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高考英语作文 灯火的温情 850字

高考英语作文 灯火的温情 850字

高考英语作文 灯火的温情 850字

高考英语作文 灯火的温情 850字

The warmth of the lamp 850 words


Have you ever felt that way? When night falls, I drag my tired body home, and when I get downstairs, I habitually look at the familiar window. If the window shows a yellow light, I feel a warm current in my heart.

In the quiet city at night, a bookstore is open 24 hours, and the lights of the bookstore bring the warmth of the public's home.

Gorky said, "Books are the ladder of human progress." Bookstore is a place of gathering knowledge, full of bookish and humanistic atmosphere. Bookstore is a place to display national culture and the spirit of The Times, which can provide spiritual food for people's cultural growth and cultural nourishment for the progress of society.

People who like to read at night come to the bookstore, abandon the bustling and noisy city, and enjoy the joy of reading quietly. The college students who come here late at night for self-study reflect the valuable quality of diligence and progress and thirst for knowledge. Migrant workers improve themselves through reading and strive to change their fate. Homeless people, scavengers come to bookstores, perhaps because there is no place to sleep, they need social care.

The 24-hour bookstore never drives anyone away, so that people who are eager to learn have a paradise to find knowledge. Bookstore operators do not consider profit, but use their own way to pass a love and warmth to others. Especially for those special groups, for the underprivileged groups about the heart of love, benevolence, this feeling is admirable.

The clerk said, "Some people often fall asleep looking at them, but if they come to read a book, even if it is only a page or a line, they are our readers; Even if some people just come in to rest, we feel that our work is meaningful."

"Good for the body, the world", shop assistants do their own at the same time, to convey goodwill to others. Reading alone does not buy books, there is no consumption behavior, but the clerk thinks that such people are also readers of the bookstore, and the clerk also feels that their work is meaningful. The staff treat people who enter the bookstore equally and treat them gently. This warmth comes from respect for people. Rousseau said that "all men are created equal" and that reading is equal. The 24-hour bookstore gives citizens not only knowledge, but also respect and equality.

I still remember Martin Luther King Jr., the African-American civil rights leader, raising his arms and Shouting "I have a dream", calling for democracy, equality and freedom. Hangzhou Library has been opening its doors to beggars, and has been rated "the warmest library in history" by netizens. We would like to praise the humanistic care of this 24-hour bookstore, they are worthy of the "warm heart bookstore".

Everyone is equal before knowledge, society calls for humanistic care, and people share to create harmony. Our society needs more 24-hour business model to convey warmth between people; Our society needs this late-night light to warm everyone's growing years.


你有过这样的感受吗?夜幕降临,拖着疲惫的身体回家return home; be home; go home;,快到楼下时习惯性地望向熟悉的窗口,如果窗子透出泛黄的灯光,便顿觉一股暖流[海洋] warm current;用上心田。


高尔基说“书籍是人类进步的阶梯”。书店是汇聚知识的地方,充满着书香literary family;气息和人文气息。书店是展示民族文化、时代精神的场所,能够给人们的文化成长提供精神食粮,给社会的进步提供文化滋养。

喜欢夜读的市民来书店,抛却cast aside;城市的繁华与喧嚣,静享阅读之乐。深夜来此自习review one's lessons;的大学生,体现出勤奋进取、渴求知识的可贵品质。外来务工人员通过读书提升自我,为改变命运而努力。流浪汉、拾荒者来书店,可能是因为没有可以歇宿的地方,他们需要社会的关心。



“善其身,济天下”,店员做好complete; come off;自己的同时,向别人传达善意。光看书不买书,没有消费行为,但店员认为这样的人也是书店的读者,店员也觉得自己的工作有意义。工作人员对进入书店的人平等看待,温和待之,这份温情源自对人的尊重。卢梭说“人人everyone; everybody;生而平等”,阅读是平等的。24小时书店给予市民的不仅是知识,还有尊重与平等。


知识面前人人everyone; everybody;平等,社会呼唤人文关怀,人们共享创造和谐。我们的社会需要更多more; even more;的24小时经营模式,来传递人与人之间among; whiles; inter-;的温情;我们的社会需要这深夜的灯火来温暖每个人的成长岁月。