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高三英语作文 《红岩》读后感 1500字

高三英语作文 《红岩》读后感 1500字

高三英语作文 《红岩》读后感 1500字

高三英语作文 《红岩》读后感 1500字

English Composition "Red Rock" after reading 1500 words
After reading the red classic novel "Red Rock", I benefited a lot. Now we are very happy, we live in a time of peace. No war, no smoke, we take it for granted to enjoy this happy life. As everyone knows, behind our happiness are the blood and tears of countless warrior heroes. They, with their own persistence in exchange for liberation; They, with their courage to buy peace; They, with their lives in exchange for the dawn of victory! Therefore, we must learn to cherish, cherish this hard-won life.

The historical background of "Red Rock" is the period from 1948 to 1949 when Chongqing was liberated. This novel mainly describes the harsh underground struggle on the eve of the liberation of Chongqing, especially the struggle in prison. The victorious march of the People's Liberation Army and the death throes of the reactionaries characterized this period. The novel combines the overall irreversible fate of the reactionaries with the local menacing and crazy suppression; We should dialectically unite the glorious victory of the revolutionary cause as a whole with the tragic sacrifice of individual revolutionaries. Its basic plot centers on the struggle between the enemy and ourselves in the concentration camp of the "Sino-American Cooperation Office", and staggers the underground struggle in the cities led by the underground Party, the student movement, the workers' movement, the prison struggle and the armed struggle in the Huaying District, focusing on the final battle waged by the revolutionaries to meet the liberation and defeat the enemy's dying struggle.

In "Red Rock", we saw many revolutionary heroes, their unity of struggle, sacrifice has moved me; I admire their courage in facing danger and fighting the enemy bravely; I was thrilled by their courage to break through and join the revolution. However, among all the heroes, the one who moved me the most was Sister Jiang.

Although Jiang is a woman, she is not at all inferior to men. I was deeply moved by her unyielding spirit in the face of torture. Sister Jiang was a great woman, a strong communist fighter, she was tortured by the enemy for many days in Refuse Pit concentration Camp, and her spirit of refusing to surrender to death gave endless motivation to all her comrades there. In prison, she suffered a lot of torture, murderous enemies hammered bamboo sticks into her fingers. Faced with the torture, she proudly declared: "Torture is too small a test, bamboo sticks are made of bamboo, and the will of Communists is steel." The skewer was nailed into each fingertip and blood splashed. Our beloved sister Jiang did not make a sound, but she did not know how much intense pain she had experienced. On the eve of liberation, the struggle situation in the Kuomintuan area was very grim. When I saw the footage of Sister Jiang returning to her hometown to deliver medicine to the guerrillas, my eyes could not help but wet...... The rain-foggy city wall gate, the wooden cage of a bloody head into the eyes of Sister Jiang, she tried to calm herself to see the list of victims, suddenly found her husband's name listed in the first line! I can't imagine the feeling of this sudden loss, such a big blow to her how can a weak woman bear it? The book describes this: Sister Jiang tears, chest infarction, dare not and do not want to see. She could not help crying out. Bouts of dizziness weakened her ability to stand on her feet...... But the strong sister Jiang immediately thought of his burden of the task entrusted to the party, there is no right to reveal the pain of the heart here, but there is no right to stay. Her footsteps, constantly into the mud, along the way aroused the splash, mud, splashed all over the shoes and socks, she did not know. She tried to control her grief and anger, to bury deep in her heart the pain that would never be forgotten. Gradually, the gaze forward finally replaced the tears that never flowed. The hatred she hid in her heart was more than tears, deeper than pain! Sister Jiang, such a female Communist Party member, but she firmly believes that although the road is tortuous, but as long as we struggle bravely, victory is not far away!

A man can be destroyed, but not defeated! Although our lovely soldiers were physically tortured by the Kuomintang reactionaries, they were scarred. But instead of being defeated, our soldiers are more motivated to fight for victory! Their fighting spirit has been sublimated! Reading "Red Rock" and seeing these fighters who are resolutely fighting in the face of difficulties, I thought of my usual evasive attitude in the face of difficulties, which really made me feel ashamed. Think about yourself as long as you encounter some unpleasant things in life, or the pressure of learning is too great, or when you encounter unpleasant things in work, I will only lose my temper, find a variety of excuses for your failure, but never think about how to overcome these failures and setbacks. But now, in front of the glorious image of the hero of Red Rock, I understand: people's life will always be full of various setbacks, when we face it, we should not retreat, but should be brave to move forward, more setbacks!

It is because of the blood of these brave soldiers that the red Rock ushered in the dawn of the victory of the liberation war, and let us live today's happy life. Therefore, as contemporary college students, we should not only learn to cherish the happy life now, but also learn the courage of the soldiers and learn the strength of the soldiers. When we encounter difficulties and want to give up, let us think about "Red Rock", we will be able to face difficulties with a better mental outlook, overcome difficulties, to meet our own tomorrow!


《红岩》的历史背景是1948年至1949年重庆解放时期。这部小说主要描写了解放前重庆残酷的地下斗争,尤其是狱中斗争。这一时期的特点是人民解放军的胜利进军和反动派的垂死挣扎。小说将反动派不可逆转的整体命运与局部的威胁和疯狂镇压结合起来;我们要把整个革命事业的光荣胜利和个别革命者的悲剧性牺牲辩证地统一起来。其基本情节以“中美the United States and China; Sino-US; Sino-American;合作处”集中营内敌我斗争为中心,穿插了地下党领导的城市地下斗争、学生运动、工人运动、监狱斗争和华蓥区武装斗争,重点讲述了革命者为迎接解放和战胜敌人垂死斗争的最后一战。

在《红岩》中,我们看到了许多革命英雄,他们的团结奋斗、牺牲精神感动了我;我钦佩他们面对in the face of;危险,勇敢地与敌人作战的勇气;他们勇于突破,加入革命,这使我激动不已。然而,在所有的英雄中,最让我感动的是蒋姐。

江虽然是个女人,但她一点也不比男人差。我被她在酷刑面前不屈不挠的精神深深打动了。江姐是一个伟大的女人,一个坚强的共产主义战士,她在渣滓洞集中营被敌人折磨了许多天,她不服死的精神给了那里所有同志无尽的动力。在监狱里,她遭受了很多折磨,凶残ferocious; fierce and cruel; savage and cruel;的敌人用竹棍敲打她的手指。面对in the face of;严刑拷打,她骄傲地宣称:“酷刑是微不足道的考验,竹竿是竹做的,共产党人的意志是钢。”钉子钉在每个指尖上,鲜血飞溅。我们亲爱的蒋姐姐没有发出声音,但她不知道她经历了多么剧烈的痛苦。解放前夕,国民党地区的斗争形势十分严峻。当我看到蒋姐回老家给游击队送药的镜头时,我的眼睛忍不住湿润了......雨雾蒙蒙的城墙大门,木笼里一个血淋淋的人头映入江姐的眼帘eye;,她强忍着自己看了看遇难者名单,突然发现丈夫的名字列在了第一行!我无法想象突然失去亲人的感受,如此巨大的打击,一个柔弱的女人怎么能承受?书中是这样描述的:姜姐流泪,胸口梗塞,不敢也不想看。她忍不住哭了起来。一阵阵的头晕削弱了她站立的能力......但坚强的江姐姐立刻想到了自己肩负的重任托付给党,没有权在这里吐露内心的痛苦,更没有权在这里停留。她的脚步,不断地踩进泥里,一路上激起水花spray; algae bloom; chickenpox;,泥浆溅满了她的鞋袜,她不知道。她试图控制自己的悲伤和愤怒,把永远不会忘记的痛苦深深埋在心里。渐渐地,向前的凝视终于取代了从未never; never a; not for a moment; at no period;流过的泪水。她藏在心里的仇恨比眼泪还要still;深,比痛苦还要still;深!蒋姐,这样一个女共产党员,但她坚信,道路虽然曲折,但只要我们勇敢奋斗,胜利就不远了!

一个人可以被毁灭,但不能被打败!我们可爱的士兵虽然受到了国民党反动派的肉体折磨,但他们身上却留下leave; leave behind; keep back; leave over;了伤痕。但我们的士兵非但没有被打败,反而更有动力为胜利而战!他们的斗志得到了升华!读着《红岩》,看到这些在困难面前毅然决然战斗的战士,我想起了我平时面对in the face of;困难时的逃避态度,真让我惭愧。想想自己只要在生活中遇到一些不愉快的事情,或者学习的压力太大too big; too large;,或者在工作中遇到不愉快的事情,我只会发脾气lose one's temper;,为自己的失败找各种借口,却从来没有想过如何克服这些失败和挫折。但现在,在荣耀面前