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高考英文作文 人要有家国情怀 900字

高考英文作文 人要有家国情怀 900字

高考英文作文 人要有家国情怀 900字

高考英文作文 人要有家国情怀 900字

College Entrance Examination People should have feelings of home and country 900 words

"Dew from tonight white, the month is hometown Ming", in An Shi rebellion in Du Fu, worried about the two occupied areas of Shandong, Henan, they are alive or dead! He is displaced in a foreign country, in the garrison drum and the sound of solitary geese watching the autumn night dew, can only double the feeling of homesickness. Mountains and rivers are broken, there is no "country" where there is "home" ah!

Du Fu has "home" and "country" in his heart. He drifted to Chengdu, Sichuan Province, although he was in a difficult situation, the hut was destroyed by the autumn wind, he still shouted to the sky: "Peace in the vast buildings, tens of thousands of people all over the world are happy." He knew how to put himself before others, and hoped that warmth would spread throughout the world.

"By the light in the court to see a room, by the light in the world according to the four sides", can benefit the warmth and happiness of all sentient beings, this is a big mind, this is a big realm.

Small family warmth and happiness can only be a small family, the warmth and happiness of the whole people is everyone. There is a good song, "Home is the smallest country, the country is thousands of; With a strong country, there is a rich home ", and everyone living in the "home" and "country" should have feelings of home and country.

"Family and country feelings" refers to a person's deep love for his country and its people, the ideal pursuit of national prosperity and people's happiness, and a high sense of identity, belonging, responsibility and mission for his country.

The "feelings of family and country" are first expressed as feelings of patriotism. The reason why Su Wu held the festival unyielding in his nineteen years was that he had Han and state in his heart. Weilu's threats and inducements failed to make him betray the "Han"; Li Ling's soft words attack the heart, failed to let him hate "Han"; Shan Yu's long torture did not let him forget "Han". The cold wind could not freeze his patriotic passion; The dark resentment of eggplant could not soften his patriotic heart. Drink snow swallow felt, such as return to Han day. He was about to return to Han, and the tears of the newly married Hu woman could not hold him back; The little son's little hands could not pull at the front of his coat. Is there no wife and children in his heart? No, but in his mind, "country" is far more important than "home".

"The feelings of the family and the country" is also expressed as the love of the people. Jiao Yulu, "the example of the secretary of the County Party Committee", went to the countryside to visit a sick old aunt, although he had never met her, he called her "mother" with tears in his eyes, and regarded the people as parents.

The "feelings of the family and the country" are also reflected in the responsibility of fulfilling the country. Gu Yanwu once said that "the rise and fall of the world, every man has the responsibility", Fan Zhongyan also said that "the high of the temple is worried about its people, and the far lake is worried about its king", as every member of the society should contribute to the development of the country, and integrate the personal dream into the dream of rejuvenation of China.

"Home and country feelings" does not mean that we give up our small family and forget our loved ones, but that we give ourselves to others, from "home" to "country", and hold a love.

"Home and country feelings" is the foundation of health and morality, every one of us should have "home and country feelings"!



杜甫心中有“家”,更有“国”。他漂泊四川成都,尽管自己处境艰难,茅屋为秋风autumn wind; autumn breeze;所破,他仍向苍天the blue sky;呼喊:“安得广厦千万间,大庇天下寒士俱欢颜”。他懂得推己及人,希望温暖能普照天下。




“家国情怀”首先表现为爱国之情。苏武十九年持节不屈,就在于他心中有汉,心中有国。卫律的威逼利诱,没能让他叛“汉”;李陵Li Ling(人名);的软话攻心,没能让他仇“汉”;单于的漫长折磨,没有让他忘“汉”。朔风凛冽,无法冻硬他的爱国热肠;胡茄幽怨hidden bitterness;,无法软化他的爱国衷心。饮雪吞毡,就等归汉之日。就要回汉了,新娶的胡女的眼泪留不住他;小儿子的小手拽不住他的衣襟the one or two pieces making up the front of a Chinese jacket;。是他的心中没有妻儿吗?不是,只不过only; merely; just; simply; nothing but;,在他心中,“国”远比“家”重要。

“家国情怀”又表现为爱民之情。邓小平同志一句“我是中国人民的儿子,我深情地爱着我的祖国和人民”,赤子情怀溢于言表。“县委书记的榜样”焦裕禄,下乡看望一位生病的老大娘granny; aunty;,虽素昧平生have never met before;,却满含热泪地呼之为“娘”,视百姓为父母。

“家国情怀”还表现为恪尽兴国之责。顾炎武曾说“天下兴亡,匹夫ordinary man;有责任”,范仲淹也讲“居庙堂之高则忧其民,处江湖之远则忧其君”,作为社会中的每一员,都应该为国家的发展献计出力,将个人之梦融入到中国的复兴之梦。

“家国情怀”不是要我们抛却cast aside;小家,忘却亲人,而是要我们推己及人,由“家”到“国”,都捧出一颗爱心来。