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高三英语作文 一字长蛇阵_我家调皮狗 1500字

高三英语作文 一字长蛇阵_我家调皮狗 1500字

高三英语作文 一字长蛇阵_我家调皮狗 1500字

高三英语作文 一字长蛇阵_我家调皮狗 1500字

English Composition One word Long Snake _ My naughty dog 1500 words
My naughty dog - small dudu in my blog can be regarded as a star dog, many bloggers do not see its story after a period of time, still very miss. But don't forget that Dudu is a pure altar messenger (to eat and sleep mainly), there are not often so many stories.

These days the sun shines, dudu looked at the bright sunshine outside, how can not stay in the house, "woo" lying on the door to go out. This time out, it has a story. What story? Cats and dogs fight on! But this war is very different from the past, so that my mother and I see are thrilling, surprised. Why? That is because dudu today met a cat pendulum of a word long snake array. B: Wow! Even Zhuge Liang can be found in a cat. That dudu is Sima Yi.

In the afternoon, the dudu lying at the door whispered "woo" (want to go out, like a child making an adult), and after a while, the good-tempered mother said: "OK, go out for a walk!" (When I was a child, I used this trick to buy delicious food and fun, and it worked.) 'I'll go too! I shouted after finishing my homework. "Ha ha! Do you need a walk just like Dudu? !" My mother laughed and teased me (treating me like a toot).

The door just opened a crack, dudu was eager to squeeze out, a stampede, straight "rushed" downstairs. My mother and I have not yet come out of the building, we heard dudu roaring, do not have to see that dudu has been "longitudinal horse gun" to kill the cat's nest.

Can only hear a few toot call is no sound, my mother and I dark call is not good, don't what happened? Run to the cat's lair (the heating pipe in the west corner of the building). Turn the corner of the building, there are ten meters from the cat's nest, and see Dudu standing in the heating valve well (cat's nest) edge motionless. This is so abnormal, usually as long as there is a cat, dudu will howl more than, no cat would be boring to go. Hey, what's going on today?

My mother and I took a look. Yo, an old cat in the cat's nest is "cat eyes" covetously staring at dudu, the eyes are full of tension and hostility, bare teeth and beard, mouth "whir" in a low voice. There are two kittens desperately trying to get under the mother cat belly, the old mother cat also with a front paw to protect the cat babies.

When my mother saw this scene, she was afraid that dudu would jump down and hurt the little cat, (because my mother loves small animals most, may it be the mother's sake?) "Dudu! Come here!" Mother means to take dudu away, but dudu a listen to the mother came, immediately dog powerful, "barking" shouted. This call can be amazing, the old cat in the well thought that dudu was going to attack, also "Meow meow!" 'screamed. For a moment, the cat is loud, I only feel that the sky around the cat is barking, inadvertently looked up, God! Five big cats were standing in line on the low wall opposite the well, Shouting at Dudu. Hoy! It is simply Zhuge Liang's one-word long snake array, which should be a long "cat" array. I saw the array of murderous, cold, dudu could not help playing a cold war (often written in the divine relationship).

At this point, the mother is no longer worried about the cat, but about her baby Dudu. Yes, today dudu is bumped into the cat array, no wonder dudu just called a few voices did not sound, it is estimated that the cat was scared. He used to chase one cat at a time. Today, he multiplied the number of cats by six. My God! Power disparity.)

Hear this extraordinary cat array roar, dudu also suddenly froze there, I do not know whether to advance or retreat, is to attack or give up. Do you think, dudu's combat experience, a cat has not been defeated (the last time the cat scratched the nose), let alone the cat array? Mother's name is Dudu, it won't go. Group of cats see dudu came to help (mother and I), is more prepared, the two sides are so deadlocked.

Eventually one side will break the silence. After a long standoff, the cats in the phalanx probably held a military meeting, and then saw a large white cat on the left of the phalanx lift its PAWS and swing its head. Dudu's eyes quickly turned to it, as soon as the big white cat saw Dudu pay attention to it, it bared its teeth, jaws and claws to tease Dudu. After a while Dudu was angry, a burst of barking. At this time, the other cats did not have the excitement just now, just staring at Dudu's every move. Dudu called more fierce, the big white cat saw dudu was completely angered, jumping down from the low wall, brushing dudu side forward, dudu shouted in the back to chase. Big white cat see dudu chase, accelerate to run forward, like a white lightning, disappeared in the flower bed, dudu still silly chase in the past.

When dudu turned around and chased the big white cat, he saw the mother cat in the well with two kittens jumping on the well, and another jump on the low wall, and the cat on the low wall met the victory. (Cheers, throw the hat! Make a letter of association. Then turn left and start walking. The seven cats on the low wall easily left the tense battlefield just now, yeah!

Ouch! Then my mother and I looked at each other and suddenly realized. That big white cat just now turned out to be the dog (tiger) out of the nest (mountain)! My mother and I can not help but be amazed by the intelligence of the cats, but also for their mutual help of the spirit, but also for the mother cat to protect their baby and not afraid of strong enemies deeply moved by the mother love.

"Dudu! Come back!" The yard rang again mother called toot sound......

Aych! It's a pity that I didn't take DV at that time. Pity! It's wonderful! What a pity!





只能听到几声嘟嘟叫也没有声音,我和妈妈暗叫也不好bad; no good; no chop;,不出什么事了吗?跑到猫窝(大楼西角的暖气管处)。拐过楼房的拐角处,离猫窝还有十几米的距离,只见嘟嘟站在采暖阀井(猫窝)边上一动不动。这太不正常了,平时只要有猫,嘟嘟就会嚎叫不止,没有猫就没意思走了。嘿,今天怎么了?


妈妈看到这一幕,很害怕嘟嘟会跳下来伤害小猫,(因为妈妈最喜欢小动物,可能是看在妈妈的份上吧?)“嘟嘟!到这里来!”妈妈本想把嘟嘟带走,但嘟嘟一听妈妈的声音就过来了,立刻狗狗气势汹汹,“汪汪”地大叫起来。这叫声cry; yell; yawp; wow; call;可神奇了,井里的老猫以为嘟嘟要进攻了,还“喵喵喵!”的尖叫。一会儿,猫的声音很响,我只觉得周围的天空有猫在叫,无意中抬起头来,天哪!五只大猫站在井对面的矮墙上,对着嘟嘟大叫。嗬! !这简直就是诸葛亮的一字长蛇阵,应该是一个长“猫”阵。我看到了阵杀气腾腾、冷若冰霜as cold as marble;、嘟嘟的不由得打起了冷战(常写在神的关系里)。



最终会有一方打破沉默。在长时间的对峙之后,方阵中的猫可能举行了军事会议,然后看到方阵左侧的一只大白猫抬起爪子,摇着头。嘟嘟的目光迅速转向了它,大白猫一看到嘟嘟在关注它,就露出了牙齿、下巴和爪子来逗嘟嘟。过了一会儿,嘟嘟生气了,一阵狂吠。这时,其他的猫都没有刚才那样兴奋,只顾盯着嘟嘟的一举一动。嘟嘟叫得更凶了,大白猫见了嘟嘟完全被激怒了,从矮墙上跳下来,朝嘟嘟身边刷去brush away; brush off;,嘟嘟在后面喊着要追。大白猫见嘟嘟追,加速向前forward;跑去,像一道白色的闪电,消失在花坛里,嘟嘟还傻傻地foolishly; stupidly; innocently;追过去。

当嘟嘟转身追赶那只大白猫时,他看见井里的猫妈妈带着with;两只小猫在井上跳,另一只小猫在矮墙上跳,矮墙上的猫遇到了胜利。(干杯,扔帽子!写一封a (letter);公司介绍信letter of introduction; recommendation;。然后向左转left-handed rotation;,然后开始走。矮墙上的七只猫轻松地离开了