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高三英语作文 何以笙箫默读后感 2000字

高三英语作文 何以笙箫默读后感 2000字

高三英语作文 何以笙箫默读后感 2000字

高三英语作文 何以笙箫默读后感 2000字

English Composition Why Sheng Xiao tacit reading after feeling 2000 words
A long time ago, my friend recommended My "My Son" to me, and I have always refused to have time, until today I took some time to read it. In fact, there is no time, is no patience. It can be said that since entering the university, almost no reading. Often bring back a stack of books from the library and return them intact when the deadline is up.

How much he yearned for the university, more than one teacher mentioned that the university was the best period of his life. In my spare time, I read all kinds of novels, especially the romantic novels have a variety of beautiful descriptions of the university, which make people yearn for. In the first two months, I really feel so, this is life, this is their own freedom. On weekends, friends invite and gather, encourage text in community activities, and play how you want to play after class. But behind the glitz is endless pale, empty. What exactly do I want? The following year, some abandoned, some numb, some helpless. So I began to wonder what the so-called university is? What am I doing here? Is it for wealth, for power, for fame?

Fortunately, after a year and a half of exploration, I found my answer in this winter vacation. The answer comes from the book, but also from an accidental social practice. Practice is the only way to know the world. (Remember that what Marx meant by practice was not only first-hand practice. The experience of others, acquired through books, word of mouth, etc., is also practice. It is only second-hand practice. So picked up the habit of reading again, Liang Gaozu said, "three days do not read Xie Xuan poetry, that is, feel bad breath." Isn't it actually a lack of confidence in the future that causes anxiety? Confidence comes from books, from the accumulated thought and experience of predecessors.

These days of thinking made me finally understand that the university is indeed a beautiful place, is a suitable place for learning, is a place for young people to grow up, although this growth is painful. But don't you have to grow up anywhere else? What generation of young people has had it?

"He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo" is Gu Man's small book, a few hundred thousand words. It's the story of a brilliant law student and a playful girl. The delicate texture of the writing, without drawing the kind of romantic between the pen and ink, but without losing the breath of life, appears simple and real. These are two popular online novels with "Fire like a Song". It happened that Ming Xiaoxi's "Fire like a Song" had read in junior high school, and I still remember that there is a sentence in the reader's comments on the back of the book - this is a book that makes people happy with sweaty palms. "Palms are sweaty." That's how I felt at the time. When I was young, I thought that things in the world did not matter, neither black nor white, neither right nor wrong, and so on. Talent and beauty, perfect match, bearing the meaning of heaven, the sum of time.

Just with today's "read Why Sheng Xiao Mo" to make a strong contrast, with emotion, writing plot is good, but not very practical. Not many talents, why let Zhao Shengmo hit he Chen? A lot of beauty, why why Chen chose Zhao Shengmo? A simple analysis shows that most of these novels are aimed at adolescent girls to unmarried women, who have beautiful romantic fantasies about love. Men die for those who know themselves, women for those who please themselves. This kind of novel satisfies women's longing for romantic love.

For men, too, there is a kind of fiction that is now popular. It is called fantasy novel, which the author has been immersed in for many years, and is one of the few pastimes of the author. The protagonist is either gifted, or has a chance, or with advanced ideas to travel back to ancient times. Anyway, in the end, I can always be proud and build a reputation. Drunk sleeping beauty knee, wake up in the world power. This is certainly the desire of every man. These novels appeal to the vanity of men. Reality is bleak, seeking solace in fiction. Except for some writers with extraordinary writing and brilliant thinking, the article still brings some poetry, life philosophy, can be said to be of little use.

Literature and art can cultivate feelings, and social philosophy can stabilize the country.

Today is March 20th, which coincides with the spring equinox. The spring equinox, the meaning of equinox, the sun directly at the equator, spring flowers, Yingfei long. However, the weather in Changchun does not seem to obey these seasons, and the sun shines brightly in the afternoon, breaking through the clouds. The snow that had not changed all winter on the roadside finally began to melt, the land became wet and muddy, the melting ice under the eaves began to tick, and the pine and cypress that can be seen everywhere in Changchun are still the same straight and sturdy style. The warm sunshine of the window shines on the face, feeling sad: the world is stable, the years are quiet. Like to swim a word less, Mei Ying thin, ice 澌 dissolve, Dongfeng dark change time.

Inadvertently, the east wind has been dark for several years. Remember a friend after the completion of the college entrance examination in the log miss high school: when I came, the pool was full of lotus flowers, when I wanted to go, the branches of the tree were covered with green peaches. The former is born at the end of summer, the latter at the beginning of summer. And my youth ah, in the late summer and early summer between, like reincarnation forgotten in a campus.

I remember when I came, it was the end of summer, willow Yiyi, grass vine, fountain showing colorful rainbow light; I just don't know what it'll be like the day I leave. After all, college, I once experienced.

The green bamboo is in full swing. There are bandits and gentlemen, such as cutting, such as polishing. Such as cutting and learning, Taoism also; As polished as a grinder, self-cultivation also. It is not possible to abandon the root and the end.

In the evening, I studied the history of Chinese philosophy and met a teacher, which was very enlightening to my thinking and strengthened my belief. I do my best. I don't want to do my best, but I want to do my best. Wen Tianxiang insisted on resisting the Jin after the fall of the Song Dynasty and then arrested, the Yuan people used everything to coerce him and lure him extremely could not make him surrender, and the poem "Over the Ding Ocean" was passed down through the ages, but before his death there was a "death word" that made people sigh with regret: "Kong said benevolence, Meng said righteousness. For his benevolence, so righteousness. Read the holy book, learn what. Now and then, I do not deserve it."

I talked to my father at night. Fortunately, my father didn't understand, but he trusted me. I also mentioned some problems that I easily overlooked, and at first wanted to speak out against them, but later thought it was a point. I am proud to have such a supportive mother and father.

At this time, some drinking in the bedroom, Qi and blood upwelling, some on top. Taste in Taibai fight wine ten thousand poems, not have Taibai talent, but by Taibai meaning. I don't know, it's a stream of consciousness.

Finally write a sentence, this is the father's teachings. stay hungry, stay foolish. Stay hungry, stay foolish. Avoid young Qi, avoid heart high qi proud.


他多么向往大学,不止一位老师提到refer to; mention; touch;大学是他一生中最美好的时期。在我的业余时间,我读各种各样various; different; several; all kinds of ...;的小说,尤其是言情小说有各种美丽的大学的描述,让人向往。在最初的两个月里,我真的感觉到了,这就是生活,这就是自己的自由。在周末,朋友们邀请和聚会,在社区活动中鼓励文本,并在课后玩你想玩的游戏。但浮华的背后是无尽的苍白、空虚。我到底想要什么?接下来next; then;的一年,有的被抛弃,有的麻木,有的无奈。于是我开始怀疑所谓的大学是什么?我在这里做什么?是为了财富,为了权力,还是为了名声?





对男人来说,也有一种小说现在很流行。它被称为奇幻小说,作者沉浸其中多年,是作者为数不多的消遣之一。主人公要么有天赋,要么有机会,要么带着先进的思想回到return to; go back to; get back to; recur;古代。无论如何,最后,我总是可以自豪和建立一个声誉。醉醺醺drunk; sottish; tipsy;的睡美人膝下,醒来的世界强权。这当然是每个人的愿望。这些小说迎合了人们的虚荣心。现实是暗淡的,在小说中寻求安慰。除了一些作家文笔过人、思维过人之外,文章还带来了一些诗情画意、人生哲理,可以说用处不大。


今天是3月20日,正好是春分。春分,春分之意,太阳直射赤道,春暖花开,莺飞莺飞。然而,长春的天气似乎并不服从这些季节,下午的太阳冲破云层,灿烂地照耀着。路边一冬天都没变的雪终于开始融化了,土地变得潮湿泥泞,屋檐[建] eave;下融化的冰开始滴答作响,长春随处可见的松柏pine and cypress;依然是那种挺拔tall and straight;挺拔tall and straight;的风格。窗外温暖的阳光照在脸上,感慨:世事安稳,岁月静。喜欢游泳