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高考英文作文 仰望星空与脚踏实地 900字

高考英文作文 仰望星空与脚踏实地 900字

高考英文作文 仰望星空与脚踏实地 900字

高考英文作文 仰望星空与脚踏实地 900字

College Entrance Examination Look up at the stars and down to earth 900 words


A famous man once said, "A nation always needs people looking at the stars."

Looking up at the stars, the truth let me pursue hard, looking up at the stars, the broad mind embrace me.

Looking up at the stars, people have infinite reverie, recalling the past, looking forward to the future, and down to earth is a bridge between looking up at the stars, is a rainbow bridge between reality and ideal.

We are all familiar with the story: Three workmen were building a wall at the same time, and a wise man approached them and asked them what they were doing. One said he was building a tall building; Third, he was building a city.

After listening to the wise man asserted that the first person can only be a worker who can build a wall in his life, because his heart only bricks; The second person may become only a moderately successful engineer because he sees the use of building walls; And the third one is likely to be a good architect because he can connect a brick to a city.

From this story, we can see that among the three people, the first person only knows how to bury himself in doing things, and does not know how to look up at the stars; The latter two are different, in their hearts, there is a greater cause than the "wall", but the last one is more ambitious than the second one. This is the difference between people, the gap seems very large, but the ideal is often expressed in some small things.

Think different, do different. This is true of these three men.

Harvard University has done such a survey statistics: In the interview of a group of young people with similar levels of knowledge and family background at that time, only 10% of people have clear short-term goals, only 3% of people have clear long-term goals, and most people have no idea about their life. The planning.

Many years later, these young people who were surveyed have gray hair, and then the young people who were surveyed at that time found that those aimless people basically lived in the bottom of the society, the 10% of people became the middle and upper class of the society, gradually promoted, and the family and career are satisfactory. Only the 3% become the elite of society and the leaders in their fields.

The first, of course, are those who never look up at the stars, nor know how to put their feet on the ground; The second group of people live a down-to-earth, fulfilling life, and the 3% are those who can both look up at the stars and keep their feet on the ground.

In everyone's childhood, looking up at the stars is a very beautiful thing, when looking up at the stars, there will be such a fantasy, there are many people's dreams, is from the beginning of looking up at the stars. But how many people hold on to their childhood dreams? This reminds me of what Yu Minhong, the founder of New Oriental, said to aspiring young people: "Have a goal, hold your breath and do it quietly."

It is! Looking up at the stars can give you a purpose in life, but if you can't calm down, this purpose will disappear. Although each person's dream is different, I hope we can all carry the dream, step by step, to the place where the dream comes true.


有位名人说过said; quoth;:“一个民族总需要一些仰望星空[天] starry sky;的人”。

仰望星空[天] starry sky;,那真理让我苦苦追寻,仰望星空[天] starry sky;,那博大的胸怀拥抱着我。

仰望星空[天] starry sky;,令人产生无限的遐想daydream; reverie; be lost in wild and fanciful thoughts;,回忆着过去,憧憬着未来,而脚踏实地便是that's it;与仰望星空[天] starry sky;之间架起的一座桥梁,是一座现实与理想之间的彩虹桥。



从这个故事,我们可以看到三个人中,第一个人只懂得埋头做事,不懂ignorant of; make nothing of; cannot make heads or tails of it; had no ear for; be ill grounded in;得抬头仰望星空[天] starry sky;;而后面两个人却不一样,在他们的心中,装有比“墙”更为宏大的事业,只是,最后一个比第二个的心志will;更为高远lofty; Takato(a Japanese city); Gene Gao(singer);而已。这便是that's it;人与人之间的差异,这差距似乎很巨大,但理想往往也就在一些微小的事情中表现出来。




毫无疑问,第一类人是从不仰望星空[天] starry sky;,也不懂ignorant of; make nothing of; cannot make heads or tails of it; had no ear for; be ill grounded in;脚踏实地的人;第二类人则生活得踏实、充实,那3%的人便是that's it;既能仰望星空[天] starry sky;又能脚踏实地的人。

在每个人的童年里,仰望星空[天] starry sky;是一件a piece of; an article of;非常美好的趣事,在仰望星空[天] starry sky;的时候,也会产生这样那样的幻想,有不少not a few;人的梦想,就是从小时仰望星空[天] starry sky;开始的。可又有多少人坚守了自己童年的梦想呢?这又让我想起了新东方创始人俞敏洪对渴望成才的年轻人说的话:“有目标,沉住气keep calm; keep cool; be steady;,悄悄干。”

是啊!仰望星空[天] starry sky;可以给自己确定人生的目标,但如果沉不住气,这个目标就会飘然消逝。虽然每一个人的梦想各不相同,但是,希望我们都能怀揣梦想,踏踏实实地,一步一步地走向梦想成真的地方。