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高考英语作文 幸福 850字

高考英语作文 幸福 850字

高考英语作文 幸福 850字

高考英语作文 幸福 850字

Happiness 850 words


What is happiness? Are you happy?

Turning back is the direction of home

What is family affection? It is the meticulous sewing of the mother before departure, the banana fan that did not sleep in the father's hands all night, the shabby oil-paper umbrella that the mother held in the rain, and the bent back figure of the father facing the loess. There was a time when we slept peacefully in the cradle, not knowing how wonderful the world was. Once upon a time, we snuggled in our mother's arms and sucked sweet milk, only knowing that the person around us was our only swaddle. Time flies, blink of an eye, we carry the hope of parents, with their own dreams, towards the dream!

After tea, leisure, all think of the warmth of home. The farther away you are from home, the more you realize the value of home. Sitting alone at the window, let the memory of the notes sketched the staff of the mind: I do not know whether the mother has eaten dinner at this time, I do not know whether the father has sat in front of the TV on time. My childhood memories are still fresh. Missing distant parents, this just remembered - back is the direction of home!

Mother worries, not only mother worries, father also misses us. Call home often, visit home often, and listen to your parents' nagging, because no matter how far away we are, no matter where we are, our parents are our strong backing. Parents are alive, please go and cherish!

Dear Mom and Dad, happiness is your taste.

The value of fireflies lies in shining at others with the lamp hanging at the back.

Three feet podium, write your youth without regret; Clean board to show your teaching rigorous; Warm words flow into my heart like a trickle; Inculcated like winter coals let me never forget.

On the journey of life, you have enriched my heart, given me wisdom, and nurtured my soul. Is you, let me hope for the future; Is you, let me have confidence in life; It is you who make me hungry for knowledge; Is you, let me miss forever! Teacher, spring rain moistens dry grass seedlings; Teacher, like candlelight shining eager to read big eyes.

Dear teacher, happiness is your taste.

Friendship is as good as wine

Who gave me the look of encouragement in my most helpless moment, who listened to me in my most lonely days, who cast the eyes of approval to me in my most glorious time, and who patted my shoulder with his hand when I needed it most, and gently said to me: "You at least have me!"

You let me know the value of sincerity, you let me remember the true meaning of friends.

Lovely friend - happiness is your taste!

The past like water passing away, a new voyage is about to begin, let us use the parents eager to make a sail, with the teacher's inculcation do OARS, bring friends happy blessing, sail!

Happiness has your taste, my taste, and everyone's taste!




亲情是什么?是母亲临行密密缝的细致入微,是父亲手中整夜未眠的芭蕉扇,是母亲雨中持的那把破旧的油纸伞,是父亲面朝黄土背朝天的佝偻stoop;背影。曾几何时,我们在摇篮中安静的入睡,不知道这个世界有多么的奇妙;曾几何时,我们依偎在妈妈的怀里吮吸suck; suckle; siphon off; siphon;甘甜sweet;的乳汁milk; [植][橡胶] latex;,只知道在身边的这个人是自己唯一的襁褓swaddling clothes;。时间如白驹过隙Time passes quickly like a white pony's shadow across a crevice.; a glimpse of a white colt flashing past a chink in a wall; in the twinkling of an eye; (Days flash by as) the glint of a white horse across a chink in the door.; Time flies.;,转眼间,我们背起父母的希望,带上自己的梦想,向着梦幻进发!




(二)萤火虫glowworm; fireworm; [昆] fire fly;的可贵,在于用那盏挂在后尾的灯专照别人。


人生的旅途上,您丰富了我心灵,给予了我智慧,熏陶了我灵魂。是您,让我对未来充满希冀;是您,让我对生活充满信心;是您,让我对知识充满渴望;是您,让我永远怀念!老师,春雨般滋润干枯的禾苗seedlings of cereal crops; grain seedling; riceshoots;;老师,烛光般照耀渴望读书的大眼睛。






往事如流水般逝去,新的航程即将开始,就让我们用父母的殷切期盼做帆,用师长的谆谆教诲做桨,带上朋友们欢快的祝福,扬帆set sail; hoist the sails;起航!