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高三英语作文 哈姆雷特读书笔记 1500字

高三英语作文 哈姆雷特读书笔记 1500字

高三英语作文 哈姆雷特读书笔记 1500字

高三英语作文 哈姆雷特读书笔记 1500字

English Composition Our motherland 1200 words

As we all know, Hamlet is one of Shakespeare's masterpieces, Shakespeare successfully shaped the artistic image of Hamlet in the play, making it a well-known character.

What is the image of Hamlet? Let me describe the plot briefly. The story of the prince of Denmark avenging his father in the play is based on the history of Denmark in 1200 AD. Shakespeare's revenge play has been updated in many adaptations and has become a great wonder in the history of drama. The play begins with the turbulent social situation in Denmark, where the new king Claudius (Hamlet's uncle) kills his brother, seizes the throne, commandeers the queen, and tries to kill Hamlet. Claudius is a selfish and insidious fellow, many people are evil, the queen can not resist the temptation of lust to give him, and Hamlet's former lover and friend also become the new king's spy, the minister Polonius is a snob, in order to protect personal vested interests, become smooth and worldly, lose integrity. In this case, Hamlet changed from the "happy Prince" to the "sad prince", and the harsh reality defeated his old dreams and beliefs. Hamlet learns that the real murderer is his uncle under the hint of his father's soul and begins his revenge plan. However, due to his indecision and weakness in his bones, the revenge plan was repeatedly delayed. In the end, he finally cut his enemy in the sword fight and fell down himself.

Hamlet was written by Shakespeare in 1601, at the beginning of the Renaissance in Europe, when faith in God was beginning to falter. Under the background of individual liberation and concern for "man", Shakespeare created such a play to show the hidden danger behind the ideal and reality. Hamlet is his aesthetic reference to the society full of hidden danger and chaos. It is in this way that an artistic figure begins to appear on the world literary stage.

Hamlet said, "It is a barren garden full of wicked grass," and the world "is a great prison." These images symbolically tell us that God is lost, but the devil is alive, and the world becomes a cold world, an inverted age. In such an era, Hamlet is a contradictory figure in the ideal reality and a humanist. These views are consistent with those of many scholars. I think Hamlet, as a tragic figure, has its own characteristics.

Hamlet did not have the fortitude and boldness of a prince, a future king. This reflects Hamlet's humanistic spirit from one side, but it can also reflect his indecisiveness and lack of courage in dealing with things. A king usually does not speak the rules of the game. Hamlet was harmed by his humanistic temperament, which led to the final tragedy.

Hamlet is an extreme and pessimistic character. His words and deeds later became more and more detached from the responsibility of restoring his father and the social responsibility of reclaiming the throne. Under the oppression of reality, he actually thought of suicide "get out early", "Who is willing to bear the burden and sweat under the oppression of life?" However, the thought of not only falling into a world of nothingness after death, but also having no peace in his soul, raised in his heart the fear of death. In this kind of thinking people appear very humble and insignificant, full of pessimism.

Hamlet's heart is full of contradictions and struggles. This ambivalence in Hamlet's mind can also be seen from the above text. Under the effect of ambivalence, he became "a giant of thought and a dwarf of action" again and again, and it was this psychology that made revenge impossible. This ambivalence makes him hesitant and pessimistic, and readers are more anxious than he is in front of every opportunity.

It ended in tragedy, but I thought Hamlet's mission was done and he could go. In the end, Claudius plots to kill Hamlet by competing with the sword, but Hamlet kills the man who is competing with him, and before he dies, knowing that the sword is poisoned, takes up the sword to end the demon's life. This time, he did not melancholy, did not disappoint everyone, and saw the death of his enemy with his own eyes at the last moment of his life. I thought Hamlet had been weak and hesitant, pessimistic and extreme, but at the time of his death, he had successfully completed the role change, with a dream of a real prince.

Hamlet is such an artistic image that has been commented on for four hundred years. Shakespeare put a character on the world literary stage through inner conflict and drama conflict, which has been loved by audiences and readers. In the history of world literature, Hamlet, a vivid and vivid figure, has been immortal in people's hearts.


哈姆雷特的形象是什么?让我简单地描述一下情节。剧中丹麦王子为父亲报仇的故事是根据公元1200年的丹麦历史改编的。莎士比亚的复仇剧经过多次改编,已成为戏剧史上的一大奇迹。戏剧从丹麦动荡的社会局势开始,新国王克劳迪斯(哈姆雷特的叔叔)杀死了他的兄弟,夺取了王位,征用了女王,并试图杀死哈姆雷特。克劳迪斯是一个自私而阴险的家伙,很多人都是邪恶的,王后无法抗拒欲望的诱惑给了他,而哈姆雷特以前的情人和朋友也成为了新国王的间谍,大臣波洛尼尔斯则是一个势利snobbish;小人base person; vile character;,为了保护个人的既得利益,变得become; get; turn into; change into;圆滑和世俗,失去了正直。在这种情况下,哈姆雷特从“快乐王子”变成了“悲伤王子”,残酷的现实打败了他过去的梦想和信念。哈姆雷特在父亲灵魂的暗示下,得知真正的凶手是他的叔叔,开始了他的复仇计划。然而,由于他的优柔寡断和骨子里的软弱,复仇计划一再被推迟。最后,他终于在剑斗中砍倒了敌人,自己也倒下了。

《哈姆雷特》是莎士比亚于1601年创作的,当时正值欧洲文艺复兴之初,人们对上帝的信仰开始动摇。在个人解放和对“人”的关注的背景下,莎士比亚创作了这样一部a volume; motion picture; a (book; etc.);戏剧,展现了理想与现实背后的隐患。哈姆雷特是他对这个充满危险和混乱的社会的审美参照。就这样,一个艺术人物开始出现在世界文学舞台上。


哈姆雷特没有一个王子,一个未来的国王应有due; proper; deserved;的刚毅resolute and steadfast;和胆识。这从一个侧面反映了哈姆雷特的人文精神,但也反映了他在处理事情时的优柔寡断和缺乏勇气。国王通常不会说出游戏规则。哈姆雷特受到了他的人文气质的伤害,导致了最后的悲剧。

哈姆雷特是一个极端而悲观的人物。后来他的言行越来越more and more; increasingly;脱离了复父的责任和重夺皇位的社会责任。在现实的压迫下,他竟然想过自杀“早点出去”,“谁愿意在生活的压迫下承担负担和汗水?”然而,一想到死后after death; postmortem; posthumous; postmortal;不仅会陷入虚无的世界,而且他的灵魂也没有安宁,他心中就产生了对死亡的恐惧。在这种思维下的人显得十分卑微和渺小,充满悲观。

哈姆雷特的内心充满了矛盾和挣扎。哈姆雷特内心的这种矛盾心理也可以从上面的文本中看到。在矛盾心理的作用下,他一次又一次地变成了“思想巨人,行动侏儒[内科] dwarf;”,正是just about; the very; no other than; nothing else than;这种心理让他无法复仇。这种矛盾心理使他犹豫不决,悲观悲观,读者在每一次机会面前都比他更焦虑。