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高一英语作文 理想信念的含义 900字

高一英语作文 理想信念的含义 900字

高一英语作文 理想信念的含义 900字

高一英语作文 理想信念的含义 900字

English Composition The meaning of ideals and beliefs 900 words

Since the birth of communist ideals and beliefs, the educational activities of ideals and beliefs have accompanied the communist movement. So, what is ideal belief education? Lenin pointed out that the communist education of the working masses is an important task of the proletarian party, "whose task is to give the spontaneous workers' movement a clear socialist ideal and to combine this movement with socialist beliefs at the level of modern science."

From this expression of Lenin, we can summarize the concept of our ideal and belief education, that is, through the socialist and Communist ideal and belief education for all members of society, especially Communist Party members and advanced elements, to help them establish the common ideal and belief of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and on this basis, make clear that our goal is to realize communism. We will guide people, especially Communist Party members and advanced elements, to foster the lofty ideal of communism and firm belief in Marxism. Summarizing the concept of ideal and belief education in this way is based on several considerations:

In terms of semantic expression, ideal and belief education has more abundant content than simple "ideal education", it can be said that it is a more comprehensive concept. In the past, we usually use the concept of "ideal education" to express the content of ideal and belief education, in fact, the extension of "ideal" and the belief are included in it. For example, "four" new people, among which "ideal" is a broad generalization, its meaning is not only to have ideal goals, but also to include such content as "faith".

The use of the concept of "ideal" in this way has its forced side, but in fact it unlimitedly highlights and magnifies the word "ideal", which to some extent will cause a bias in ideal and belief education, that is, one-sided emphasis on the pursuit and realization of the ideal in the future, and to some extent ignores the belief support and belief guidance that people should uphold in the current life. As a matter of fact, ideals and beliefs, as two basic aspects of the phenomenon of belief, complement each other and cannot highlight one while belittling the other. Ideals are not the whole of faith, nor even the only important thing in it. An ideal is based on a belief and is the concrete embodiment of a belief or belief in a future goal.

The ideal goal should not be isolated from the basic position and belief, and the ideal education should not be unilaterally emphasized while the belief education should not be ignored. It is not a good faith education strategy to draw people's attention to some ideal future goal and make them eagerly anticipate the realization of that goal. At present, a key point of ideal and belief education is to strengthen the education of basic beliefs in social life, and to guide people's actual life with value-oriented beliefs. A man, whether or not he believes in and pursues the inevitable victory of socialism and the realization of the great ideals and beliefs of Communism in the future, should establish certain basic beliefs which are necessary for life in our society. Such as the belief in serving the people, the belief in collectivism, and the belief in patriotism. In fact, these beliefs are themselves part of the ideals that we advocate.



在语义表达上,理想信念教育比简单的“理想教育”具有更丰富的内容,可以说是一个更全面的概念。过去,我们通常用“理想教育”的概念来表达理想信念教育的内容,实际上in practice; in effect; as a matter of fact; actually; in fact;,“理想”和信念都包含在其中。例如“四个”新人people of a new type;,其中“理想”是一个广义的概括,它的含义不仅是有理想的目标,还包括“信仰”等内容。

这样使用“理想”这个概念有其强迫性的一面,但实际上in practice; in effect; as a matter of fact; actually; in fact;它无限地突出和放大[电子] amplification; magnify; [摄] enlargement; blow up;了“理想”这个词,这在一定程度上会造成理想信念教育的偏差deviation; bias; offset;,即片面地强调未来理想的追求和实现,在一定程度上忽略了人们在当前生活中应该坚持的信念支持和信念引导。事实上as a matter of fact; in fact; in reality;,理想与信念作为信仰现象的两个基本方面是相辅相成supplement each other;的,不能只突出一个而轻视despise; look down on; disdain; neglect; make light of;另一个。理想不是信仰的全部,甚至不是信仰中唯一sole; uniqueness;重要的东西。理想以信念为基础,是信念或对未来目标的信念的具体体现。

理想目标不能脱离基本立场和基本信念,不能片面强调理想教育,不能忽视信念教育。把人们的注意力attention; mind;吸引到某个理想的未来目标上,并使他们热切地期待这个目标的实现,这不是一种诚信教育策略。当前理想信念教育的一个重点是加强社会生活中的基本信念教育,用价值导向的信念引导人们的实际生活。一个人,无论他是否相信和追求社会主义在未来的必然胜利,实现共产主义的伟大理想和信念,都应该树立一些我们社会生活所必需的基本信念。比如为人民服务的信仰,集体主义的信仰,爱国主义的信仰。事实上as a matter of fact; in fact; in reality;,这些信念本身就是我们所倡导的理想的一部分。