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高三英语作文 给外婆的一封信 1500字

高三英语作文 给外婆的一封信 1500字

高三英语作文 给外婆的一封信 1500字

高三英语作文 给外婆的一封信 1500字

English Composition A 1500 word letter to Grandma
Dear grandmother, hello!

This is the first time I write to you, in fact, I know you can not see, but I still deceive myself, even if I see you have been buried in the ground, I still do not believe that I have lost you. Although you have played a serious and inhospitable role since childhood, you love me the most and love me the most. I remember that when I was 4 years old, you took me back to my own home for the first time, which was a strange place for me, but with you by my side I felt very secure and secure. Later, you wanted to leave alone, you wanted me to adapt to the feeling of being around my parents, I was too young to understand your pains, and I pestered you every day. That time I saw you crying, but you pretended to be as if nothing had happened, pretending not to love me. In fact, I already remember some things at that time, but I am still afraid of the feeling of loss. My parents didn't want me when I was born, but you took the trouble to bring me up. You knew it would be a burden to take me back, and you finally took me back.

I have not dared to go anywhere since I came back with you, and since then you have not thought of taking me back to my home. You have been in poor health. Although I have heard you say that it is just because you did not take good care of your illness when you were young and pregnant, I know that you are in pain, which is tearing the heart and splitting the lungs, but you still laugh at life every day. When I was in the first grade of primary school, I quarreled with the teacher because of the problem of homework. At that time, I not only did not admit my mistake, but I deliberately ran away with my body to anger you. I let you down, you scrimped and saved to send me to school, and I failed you. In the second half of the first semester of primary school, I became the monitor because of my good grades. At that time, there were two classmates fighting, and I tried to stop the fight for my own responsibility. As a result, I was mistakenly pushed and injured the back of my head. You let grandpa accompany me to and from class, even if it was cut off the financial source, later I was unhappy and wanted to get revenge, you told me to be kind and treat others well is to be kind to yourself. I know that you have helped people in the village, but Grandma remembers that I asked you at that time, why do you only care about others and not yourself? If you have no money to see a doctor, why do you want to give Grandpa's money for climbing every day to others?

When I was in the second grade of primary school, I was not convinced, why did you give money and things to others, but you have to bear the pain alone. I'd rather spend it for you than give it to someone else. So I stole 100 yuan from you and bought many, many things to eat. I was proud of how rich my family was, but you cried all afternoon about it. You think you've lost the money, you think you've made it impossible for us to eat. I see you look, I know I was wrong, but I dare not admit it, I am afraid that after I admit you directly do not want me. I made you feel guilty for a long time, so I decided to go up to the mountain to pick herbs and sell them every day like Grandpa. You were very happy, you said that I was sensible, but you didn't know that I just wanted to make up for my mistake. And so this secret has followed me until now.

In the second half of the semester of the second grade, I was overhauled because of my grades, the position of the monitor was taken away, and I was in a bad mood and accidentally touched the classmate's pencil case. So my classmates besieged me every day and demanded high compensation. When you found out, you asked my cousin who never went to school and liked to fight to help me solve the problem. Sometimes I wonder if you are an angel sent from heaven to guard me all the time, and you always know exactly what happens. And then I got into a lot of trouble, and you cleaned up a lot of it. It wasn't until I was in fourth grade that I started doing bad things with my classmates. Stealing your neighbor's eggs and smashing them, tricking innocent children into fights. You were so disappointed in me that you called my parents and asked them to take me back. But I must tell you that I was not involved in any of this, and though I went along, I kept trying to dissuade you, but you no longer believe me.

In the second half of the fourth grade, I was picked up by my strange mother. At the time of parting, I saw that you were not willing to give up on me, right? When I returned to my own home, I thought of you all the time. Gradually a few years later, Grandpa came to your news that you were critically ill, when I did not want to quickly quit the job overnight car back to see you. The next time we met ten years later, you barely remembered who I was, and you were as thin as a firewood. I can't tell you how I felt. I know you've been this way all these years because of me. You seem to be getting better and better after seeing us, so we just stayed with you for a few days and then left. Obviously, you couldn't communicate with us when we called you after leaving, I'm sorry! Grandma, I made you suffer more than you should have for so many years. In this way, your body persisted for less than a year, that is, in April 2016, although I heard others say that you were harmed by your uncle, but I know that if it was not for me, you would not have such an ending.

Just after the end of the New Year, I went to work for less than two months before I received your critical illness again, and I also rushed to your place overnight regardless of everything. Fortunately, I found you when I hurried back, lying motionless in bed, gasping for breath. You are suffering but you are not free, and I am suffering too, but I cannot help you. I can only be at your bedside with you, but I still can not accompany you to the end. I should not have left you for a few minutes to eat, because in those few minutes I completely lost you. Grandma, I'm sorry! In fact, there are many, many things I want to say to you, but there is no chance. I have wronged you in this life. May you be happy in that beautiful heaven! If there is another life, I hope I am the one who worries about you...

With regards



这是我第一次给你写信,其实我知道你看不见,但我还是欺骗自己,即使我看到你已经被埋在地下,我仍然不相信我已经失去了你。虽然你从小就扮演着严肃不好bad; no good; no chop;客的角色,但你最爱favorite; favourite; dearest; faves;我,最爱favorite; favourite; dearest; faves;我。我记得在我4岁的时候,你第一次带我回了自己的家,那对我来说是一个陌生的地方,但是有你在我身边,我觉得很有安全感。后来,你想一个人离开,你想让我适应和父母在一起的感觉,我还太小too small;,不理解你的痛苦,我每天都缠着你。那次我看见你哭,你却装作若无其事,假装不爱我。其实我已经记起了当时的一些事情,只是我还是害怕那种失落感。我出生时,我的父母不想要我,但你不厌其烦地把我抚养成人。你知道带我回去会是个负担,但你还是带我回去了。

自从我跟你回来以后,我哪儿也不敢去,从那以后,你也没有想过要带我回家return home; be home; go home;。你身体一直不好bad; no good; no chop;。虽然我听过你说,这只是因为你年轻怀孕时没有好好照顾自己的病,但我知道你很痛苦,撕心裂肺,但你仍然每天嘲笑生活。我在小学一年级的时候,因为作业的问题和老师吵了一架。当时,我不仅不承认自己的错误,还故意用身体跑掉,以激怒你。我让你失望了,你省吃俭用送我上学,我让你失望了。在小学第一学期的下半学期,我成为班长,因为我的好成绩。当时,有两个同学在打架,我为了自己的责任试图阻止他们打架。结果,我被错误地推伤了后脑勺the back side of head;。您让爷爷陪我上下课,即使被切断了经济来源,后来我不开心,想要报复,您告诉我要善待他人,善待自己。我知道你帮助过村里的人,但奶奶记得我当时问你,为什么你只关心别人而不关心自己?如果你没钱看病,为什么要把爷爷每天爬山的钱给别人呢?

小学二年级的时候,我不相信,为什么你把钱和东西给了别人,却要自己一个人承受痛苦。我宁愿为你花,也不愿unwilling; reluctant; be disclined;给别人。所以我从你那里偷了100元,买了很多很多东西吃。我为我的家庭多么富有而自豪,而你却为此哭了一下午。你觉得你丢了钱,你觉得你让我们吃不下饭了。我看你的眼神,我知道我错了,但我不敢承认,我怕我承认之后你直接不要我了。我让你内疚了很久,所以我决定像爷爷一样每天上山摘草药卖。你很开心,你说我懂事,但你不知道,我只是想弥补我的错误。所以这个秘密一直跟着我到现在。

二年级下半学期,我因为成绩被大修,班长的位置被撤了,心情不好bad; no good; no chop;不小心碰了同学的铅笔盒。所以我的同学每天围攻我,要求高额赔偿。当你发现的时候,你让我的表弟帮我解决这个问题,他从来没有上过学,喜欢打架。有时候occasionally; between times; whiles; somewhile;我在想,你是不是上天派来的天使,一直守护着我,你总是知道发生了什么。然后我惹上了很多麻烦,你帮我解决了很多麻烦。直到四年级,我才开始和同学做坏事。偷邻居的鸡蛋打碎smash;,骗无辜的孩子打架。你对我很失望,所以你打电话给我父母,让他们让我回去。但我必须告诉你,这一切都与我无关,虽然我参与了,但我一直试图劝阻你,但你不再相信我了。

四年级下半学期,我被陌生的妈妈接走了。在离别的时候,我看到你不愿unwilling; reluctant; be disclined;意放弃我,对吗?当我回到return to; go back to; get back to; recur;自己的家,我一直在想你。渐渐过了几年,爷爷传来你病危的消息,我不想的时候赶紧辞掉工作连夜开车回来看你。十年后我们再次见面,你几乎不记得我是谁,你瘦得像柴火firewood; faggot;。我无法告诉你我的感受。我知道这些年来你一直这样都是因为我。你好像被赌上了