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高考英文作文 邀客龟峰之巅 800字

高考英文作文 邀客龟峰之巅 800字

高考英文作文 邀客龟峰之巅 800字

高考英文作文 邀客龟峰之巅 800字

College Entrance Examination Guest turtle peak 800 words

The sun of Gehe is my hometown. When the water is hooked, it is like Danxia. Build resettlement county, Kai Huang renamed. A thousand years old town, shining. Xiongyi northeast of Jiangxi, four provinces long Tongqu. Loyal soul is often recited, and poetry is far away.

It is not uncommon to get into trouble on the other side of the road. Sail by boat and watch the snow through the waves. Driving a horse, mountains into the bag. Yin, the wind blows blue scales at dusk. Clear, urgent drum numerous Jing move to call. Rain, there are clouds flying over the stream. Snow, sit and watch the green bamboo change. Have a thousand miles to meet, a thousand miles Jiangling day also. Fortunately, high-speed rail is like a god. The Beijing-Fuzhou Line runs north-south, while the Shanghai-Kunming Line crosses west-east. Time flies before you know it. This glass of thin wine as appropriate, Xiao camel peak, everything is ready, only waiting for you to come.

Ge River around the city, west into Pohu. The city is in view, and within three steps there will be grass. The scene in the city, two feet away from the willows. Beautiful countryside can be found everywhere. Now the two wings, flying together. Donghu Dengjia, Jinji east stand. A hundred generations are not lost. Show wave Linmun, nourishing the land. Frame peaks, sky high clouds. The red aconite is thin and the smoke is curling up from the cooking. The jade rabbit swoops, the frogs sing. Shop meandering stream when paper, Fu Yu Qiao farming read poetry; Research Gaoqiang elegant rhyme for the ink, write the temple vein long. Yangli ye home, wat west Mae. Jianyan two years west ferry, Lishui drive 艨艟; Retreating to the south bank of the Yi River, Wu tells his heart. The shoulder pillow is in the air. The lapstone is in sight. Rice beans thousand li gold, menna camphor. Multiply and live, and shine their light. Hard-working and honest, vigorous and upward. Every intelligent, gentle and thrifty. Within the city, good will not refuse; In the midst of the ocean, drink water and think of the source. Households out of a cent, village to a cent, pieces of sincere, have to give. Donations from celebrities make rivers into streams, trickling streams, and love is long. In the past 15 years, the house was full of books and laurel. Three hundred and thirty-five, peaches and plums overflowing fragrance. Pear flower landing listen to silence, apricot rain stained clothes muddy not aware.

One arrow, turtle peak. Stone gate thousands of shou Xian mastiff, bird lake hundred zhangs ask the sky. Early spring, Dongfeng Wanli into Peng Yun, Xia guest when envy Wolong? In summer, Yangqiao gem Club wine alcohol, the southern foot of the west mountain Yu Verdant. Midautumn, Tingtai Li Ying ying Qingtang, mountain cinnamon smell thick. Meng Dong, the book meaning of gold thread, finger tips Jiang Xue old peak. Shaking clothes table invite the month, call friends lead companion. When the sky asks Zen, the water will reveal the truth. There is no air pollution, there are hundreds of mountains. General building, three thousand more a can swallow Wu; Loyal soul stone, two hundred Qin Guan eventually belong to Chu. Olives are still green, gardenias spit fragrance. Bamboo leaves stand, merganser ducks fly. The breeze comes slowly, the hand can hold the moon. Ascend for fu, only lack of Jun er.

Xinjiang for Gan Poan sleeve, Gan Poan for the Chinese dress. Peep Yiyang, get Zhijiang right. Strike the bell, Yu Zhang, know the China!

The cup is still warm, where is your arrival?



舟楫ships; vessels;车马万里山,司空见惯浑闲事。乘舟楫ships; vessels;,隔波望松雪。驾车马,川峦入囊中。阴,日暮nightfall; eventide;风吹碧鳞起。晴,急鼓繁钲动地呼。雨,闲来溪上有云飞。雪,坐看青竹变琼枝。有缘千里来相会meet;,千里江陵一日还。所幸高铁,有如神助。京福线横贯南北,沪昆线飞越西东。朝发夕至,不觉白驹过隙Time passes quickly like a white pony's shadow across a crevice.; a glimpse of a white colt flashing past a chink in a wall; in the twinkling of an eye; (Days flash by as) the glint of a white horse across a chink in the door.; Time flies.;。今斟薄酒一杯,长啸骆驼峰前,诸事俱备,只候君来。

葛河绕城,西入鄱湖。城在景中,三步之内必有芳草。景在城中,两尺开外杨柳依依。美丽乡村,俯拾皆是。今展两翼,比翼齐飞。东湖邓家,金鸡golden pheasant;东立。万历迁户,百代不衰。秀波临门,滋田润地。棂框峰嶂,天高云淡。赤乌喷薄,炊烟袅袅。玉兔扑朔,蛙鸣虫唱。铺蜿蜒溪流当纸,赋渔樵耕读诗句;研高腔雅韵为墨,写文庙文脉长存。洋里叶家,拄笏西湄。建炎二年西渡,丽水驾艨艟;归隐弋江南岸,吴语诉衷肠words right from one's heart;。肩枕瑞相,凫石在望。稻菽千里金,门纳百樟香。繁衍生息,烁烁其光。勤劳淳朴,蓬勃向上。家家聪慧,温良恭俭。同城之内,善意不拒;汪洋之间,饮水思源。户出一毫,村尽一厘,片片赤诚,纷纷解囊。名仕捐赠,汇水成溪,涓涓细流,爱心绵长。十五年来,书香盈门,兰桂满堂。三百三十五,桃李peaches and plums; one's pupils or disciples;溢芬芳。梨花落地听无声,杏雨沾衣浑不觉。

一箭之地,即为that is; in other words; namely;龟峰。石门千仞守仙獒,雀湖百丈问苍穹the firmament; the vault of heaven;。初春,东风万里入鹏运,霞客何时羡卧龙?盛夏,杨桥宝石社酒醇,南麓西山郁翠茏。仲秋,亭台丽影映清塘,山内桂子扑鼻浓。孟冬,书卷意生金线缕,指尖江雪老人峰。振衣台邀月,呼朋引伴。一线天问禅,水落石出。无空气污染,有青山百叠。将军楼,三千越甲可吞吴;忠魂石,百二秦关终属楚。橄榄尚青,栀子吐芳。竹叶柏林立,秋沙鸭翔集。轻风徐来,手可揽月。登高作赋,独缺君尔。

信江为赣鄱衣袖,赣鄱为华夏裙袂。管窥have a restricted view; look at sth. through a bamboo tube;弋阳,得之江右。撞钟豫章,知之中华!