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高三英语作文 《送给青少年的心灵鸡汤》读后感 1200字

高三英语作文 《送给青少年的心灵鸡汤》读后感 1200字

高三英语作文 《送给青少年的心灵鸡汤》读后感 1200字

高三英语作文 《送给青少年的心灵鸡汤》读后感 1200字

English Composition "Chicken Soup for the soul for teenagers" after reading 1200 words
"The soul, too, needs to bask in the sun; A praise, achieve a dream; Beautiful, as long as you love yourself; Courage, help you open the door to success; Tolerance, so that you get the rainbow after the rain; You are not perfect, but you are unique; Take it easy, life is actually better; Envy others, it is better to start by changing yourself." This is a paragraph on the cover of "Chicken Soup for the Soul for teenagers", but it allows me to clearly perceive everything around me.

After reading this book, I also walked a long way, but it was very easy, never had a comfortable, in this journey, I put down too much luggage, from the tolerance of each step, but get is a lifetime also enjoy endless "chicken soup for the soul".

Open the book.

On gratitude - "We thank our families for their unselfish love; We should thank our friends, who arrive at the first time when we are in trouble; We would like to thank the flowers blooming, the green grass and the birds singing for making us feel the beautiful and vibrant world...... Embrace the world with gratitude, and this world is heaven." One of them is called "Repay Parents' love in Time." A well-known scholar once wrote such a passage in the book: When I was 1 year old, my mother fed me and bathed me. And all I did was cry all night to repay her. When I was two years old, my mother taught me to walk. But I would only repay her by mischievously running away when she called my name. When I was four years old, my mother gave me some crayons. And all I do is pay her back by scribbling them on the dining room table. ... When I was 30, my mother called with some rationalized advice on how to raise a baby. And I said, "Things are completely different now." When I turned 40, my mother called to remind me that an elder's birthday was coming up, and I pushed back by saying, "I'm too busy right now." When I was 50 years old, my mother became ill and needed me to take care of her. But I nagged: "Parents can sometimes become a burden to the younger generation." Then one day, my mother quietly rode to the west, and all the things I had not had time to do were like a thunderclap in my heart, making me regret and heartache. After reading it, I realized that when we were young, we always took for granted everything our parents did for us. Parents have been silently dedicated to us all their lives, and our actions to repay them are too little. Let us remember all this, and report all this in time, because filial piety can not wait, don't let yourself regret.

About tolerance - "Tolerance is not accommodation and indulgence, but a character that reflects the brilliance of human nature, is a lubricant for communication and harmony of feelings." One of them is called "Don't Let 'Hate Bags' Stand in Your Way." There was a great hero in ancient Greek mythology named Hercules. One day Hercules was walking along a rough mountain road when he noticed something like a bag at his feet. Hercules stepped on the thing. But instead of being broken, it swelled up and doubled in size. Hercules got angry and hit him with a thick stick. Under the smashing of the wooden stick, the thing continued to grow wildly, and later it was so large that the road was blocked. Just then a sage came out of the mountain and said to Hercules, 'Leave it alone, my friend, forget it, leave it, and go away! It is called the hate bag, you do not violate it, it will be as small as at the beginning; If you violate it, it will swell up, block your way, and fight you to the end!" I learned that there will be times in life when you are offended, and if those little things keep bothering you, you will never be able to move on easily. Learn to forgive, let go of hatred, so that you can easily travel.

This book has led me to start from the happy window, get rid of mental illness, learn to regulate emotions, avoid the canal of human nature, feel love and kindness, understand gratitude and tolerance, understand choice and give up, until I find happiness and happiness. Along the way, I have been accompanied by short and pithy stories, and inspired by spiritual sentiments full of life philosophy. Whenever and wherever I think about them, I can get spiritual inspiration and spiritual cleansing.

Close the book, the night is deep, walking to the rooftop, overlooking the distance, my heart flies......

“灵魂也需要沐浴在阳光下;一句赞美,成就一个梦想;美丽,只要你爱自己;勇气,帮你打开成功之门;宽容,让你在雨后after raining;得到彩虹;你不完美,但你独一无二;放轻松,生活其实更美好;羡慕别人,不如从改变自己开始。”这是《青少年[人类] adolescent; teenager; juvenile;心灵鸡汤》封面上的一段话,却能让我清晰地感知周围的一切。

看完这本书,我也走了很长的路,但是很轻松,从来没有过舒适,在这段旅程中,我放下了太多tanto; troppo;的行李,从每一步的宽容中,得到的却是一辈子也享受不完的“心灵鸡汤”。


关于感恩——“我们感谢家人无私的爱;我们应该感谢朋友,他们在我们困难的时候第一时间赶到;我们要感谢花儿盛开,绿草和鸟儿歌唱,让我们感受到美丽和充满活力的世界......怀着感恩之心拥抱这个世界,这个世界就是天堂。”其中一个叫做“及时报答父母的爱”。一位著名学者曾在书中写过这样一段话:我1岁时,妈妈给我喂奶nurse;,给我洗澡。而我所做的就是哭了一整夜来报答她。当我两岁的时候,我妈妈教我走路。但我报答她的方式,只是在她叫我的名字时淘气地跑开。当我四岁的时候,我妈妈给了我一些蜡笔[轻] crayon;。我所做的就是把它们写在餐桌上. ...来回报她在我30岁的时候,我母亲打电话给我,就如何抚养孩子提出了一些合理的建议。我说:“现在情况完全不同了。”当我40岁的时候,我妈妈打电话提醒我一位长辈的生日快到了,我说:“我现在太忙了。”在我50岁的时候,我妈妈病了,需要我照顾她。但我却抱怨道:“父母有时会成为年轻一代的负担。”后来有一天,妈妈悄悄地骑马去了西部,所有我还没来得及做的事情就像一记雷击[气象] lightning stroke; be struck by lightning; [气象] thunderstrike;在我的心里,让我后悔和心痛。读完之后,我意识到,当我们年轻的时候,我们总是把父母为我们做的一切都视为treat; deemed to be; regard as; count; see as;理所当然。父母一生都默默地为我们奉献,而我们报答他们的行动太少了。让我们记住这一切,并及时报告这一切,因为孝顺filial piety; fealty; piousness;不能等,不要让自己后悔。

关于宽容——“宽容不是迁就和纵容,而是体现人性光辉的一种品格,是情感交流与和谐的润滑剂。”其中一个是“不要让‘仇恨袋’挡住你的路。”古希腊神话中有一位伟大的英雄,名叫赫拉克勒斯。一天,赫拉克勒斯走在一条崎岖的山路上,突然他注意到脚下有个像袋子一样的东西。赫拉克勒斯踩到了那东西。但它没有破裂,而是膨胀起来,大小翻了一番。赫拉克勒斯生气了,用一根粗棍子打他。在木棒的捶打下,那东西继续疯长overgrowth; spindling; excessive vegetative growth;,后来大到把路都堵住了。就在这时,一位圣人从山上走出来,对赫拉克勒斯说:“别管它,我的朋友,忘掉它,别管它,走开吧!”它叫恨袋,你不违背它,它就会像当初一样小;如果你违背了它,它就会膨胀起来,挡住你的路,和你战斗到底!”我明白了生活中会有被冒犯的时候,如果这些小事一直困扰着你,你将永远无法轻松地继续前进。学会原谅,放下仇恨,这样你才能轻松前行。

这本书让我从快乐的窗口出发,摆脱心理疾病,学会调节情绪,避开人性的运河,感受爱与善良,懂得感恩与宽容,懂得选择与放弃,直到找到幸福与幸福。一路走来,伴随着我的是短小精悍not of imposing stature but strong and capable; terse and forceful;的故事,充满人生哲理的精神情怀。无论何时何地想到它们,我都能得到精神上的启发和精神上的净化。