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高考英文作文 遭遇挫折笑对痛苦 850字

高考英文作文 遭遇挫折笑对痛苦 850字

高考英文作文 遭遇挫折笑对痛苦 850字

高考英文作文 遭遇挫折笑对痛苦 850字

College Entrance Examination Encounter setbacks smile on pain 850 words


It is not easy to live in one life. In the seemingly smooth journey of life is full of various thorns, often make people miserable. Pain is to man what the wind is to a hut, the great waves to a lonely boat, and the tongue of water to the heart. Centuries of vicissitudes, I do not know how many narrow-minded people because of setbacks amplified pain and depression; For thousands of years, I do not know how many weak-willed people are depressed because of frustration and amplified pain; Throughout the ages, and I do not know how many people with weak hearts are buried in the abyss of no return because of frustration amplification pain "In the face of setbacks, we should not enlarge the pain, but should face life, reduce the pain, until the success of the day.

"Old when also strong, rather move the heart of the white head; Poor and stronger, will not fall to the future." Wang Bo, one of the four heroes of the early Tang Dynasty, can be said to be: "bad luck, bad fate," but in the face of setbacks, he was able to understand the fate and smile at life. Just imagine, if there is no Wang Bo's open mind, how can he sing the release of "the sea memory friend, the end of the earth is near"?

"Ann can bend the eyebrows to do dignities, so that I am not happy face" romantic poetry fairy Li Bai, after encountering setbacks of political career, he is silent? Are you depressed? Not really. "Chang 'an City on the restaurant sleep," smile on the pain, in the face of frustration he left, visited all over the mountains, and finally achieved his elegant romantic feelings!

From this point of view, in the face of setbacks, we should not be too addicted to the shadow of pain and frustration can not extricate themselves; In the face of setbacks, we should not immerse ourselves in the mud of sadness and pain all day long. In the face of setbacks, we should not be decadent for a long time and lose our current direction. It is wise to encounter setbacks and minimize the pain. On the contrary, if you indulge in the pain of frustration, the result will be unimaginable.

In the face of the frustration of losing his second brother, Liu Bei could not let go because of his brotherly feelings, amplified the pain, and made the wrong decision in the pain, rashes out to invade Wu, and ended up with the tragedy of "the White Emperor to support the orphan". Sad, sad! Not forgetting the past is a guide to the future. The ancients have made too many examples for us, but also left too much regret. In today's increasingly competitive society, frustration is everywhere. If you amplify the pain because of a momentary setback, you will regret it for life. Encounter setbacks, as it is a breeze, let it gently blow by your ear; When you encounter setbacks, treat it as a small insignificant wave, don't let it break into waves in your heart; Encounter setbacks, as if the pain is a dust particle in your eyes, blink a wink, flow a tear, it is enough to drown it.

Setbacks should not amplify the pain. Wipe the sweat on the forehead, wipe the tears in the eyes, and move on! I believe that one day you will see the blue sky, white clouds, green grass, and the sweet smile of your mouth...


人之一世,殊为不易。在看似平坦的人生旅途中充满了种种荆棘,往往使人痛不欲生。痛苦之于人,犹狂风之于陋屋,巨浪[海洋] surge; [海洋] very rough sea; heavy;之于孤舟,水舌之于心脏。百世a period of a hundred generations; a very long period of time;沧桑,不知有多少心胸狭隘之人因受挫折放大痛苦而一蹶不振;人世千年,更不知有多少意志薄弱之人因受挫放大痛苦而志气消沉;万古旷世outstanding; unequaled by comtemporaries; without peer in one's generation; incomparable in the contemporary era;,又不知有多少内心懦弱的人因受挫放大痛苦而葬身于万劫不复beyond redemption; doomed eternally; everlasting perdition;的深渊„„面对挫折,我们不应shouldn't; didn't respond;放大痛苦,而应直面人生,缩小痛苦,直至成功的一天。

“老当亦壮,宁移白首之心;穷且益坚,不坠青云之志。”初唐四杰之一的王勃Wang Bo(人名);,可谓:“时运不济,命途多舛,”然而直面挫折,他却能达人知命,笑看人生。试想,如果没有王勃Wang Bo(人名);开朗阔达的胸襟,哪能有他吟放出“海内存知己,天涯若比邻”的千古绝唱?

“安能摧眉折腰事权贵,使我不得开心颜”的浪漫诗仙李白,在遭遇仕途不顺的挫折后,他沉寂了吗?消沉了吗?没有。“长安市上酒家眠,”笑对痛苦,面对挫折他拂袖而去,遍访名山,终于成就了他千古飘逸elegant; graceful; possessing natural grace;的浪漫情怀!

由此看来,面对挫折,我们不应shouldn't; didn't respond;过分地沉迷于痛苦失意的阴影中不能自拔;面对挫折,我们不应shouldn't; didn't respond;整日浸泡在悲伤痛苦的泥陷中越陷越深;面对挫折,我们不应shouldn't; didn't respond;长期颓废不振而迷失眼前的方向。遭遇挫折,缩小痛苦,才是明智的选择。相反,若一味沉迷于挫折的痛苦中,结果将不堪设想。

刘备面对失去二弟的挫折,因兄弟之情无法释怀,放大痛苦,结果在痛苦中做出错误决定,贸然出兵伐吴,落得“白帝托孤”的千古悲剧。可悲可悲!前事不忘,后事之师。古人已经为我们做出了太多的榜样,也留下leave; leave behind; keep back; leave over;了太多的遗恨eternal regret;。在现在竞争日益加剧的社会里,挫折无处不在。若因一时受挫而放大痛苦,将会终身遗憾。遭遇挫折,就当它是一阵清风cool breeze; refreshing breeze;,让它从你耳边轻轻吹过;遭遇挫折,就当它为一阵微不足道的小浪,不要让它在你心中击起惊涛骇浪;遭遇挫折,就当痛苦是你眼中的一颗尘粒,眨一眨眼,流一滴泪,就足以将它淹没。

遭遇挫折,不应shouldn't; didn't respond;放大痛苦。擦一擦额上的汗,拭一拭眼中欲滴的泪,继续前进吧!相信总有一天你会看见蓝蓝的天,白白的云,青青的草,还有你嘴角边的甜甜的笑...