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英语作文素材 战争与和平优美段落

英语作文素材 战争与和平优美段落

英语作文素材 战争与和平优美段落

英语作文素材 战争与和平优美段落

English composition material Beautiful passages of war and peace

The generals were all dressed in parade uniforms, their large or small waists tightly tied, their collars red against their necks, their waistbands tied around their waists, and their chests decorated with various MEDALS; Not only were the officers greased and smartly dressed, but every soldier had a fresh, clean-shaven face, every soldier had his gear polished, every horse had been carefully kept, and his coat glistened like satin, and his wet mane combed.

A noise was heard in the halls of the English Club, and its members and guests, in uniforms and tailcoats, some in belted robes and powdered wigs, moved about like a swarm of bees in the spring migration, sitting and standing, gathering and dispersing.

There were curls of black hair on either side of her feverish, sweaty cheeks, and a pleasant smile on her face as she opened a beautiful rosy little mouth with a fine fine upper lip.

There is an oak tree by the side of the road. It is about nine times older than the birch that grows into the forest, nine times thicker, and twice as tall as every birch. It was a large oak tree, two arms-thick, with many branches that appeared to have been broken off long ago, and the cracked bark was covered with old wounds. Its clumsy, knobby arms and fingers were stretched out asymmetrically, and the old, contemptuous, misshapen oak stood among the smiling birches. Only it does not want to succumb to the charm of spring, does not want to witness spring, does not want to witness the rising sun.

A slender, strangely slender girl, with black hair and dark eyes, dressed in a yellow calico dress, was running towards the carriage at the head, with a white handkerchief wrapped around her head, under which a wisp of combed hair appeared.

Both near and far things had a mysterious, clear glow on them, which can only be seen in the autumn of this period. In the distance the sparrow's and the village, the church, and the tall White House were all visible. The bare wood, the sand, the stone, the roof, the green tower of the church, the corner of the White House in the distance - the finest lines of all these objects appeared with extraordinary clarity in the clear, bright air.

The night was cold, quiet and bright. Close to the window was a row of pruned trees, dark on one side and shining silver on the other. Beneath these trees grows a succulent, moist, dense plant with silvery white leaves and twigs. Farther away behind the black trees was a roof glistening with dew, and to the right was a great tree, with its luxuriant foliage, dazzling white trunks and branches, over which a bright, almost full moon hung in the clear, almost starless spring sky.

It had been hot all day, and a thunderstorm was coming in some places, but only a small dark cloud had sprayed a few drops of rain on the dust and juicy leaves on the road. The left side of the forest was dark and not well lit, and the right side of the forest was damp and bright, shining in the sun and swaying slightly by the wind. The trees were in bloom, and the nightingales were singing a melodious song that echoed now near and now far away.

The old, completely transformed oak trees were covered in shade, their dark green succulent leaves lush, standing numbly, swaying slightly in the sunset. Neither the crooked fingers, nor the scars, nor the old doubts and sorrows, were visible. Through the hard, centuries-old bark, clumps of fresh green leaves emerged where there were no branches, so it was hard to believe that this old-man oak could grow fresh green leaves at all.

It was the beginning of the cold season, and the cold of the morning closed the land, which had been darkened by the autumn rain, and the young plants of the autumn crops grew luxuriant, and the rows of the winter wheat fields, which had been turned brown by the cattle, and the wheat fields, which were pale yellow with the spring crops, and the red buckwheat fields, were all green in color, separated from the thick autumn crops. At the end of August, the peaks of the mountains and the woods, which were like green solitary forests among the black fields and wheat farms of the autumn crops, became golden and red solitary forests among the fresh green wintering crops. The grey hare had lost half of its fur (and was moulting), the brood of young foxes had begun to go in all directions, and the young jackals had grown larger than the dogs.

The sky seemed to melt, the wind stopped, and the canopy fell to the ground. The only thing moving in the air was the dust mist or the tiny drops of water that crept down from the morning mist. Transparent drops of water hung from the bare branches of the garden. On the leaves that have just fallen. The soil of the garden, like a poppy, was very wet, blacker and shinier, and at a short distance melted into the dark and damp mist.

Rostov was particularly struck by the beauty of a little red-spotted, pure-bred she-dog, a little short in body, but muscular as steel, with a handsome face and bulging black eyes.

As they passed near the garden, the shadows of the bare trees often cut across the road, blocking the bright moonlight, but as soon as they passed the wall, the whole motionless, moonlit snowy field shone out on all sides like a blue-grey diamond. The sledges in front hit a pothole and gave it a bump or two, and the sledges behind them hit the same pothole, and they broke the imprison silence and began to pull away.

A tall, pretty lady with a large braid, bare white plump shoulders and neck, and two large strings of pearls around her neck, rustling her thick silk dress, entered the adjacent booth, and it was a long time before she was more comfortable in her seat.

A full moon hung high in the clear sky. The forests and fields beyond the camp, previously invisible, were revealed in the distance. Beyond, beyond forests and fields, the clear, uncertain, endless horizon draws one far away.

He got up early in the morning and went out of the shed, and the first sight he saw of the beginning dark dome and cross of the Convent of the New Virgin, of the cold dew on the dusty grass, of the hills of Sparrow Hill, of the winding banks of the tree-lined river, which were hidden in the mauve distance, made him feel the freshness of the air, The crow could be heard flying over the fields from Moscow, and in a moment there was a sudden burst of light in the eastern sky, and a red sun gradually emerged from the clouds. And then the dome, the cross, the dew, the distance, the stream -- all these things were shining in the sunlight, and Pierre felt a new joy and power of life that he had never experienced before.

Pierre opened his eyes, which were wet with tears, and stared at the bright comet, which seemed to be flying through the vast expanse of space with indescribable speed along a parabola, when suddenly, like a sharp arrow in the earth, it stuck in its chosen place in the dark sky, stopped still, raised its tail as hard as it could. Showing off their white light among countless twinkling stars. It seemed to Pierre that the comet coincided perfectly with his heart, which was full of life, softened and encouraged.

He wore a blue uniform that exposed a white vest hanging over his round belly, white suede pants tight around his fat, short thighs, and a pair of thigh-high boots. But the short hair, which seemed to have been recently combed, still hung in the middle of the broad forehead. From the collar of his black uniform stood his fat white neck, his body smelled of perfume, and his young face, with its protruding chin, showed the majesty and kindness of the emperor when he received his subjects.

Pfuhl was short and thin, but broad-boned and well-built, with broad hips and angular shoulder blades. His face was wrinkled, his eyes recessed, and his hair at the front of his forehead had apparently been hastily combed, while the tufts at the back of his head looked childish and ridiculous.

In the reddened east, the fragments of the thick bluish purple cloud were soon dispersed by the wind, and it was getting brighter and brighter. The curly grass that always grows on the country road looks brighter with the moisture of the night rain; The drooping birch branches were wet, swaying in the breeze, and slanting with glittering drops of water.

At first there was smoke in the clear night sky, then a new moon hung in the sky, shining strangely through the smoke.

Every day, the sky is floating with a group of curly white clouds, occasionally blocking the sun; But by dusk, the sky was clear again, and the sun slowly sank into the maroon mist. Only the heavy dew of the night moistens the earth. The grain that remained on the stubble was roasted and dried and scattered over the fields. The swamps are dry, the animals howl with hunger in the sun-scorched pastures, and it is only cool at night in the woods when the dew is preserved.

After sunset, the wind died down and the night was quiet and fresh. At twelve o 'clock the noise of the people died away, the chickens crowed, a full moon rose from behind the linden tree, a cool, milky mist filled the air, and silence settled over the village and the houses.

It was sunny outside, the air was fresh, and the dew was shining pleasantly. The sun was just breaking out of the clouds, and the light, split in half by the scattered clouds, crossed the rooftops of the opposite street, and fell on the dewy dust of the road, on the walls of the houses, on the Windows in the walls, and on Pierre's horse, who was standing near the farmhouse.

The bright sun rose behind Pierre on the left, and in the clean morning air it cast its golden and rosy beams and long dark shadows on the ground. The landscape gradually disappeared, and the wood in the distance, like a carved turquoise, could be seen on the horizon with its black peaks, The Boulevard Smolensk, which ran through the middle of the woods behind the village of Valluyeva, was full of troops. Golden fields and groves gleamed near.

Unusual and surprising great autumn light, the low sun shines warmer than spring, in the crisp and clear air, everything glitters, dazzling, breathing this refreshing air, make your heart excited and comfortable, even the night is warm, in this week's dark and warm night, from time to time from the sky raining golden stars, really surprised and happy.
将军们都穿着阅兵式制服,或大或小的腰紧紧地束着,红色的衣领紧贴着脖子,腰带系在腰间,胸前饰有各种奖章。不仅军官们涂了油,穿戴整齐,而且每个士兵的脸都刮得干干净净,每个士兵的装备都擦得锃亮shiny;,每匹马都被精心照料,衣服像缎子satin;一样闪闪发光,湿漉漉的鬃毛都梳得整整齐齐。英国俱乐部的大厅里响起了一阵嘈杂声,会员和客人们,穿着制服和燕尾服,有些人穿着束带长袍,戴着扑粉的假发,像一群春天迁徙的蜜蜂一样,坐着站着,聚集着又分散着。她那发烧、出汗的双颊两边长着黑色的卷发,脸上露出愉快的微笑,她张开了一张美丽的玫瑰色的小嘴,上唇很细腻。路边有一棵橡树。它比生长在森林里的桦树要老九倍,厚九倍,高两倍。这是一棵大橡树,有两臂那么粗,许多树枝似乎是很久以前折断的,裂开的树皮上布满bestrew; bestrid; besprinkle; bestrewn; bestridden;了旧伤。它笨拙的、多节的胳膊和手指不对称地伸出来,那棵老的、轻蔑的、畸形的橡树站在微笑的桦树中间。只有它不愿屈服于春天的魅力,不愿见证春天,不愿见证初升的太阳。一个身材苗条,长得出奇地苗条的姑娘,黑头发,黑眼睛,穿着一件黄印花布衣服,在马车前面跑过来,头上裹着一条白手帕,下面露出一缕梳理过的头发。近处和远处的东西都有一种神秘的、清晰的光芒,这种光芒只有在这个时期的秋天才能看到。远处的麻雀窝、村庄、教堂和高大的白宫都清晰可见。光秃秃的木头、沙子、石头、屋顶、教堂的绿色塔楼、远处白宫的一角——所有这些物体的最细微的线条,在清澈明亮的空气中显得格外清晰。夜晚寒冷、安静而明亮。靠近窗户的地方有一排修剪过的树,一边是黑色的,另一边是闪亮的银色silver;。在这些树下生长着一种多肉、湿润、浓密的植物,叶子和枝条都是银白色的。在黑树后面更远further; farther;的地方,有一个屋顶,屋顶上的露水闪闪发光,右边是一棵大树,枝叶繁茂,树干和树枝白得耀眼,明亮的、几乎是圆的月亮挂在树上in the tree ; on the tree;,在晴朗的、几乎没有星星的春天的天空中。一整天都很热,有些地方就要雷雨了,但只有一小片乌云在路上的尘土和多汁的树叶上洒了几滴雨。森林的左边是黑暗的,光线不太亮,森林的右边潮湿而明亮,在阳光下闪闪发光,在风的吹拂下微微摇晃。树木开花了,夜莺唱着悠扬的歌,时而近时而远。那些完全变了样的老橡树被树荫覆盖着,深绿色多汁的叶子郁郁葱葱a wild profusion of vegetation; luxuriantly green; It grows greener and fresher.;,麻木地站在那里,在夕阳下微微摇曳。歪歪扭扭crooked; askew; shapeless and twisted;的手指、伤疤、过去的怀疑和悲伤都看不见了。通过坚硬的、有几个世纪历史的树皮,一簇簇新鲜的绿叶从没有树枝的地方冒了出来,所以很难相信这棵老橡树能长出新鲜的绿叶。这是寒冷季节的开始,早晨的寒冷把被秋雨遮蔽的土地封闭了起来,秋庄稼的幼苗长得很茂盛,一排排被牛群染成褐色的冬麦地,被春庄稼染成淡黄色的麦田,和红色的荞麦地,都和浓密的秋庄稼分开了。八月底,在秋收的黑田和麦田里,山巅和树林仿佛是绿色的孤林,在新鲜的绿色越冬的庄稼里,变成了金黄色和红色的孤林。灰野兔掉了一半的毛(正在换毛),一窝小狐狸开始四处逃窜,小豺狼长得比狗还大。天空似乎融化了,风停了,树冠落到了地上。空气中唯一移动的东西是尘雾[环境] dust fog;或从晨雾中爬下来的小水滴。透明的水珠挂在花园光秃秃的树枝上。在刚刚落下的树叶上。花园里的泥土像罂粟花一样,很湿,更黑,更亮,在不远的地方就融入了黑暗潮湿的雾中。罗斯托夫特别注意到一只长着红色斑点的纯种小母狗bitch; slut; bithc;的美丽,它的身体有点矮,但肌肉如钢铁,有一个漂亮的臀部