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高三英语作文 读《第三种爱情》有感 1200字

高三英语作文 读《第三种爱情》有感 1200字

高三英语作文 读《第三种爱情》有感 1200字

高三英语作文 读《第三种爱情》有感 1200字

English Composition Reading the Third Kind of Love has 1200 words
Love comes in the face,

Like the tide, rushing before us,

And then still, still,

Wait, wait,

I can run away, I can stay,

Love comes in the face,

But it will leave us with a choice......

The plot doesn't seem complicated, though it does involve a polyamorous affair. Zou moon crazy love Lin Qizheng, and even commit suicide for him. She chose to slit her wrists in a bathtub strewn with rose petals on Valentine's Day night, in an attempt to let him see her beautiful death. But she didn't die.

This heart-throb Lin Qizheng both rich and talented and beautiful, he in order to consolidate their status in the family to pursue more financial wealth of the only daughter Jiang Xinyao, the beautiful girl, the outside of the simple is the insight of all the girls. However, later Lin Qizheng and Zou Yue's sister Zou Yu fell in love.

There are only two kinds of romantic love in the world, one is the love in the TV series, no matter how fleshy, you can see tears, the other is the love you are experiencing, even if the other is a pig, you can also suffer until you stay awake all night. But you have to know, others look at you for love pain, will only secretly laugh you are a fool, no one sympathizes with you, no one wishes you, everyone just stands beside to watch the good play, including the man who does not love you. This is the distance between literature and reality.

The Third Kind of Love is literature for us, but reality for Zou Yu.

After all the love, Zou Yu must face the reality.

The power to face reality comes from three sources:

First, when Zou Yue learned that Lin Qizheng love is sister Zou Yu, she resolutely chose to jump down at the top of the skyscraper, died in front of Lin Qizheng, between Zou Yu and Lin Qizheng. She had no time to design her beautiful death this time, no rose petals, no graceful wrist slicing. She patted herself into a Patty, just for a dream she could not get, not to fulfill herself, but to become a nightmare for her sister who loved her. An unsolicited love is so vigorous, intelligent Zou Yue, stubborn Zou Yue, why can not feel the sister's heart?

Zou Yue's death, so tragic. There was once a flicker of sympathy in my heart, but it was soon gone. Regardless of whether love is ethical or not, love is at least mutual, and Zou Yue has imposed a daydream of his own on Lin Qizheng, and therefore hates Zou Yu. If this is the case, then female idols such as Andy Lau can meet the needs of society even if they have thousands of wives and concubines.

The love between Lin Qizheng and Zou Yu is sincere and mutual. But is this love really pure and unblemished emperor?

Lin Qizheng love Zou Yu, but can only marry Jiang Xinyao, why? For something other than love -- wealth and status. Because there are other contents in this world besides love, Lin Qizheng has to make a choice. Zou Yu love Lin Qizheng, she can not use his money, she can not marry, do not force Lin Qizheng to marry her, but, she ever really willing. So the second force of the reality they face is the impure nature of their own love. It's a tall order to say, but who can rule out such factors?

The power to face the reality also comes from the third aspect, the simple Jiang Xinyao who is mentally retarded. Sometimes underestimating the acumen of others is a false start. Perhaps Lin Zou love all, Jiang Xinyao are familiar with, but she wisely endure, and finally become the only winner.

I used to think that there are only two kinds of romantic love in the world, one is the love in the TV series, no matter how fleshy, you can see tears, the other is the love you are experiencing, even if the other is a pig, you can also suffer until you stay awake all night.

But now I know that there is a third kind of love, this kind of love, everyone knows, everyone is moved, everyone is tight-lipped, everyone is secretive. It is a dark flowing river, galloping, mud and sand.

This is the end of the novel, silent but deeply painful. As if the author wanted to tell us something, we also stretched out our pious hands to go, but nothing could be held back.

When life continues, the path will not stop extending. Do we stand at the crossroads and wait, or do we move forward?

As if that were a problem; As if there were two ways to go.

In fact, there is and only one way of life......









这个万人迷林奇正既有钱又有才又漂亮,他为了巩固自己在家庭中的地位而追求更多的经济财富,独生女蒋心瑶,这个漂亮的姑娘,外表质朴是所有姑娘的眼力。然而,后来林启征和邹悦的妹妹邹瑜相爱fall in love; be in love with;了。



爱过之后,邹瑜必须面对in the face of;现实。

面对in the face of;现实的力量来自三个方面:

首先,当邹悦得知林奇正爱的是妹妹邹玉时,她毅然选择了从摩天大楼的顶端跳下去,死在林奇正面前,在邹玉和林奇正之间。这一次,她没有时间设计她美丽的死亡,没有玫瑰花瓣,没有优雅的割腕。她把自己拍成肉饼,只是为了一个无法实现的梦想,不是为了成全自己,而是为了成为爱她的姐姐的噩梦。一个主动求爱的人是那么轰烈,聪明的邹悦,倔强的邹悦,为什么感觉不到less than; absent oneself from; on the right side of;姐姐的心呢?

邹悦的死,太悲惨了。我心中曾经闪过一丝同情,但很快就消失了。不管爱是否合乎伦理,爱至少是相互的,邹越把自己的白日梦强加给了林启正,因此恨邹玉。如果是这样的话,那么像刘德华Andy Lau(演员,歌手); Liu Dehua(人名);这样的女偶像即使有成千上万的妻妾wife and concubines;,也能满足社会的需求。


林启正爱邹瑜,却只能嫁给蒋馨瑶,为什么?为了爱以外的东西——财富和地位。因为这个世界上除了爱情还有其他的内容,林奇正不得不have to; cannot but; fain; be conscripted to;做出to issue; make with;选择。邹钰爱林奇正,她不能用他的钱,她不能嫁给他,也不能强迫林奇正娶她,但是,她曾经真心愿意过。因此,他们面临的第二种现实力量是他们自己不纯洁的爱。这很难说,但谁能排除这些因素呢?

面对in the face of;现实的力量也来自于第三个方面,纯朴的弱智蒋鑫耀。有时候occasionally; between times; whiles; somewhile;低估别人的敏锐度是一个错误的开始。也许林zou爱的一切,江心the middle of a river;耀都熟悉,但她明智地忍受着,最终成为唯一sole; uniqueness;的赢家。