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People often ask me: Ren Tairu, you have reported so many interest classes, busy every day, why are you so happy? Always with a big smile on his face. That is because I live in a happy and harmonious family of three, there are parents who love me, there are excellent family traditions, under their love and care, I am healthy and happy and thrive.


In my eyes, my father is serious and rigorous, and my mother is gentle and virtuous. My father went to work early and returned late every day. My mother often helped me study and made my home very warm. Mom and dad are very filial piety, mother often hangs in the mouth of a word is "100 good filial piety first." I remember when I was in the third grade, my grandfather was seriously ill in the hospital, my mother and father took turns to take care of day and night, during that time my mother made out dark circles and white hair, and her weight dropped by more than ten pounds, but she did not complain. After Grandpa "left", mother often went to accompany and comfort grandma. On New Year's festivals and grandma's birthday, my mother will not only send wechat calls to greet her, but also prepare gifts for grandma and visit her. When Grandma received the gift, she laughed so hard that she could not close her mouth.

This year's mother's Day is more memorable to me, mother picked me up after school on the eve of Mother's Day, for the first time ever proposed to take me to the mall, I was happy to cheer, thinking that my mother would give me new clothes, who knows to the mall mother has been there to pick the clothes of the elderly, and finally mother picked a very popular small floral shirt this year. Mother saw my little mind, he said to me: 61 when the mother will give you a gift, today is specially take you to help my mother to choose a gift for grandma, later ah this glorious task will be given to you, next year's "Mother's Day" by you alone to buy clothes for grandma, you are willing to? After listening to my mother's words, I suddenly realized that Mother's Day is coming! Mother really have a heart, every year remember so clearly, and I have forgotten all, I am a little ashamed, so I think this year must give my mother a surprise.

Mother's Day at noon when I came home from school, my mother was still busy in the kitchen, I took out a big package of beautifully packaged pistachios from behind and handed them to my mother and said: Mom, this is my mother's favorite pistachios I bought with my own pocket money, I wish my mother a happy holiday! I wish my mother like this fruit, smiling oh ~ At this time, I not only saw my mother's temples added a few strands of white hair, but also saw the mother's eyes full of tears, my mother held me in her arms, mumbling: my baby grew up...... In the evening, when my mother finished the housework and sat on the sofa reading the newspaper, I silently brought a basin of water to my mother, helped my mother wash her feet, and said: This is the second gift I gave my mother on Mother's Day, long so big, I still wash my mother's feet for the first time! This Mother's Day I feel particularly meaningful, I really understand the meaning of filial piety and love. Parents' behavior, can always silently affect the child, excellent quality, in our inadvertent "imitation" cultivation.

There are so many family stories in my family that I can't say all day long. Those simple and true stories, in my heart are "the most beautiful story in my home", they are like spring rain moistening silent, like warm sun warm my heart, with me growing up, leading me to good upward.

常常有人问我:任泰儒,你报了那么多的兴趣班,每天都忙忙碌碌的,为何还那么快乐?脸上总是挂满灿烂笑容。那是因为我生活在一个幸福和睦的三口之家,有爱我的爸爸dad; daddy; papa; father;妈妈,有优良的家风,在他们爱的呵护下,我健康快乐,茁壮成长。

在我的眼里,爸爸dad; daddy; papa; father;是认真严谨的,妈妈是温柔贤淑virtuous;的。爸爸dad; daddy; papa; father;每天早出晚归忙于工作,妈妈经常辅导我学习,还把家里布置得非常温馨。爸妈都非常孝心,妈妈经常挂在嘴边的一句话就是“百善孝为先”。记得我上三年级时,爷爷病重住院,妈妈和爸爸dad; daddy; papa; father;轮流日夜看护,那段时间妈妈熬出了黑眼圈和白发,体重锐减了十多斤,但她毫无not in the least;怨言。爷爷“走”后,妈妈经常去陪伴安慰奶奶。逢年过节、奶奶寿辰birthday (of an elderly person);,妈妈不仅会发微信打电话问候,还会为奶奶精心准备礼物,去看望她老人家。奶奶收到receive; obtain;礼物时笑得嘴都合不拢的样子非常可爱。

今年的母亲节更是令我难忘,母亲节前夕的一天妈妈接我放学后,破天荒地提出带我去逛商场,我高兴得欢呼雀跃,以为妈妈要给我添新衣服了,谁知到了商场妈妈一直在那里挑选老年人的衣服,最后妈妈挑了一件a piece of; an article of;今年很流行的小碎花衬衫。妈妈看出了我的小心思,便对我说:六一的时候妈妈也会送你礼物的,今天是特地带你帮妈妈给奶奶挑选礼物的,以后啊这个光荣的任务就交给hand; deliver; hand over; abandon;你了,明年的“母亲节”就由你独自来给奶奶买衣服了,你愿意吗?听了妈妈的话我恍然大悟,原来母亲节快到了!妈妈真有心啊,每年都记得那么清楚,而我却忘的一干二净,我有些羞愧,于是就想着今年一定要给妈妈一个惊喜。

母亲节那天中午放学回到return to; go back to; get back to; recur;家,妈妈还在厨房忙活,我从背后拿出了一大包包装精美的开心果双手递到妈妈面前说:妈妈,这是我用自己攒的零花钱买的妈妈最喜欢吃的开心果,祝妈妈节日快乐!祝妈妈像这果子一样,笑口常开哦~此时,我不仅看到了妈妈鬓角新添的几缕白发,还看到了妈妈眼中饱含的泪花,妈妈一把handful; bunch; bundle;把我揽在怀里,喃喃地说说:我的宝贝长大了……到了晚上,等妈妈忙完家务坐在沙发上看报纸时,我默默地给妈妈端来一盆水,帮妈妈洗脚,边洗边说:这是母亲节我送给妈妈的第二件礼物,长这么大,我还是第一次给妈妈洗脚呢!这个母亲节我觉得过得特别有意义,我真正懂得了孝老爱亲的含义。父母的行为,总能默默影响着孩子,优秀的品质,就在我们不经意的“模仿”中培养。

我家的家风故事有很多,要说一天也说不完。那些质朴真实的故事,在我的心里都是“我家最美故事”,她们如春雨般润泽moist; smooth; glossy; agreeable; sleek;无声,如暖阳般温暖我心,伴我成长,引领我向善向上。