the sort of;被岁月践踏了许多次,土黄帝脚印一次又一次被渗进,就像旧得不能再旧泛黄的纸页一样的颜色。它太老了。铁的栏杆不知锈了多少层,又不知被油漆刷了多少层。


而那“藏”字就得追随到小学里了。那是我的字可以与张丞相相媲美了。我们班那时有一个字写得很工整的女孩儿,老市场夸奖她。但有一点不明白,她作业本上的名字都是她妈妈写的。有一天非常有幸,我邀请她和几个同学去我家玩,我们便在阳台上写当时我们认为最难写的字——藏。我知道自己的字不好看,便不写,灰溜溜gloomy; dejected; crestfallen;地在旁边刻画蚊子,那时,我大概变得become; get; turn into; change into;如这只蚊子一样渺小了吧。女孩儿很快就写下一个“藏”,非常工整和有力,我羡慕不已。要分别时,她画了一幅牛郎织女图,织女踏着我那只蚊子和牛郎相会meet;。我气得直瞪眼stare; glare; glower;,可有什么用呢?我确实不如她呀!我暗暗发誓,我今后一定要超过她!

阳台上的花草郁郁葱葱a wild profusion of vegetation; luxuriantly green; It grows greener and fresher.;,一个花盆旁边有一小堆土,土堆上歪歪斜斜地插着一块牌,什么字道不明白,有点像甲骨文,不过心里清楚,这是小时候为一只死在阳台上的蜗牛[无脊椎] snail;而建的小小一方墓。虽然那只蜗牛[无脊椎] snail;不是我弄死的,但死在我的“地盘”上,我也不忍看它“暴尸荒野”,便学着电视武侠剧中的,把它葬了——虽算不上风光厚葬an elaborate funeral;,还插上一块“甲骨”。


Early in the morning, all was still, and a light gleamed on the eastern horizon. A moment later, the sun rose slowly. The air was filled with the smell of green grass, and even the chirping of birds became pleasant. A little warmth overflowed into my heart, touched the warmth of the memory left behind...

Remember a PE class, the teacher let two teams, do a game. There was so much negativity in my class that no one wanted to be on my team. Just when lost, wearing a powder blue dress you reached out to me, "Come on, I'm with you!" . I looked up, you have a pair of bright eyes, clear and clear, can like the morning star, like inquiry, like concern, like greetings.

I didn't know what I was looking for, but I couldn't help but put my hand on it. Your excited smile, eyes curved like a crescent, as if the spirit of the rhyme also spilled out.

"Don't you hate her?" "Said a girl nearby.

"No! She doesn't despise me, why should I despise her?" When you ask back, the girl is speechless.

Suddenly, a warm flow of heart, it with the blood rushed through the body, so that my original cold every cell are active, the heart has a ray of sunshine into the warm taste......

After class, I wanted to make friends with you, but you are a distant star, dazzling 'make people want to cry, there are too many people around you, how can I lack a full of negative people? Let me, silently look at you, accompany you!

Thoughts flew from the warm memory, the red sun rose to the highest point in the sky. The sun fell down, lit up the room, lit up my heart, but also lit up the warmth of my heart left in the memory...

清晨,万籁俱寂,东方的地平线泛起了一丝亮光。须臾,太阳缓缓升起。空气中浸着青青草香,连鸟儿的叽喳都变得become; get; turn into; change into;动听起来。几分暖意溢往心头,触摸到了那份遗落在记忆的温暖……

记得一次体育课,老师让两两组队,做一个游戏。那时我在班上负面传闻很多,便没有人愿和我一组了。正当失落时 ,穿着粉蓝色[光] blue; blueness; blove; [光] bluer; bluest;裙子的你向我伸出手,“来吧,我和你一组!”。我抬起头,你有一双明亮的眸子eye; pupil (of the eye);,明净bright and clean; clear and bright;清澈,灿若晨星,像是探询,像是关切,像是问候。

不知是找了什么魔,我竟不由自主地将手搭了上去。你兴奋一笑,眼睛弯的像月牙crescent moon;一样,仿佛那灵韵也溢了出来。



顿时,一股暖流[海洋] warm current;涌上心头,它随着血液冲遍全身,让我原本冰冷的每个细胞都活跃起来,心田有缕阳光射进来夹杂着温暖的味道……

下课后,我本想和你交个朋友,奈何你是遥远的星河the Milky Way;,耀眼的'让人想哭,你的身边有太多tanto; troppo;太多tanto; troppo;的人围绕着,又怎会缺我一个满身负面的人?就让我,默默的看着你,陪伴着你!

思绪从温暖的记忆飞过,红艳艳brilliant red;的太阳升到了天空的最高处。阳光洒落scatter; spatter; sprinkling;下来,照亮了房间,照亮了我的心,更照亮了我内心深处遗落在记忆的温暖……