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高三英语作文 致爸爸的信 1200字

高三英语作文 致爸爸的信 1200字

高三英语作文 致爸爸的信 1200字

高三英语作文 致爸爸的信 1200字

English Composition 1200 words to Dad
Dear Mom and Dad,


Years have drowned the memories of childhood, many past events have gone with the wind, the memory of the past no longer come, but only your back in my mind.

Memory is a box of seasoning, full of sweet and sour, life is with this colorful taste will become meaningful.

I remember my mother's warm back and a vow of love engraved in my heart.

Every time I read the prose "Back" written by Zhu Ziqing, my mother's back will become tall in my mind, and she told me that no matter how difficult the road ahead is, I must walk step by step.

Vaguely remember a childhood, it is a stormy afternoon, I sat in the classroom carefully listening to the teacher, outside the cold wind, the rain with the wind, the wind with the rain mercilessly beat the glass, the rain crashing down, splashing on the ground, I looked out of the window, thoughts have already flown to the mother's side. I don't know how long after that, the bell rang. Is school over? I thought so. Went outside, the rain is still under the stop, I stood under the eaves, my classmates next to less and less, mom, why don't you come to pick me up, looking at the school gate, I pray for mom to hurry up to pick me up. I do not know how long after, a figure appeared in the rain, she rolled up the bottom of her pants, holding an umbrella in one hand, holding a raincoat and an umbrella in the other hand, coming to me, is my mother, is my mother to pick me up! I was pleasantly surprised. At this time, my mother came to me, helped me put on my raincoat, rolled up my pants, held up an umbrella, and walked in the rain... Walking on the road, I suddenly asked my mother: "Mom, why did you come to pick me up now?"

"Mom's company is in a meeting, so it's a little late." As he said it, a small ditch suddenly appeared in front of him, and the water inside came out and couldn't step through. At this time, Mom suddenly turned and ran, I do not know where to go, after a while, Mom came back with a brick. She laid the bricks so that she could get through. My mom was so smart! I was about to step over, suddenly, mom stopped me, I don't know what mom wants to do? I saw her bending down, the hand beckoned me to climb on her back, my heart a sour, climb on her back, mother's back is warm ah, unconsciously into the land of sleep... Ouch! And that figure in the rain.

Dad, you are my backer, is my pillar of support, you are the Lord of the family, is you with both hands to lift the whole family, your thick shoulders condensed countless strict love.

Once upon a time, the period of the paper was issued, I failed the exam, I was scared to go home, because the teacher wanted parents to sign, in order to avoid the results, I changed the language 79 into 99, the math 69 into 89, so that my father did not know pull! But my heart is still like fifteen buckets to draw water - seven up and eight down. My results like Wang Xiaoernian, a year worse than a year ah! I was nervous and hid the test paper. I thought I could avoid my father's eyes, but the back of the play is still a tragedy! During dinner, the whole family sat at the table in silence, which made me more uneasy. After dinner, my father called me to his room, and I felt uneasy like a rabbit in my heart. Then my father locked the door and held a stick in his hand!

"Say, why is this test so bad, usually not a good test, how can this test get such a result, all test so bad, you still want to hide ah?" ! You think I can't tell because you changed the grade? You underestimate your father's intelligence." With that, Dad took the stick and beat me hard. Eyes full of a fire, the former kindness suddenly disappeared, looking at dad that like a wounded lion's face, my tears could not help but come to my eyes, "Dad, I was wrong!" I won't dare again!" I covered my mouth and said to him, "You know that's wrong! How dare you ask me for my autograph?" Dad's voice raised the octave, never seen dad so angry with me, the young heart was hit again. "Go to your room and think about it!" Dad growled at his prey like an angry tiger. I covered my mouth and ran out, went to my room, locked the door behind me, fell down on the bed and cried.

The sour, sweet, bitter and hot life, the taste of endless, shining under the wings of my parents!

I wish: good health, knot forever!

Your daughter: xxx

20xx, x month x

亲爱的爸爸dad; daddy; papa; father;妈妈:



记忆是一盒调味料,充满了酸甜,人生有了这缤纷的味道才会变得become; get; turn into; change into;有意义。


每次读到朱自清写的散文《背》,母亲的背影就会在我的脑海里变得become; get; turn into; change into;高大起来,她告诉我,无论前面的路多么艰难,我都要一步一步地走下去。

依稀记得一个童年,那是一个风雨飘摇的下午,我坐在教室里认真地听老师讲课,外面寒风凛冽,雨打着风,风打着雨无情地敲打着玻璃,雨点哗哗地落下来,溅在地上,我望着窗外,思绪早已飞到了母亲的身边。我不知道过了多久,铃响了。放学了吗?我也这么认为。走到外面,雨还下着停,我站在屋檐[建] eave;下,旁边的同学越来越少,妈妈,你为什么不来接我,看着学校门口,我祈祷妈妈快点来接我。不知过了多久,雨中出现了一个身影,她卷起裤脚bottom of a trouser leg; trouser legs;,一手拿着伞,另一手拿着雨衣raincoat;和伞,向我走来,是我妈妈,是我妈妈来接我!我很惊喜。这时,妈妈向我走来,帮我穿上雨衣raincoat;,卷起裤子,撑起雨伞umbrella; bumbershoot;,在雨中走着……走在路上,我突然问妈妈:“妈妈,你为什么现在来接我?”


爸爸dad; daddy; papa; father;,您是我的靠山,是我的顶梁柱,您是一家之主,是您用双手托起整个家庭,您厚实的肩膀凝聚了无数严厉的爱。

有一次,期末试卷发了,我考试不及格,我吓得不敢回家return home; be home; go home;,因为老师要家长签字,为了避免成绩,我把语文79改成了99,数学69改成了89,让爸爸dad; daddy; papa; father;不知道拉!但我的心还是像十五只水桶一样,七只向上,八只向下。我的成绩像王小年一样,一年不如一年啊!我很紧张,把试卷藏了起来。我以为我可以避开爸爸dad; daddy; papa; father;的目光,但后面的戏还是一出悲剧!吃饭的时候,全家人都坐在桌边,一言不发,这让我更加不安。晚饭后,爸爸dad; daddy; papa; father;把我叫到他的房间,我心里像只兔子一样不安。然后我父亲锁上门,手里拿着一根棍子!

“说,为什么这次考试这么差,平时考试都不好bad; no good; no chop;,这次考试怎么能得到这样的结果,所有的考试都这么差,你还想隐瞒啊?”! 你以为你改了成绩我就看不出来吗?你低估了你父亲的智商。”说完,爸爸dad; daddy; papa; father;拿起棍子狠狠地打了我一顿。眼睛里充满了火焰,往日的善良顿时消失了,看着爸爸dad; daddy; papa; father;那张像受伤的狮子的脸,我的眼泪忍不住涌上了眼眶,“爸爸dad; daddy; papa; father;,我错了!”我再也不敢了!”我捂着嘴对他说:“你知道这是不对的!你怎么敢要我的签名?”爸爸dad; daddy; papa; father;的声音提高了八度,从来没见过爸爸dad; daddy; papa; father;对我这么生气,幼小的心又被击中了。“回你的房间好好想想!”爸爸dad; daddy; papa; father;像一只愤怒的老虎对着猎物咆哮。我捂着嘴跑了出去,回到return to; go back to; get back to; recur;我的房间,锁上门,倒在床上哭了起来。