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高三英语作文 我们的祖国 1200字

高三英语作文 我们的祖国 1200字

高三英语作文 我们的祖国 1200字

高三英语作文 我们的祖国  1200字

English Composition Our motherland 1200 words

"Rise up, people who do not want to be slaves, build our flesh and blood into our new Great Wall......" Whenever the national anthem played, I can not help but heart surging, since the 68th anniversary of the founding of New China, our motherland has experienced ups and downs, rapid development of science and technology, under the leadership of the Communist Party, our motherland - a sleeping dragon, finally woke up.

Our motherland, like a thousand li horse, a thousand li a day. Not to mention the capital Beijing, not to mention the tourist resort - Jiuzhaigou, let's talk about my hometown Jiangjin.

Originally, we were still living in a flat house, and now we have lived in a tall building: that is now a beautiful Binjiang road, but it was also a barren beach. There are many trees and flowers along the road, and benches for people to rest on. In addition, Jiangjin's public facilities have been improved a lot, and many public facilities do not charge money. But these are secondary, the most important is to build the blind care of the blind, so that those blind people will not walk to bump, walking is also much more convenient. We have also built a bridge, called "Yangtze River Bridge", with this bridge, we are more convenient. Instead of taking a boat, you can get where you want to go by bus.

In order to commemorate Marshal Nie Rongzhen, we also built a special Marshal Nie Rongzhen exhibition hall. Marshal Nie Rongzhen Exhibition Hall is a memorial building. It is a base for the national people to carry out patriotism education, revolutionary tradition education, defense science and technology education, and youth science popularization knowledge education. It is a model for us to learn, and it is also a sightseeing resort integrating visit and tourism.

It's not just our Gangjin that has changed so much. New China has just been founded, and even our school has changed greatly. The campus, which used to be just a vacant lot, is now a series of teaching buildings; The original classroom only seats, desks, and now every classroom has high-tech equipment, such as: TV, water fountains and so on; In the old school there was no library at all, but now there are libraries for students to read books that are good for them. Many trees and grass were planted. Make our school more beautiful, but also let our students in this campus have a stronger learning ability.

When New China was founded, people's clothing still retained the style of the Republic of China period.

After the founding of New China, dressing and revolution were closely linked.

Since the reform and opening up, the color and style of clothing have become more diverse, and the fabric and texture have also changed greatly. With the development of The Times, people are wearing more and more rich, and the colors have changed from a single blue and gray to colorful.

In the 1990s, people's life transitioned to a well-off society and their ideas became more open. People's clothing is rapidly changing, dressing and dressing personality and change, it is difficult to use a style or color to summarize the fashion trend, emphasizing personality, not chasing the fashion itself has become a fashion.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, we established the people's democratic dictatorship led by the working class and based on the alliance of workers and peasants, confiscated the big bureaucratic monopoly capital, abolished the exploiting classes and the system of exploitation as classes through land reform and the socialist transformation of agriculture, handicrafts and capitalist industry and commerce, and realized public ownership of the means of production. This fundamentally eradicated the root cause of class exploitation and eliminated the social phenomenon of man exploiting man and man oppressing man. This is the greatest and most profound transformation in the history of our country.

I have enjoyed the magnificent terracotta warriors and horses in the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang, enjoyed the spirit, and listened to the loud hymn of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River...... Everywhere praise the great motherland, praise her magnificent mountains and rivers, but also praise her long history of culture.

I am proud, I am proud, just because I am Chinese. My motherland is China, China will always be the greatest "mother" of our Chinese descendants.

Five thousand years, many heroes. Huangsha hundred battles wear golden armor, not break Loulan will not return! This is the eternal wish of every dragon descendant!

"Mother" ah, "mother", may you always be young and happy. Happy birthday to you!

“起来吧,不愿unwilling; reluctant; be disclined;做奴隶的人们,把我们的血肉筑成我们的新长城......”每当国歌响起,我的心就不禁澎湃,新中国成立68周年以来,我们的祖国经历了风风雨雨,科学技术突飞猛进,在共产党的领导下,我们的祖国——一条沉睡的巨龙,终于苏醒了。

我们的祖国,像千里马,一日千里。首都北京不说,旅游胜地九寨沟Jiuzhaigou Valley;不说,说说我的家乡江津吧。


为了纪念聂荣臻元帅,我们还专门修建了聂荣臻元帅展览馆。聂荣臻元帅展览馆是一座纪念性建筑。是全国人民开展爱国主义教育、革命传统教育、国防科技教育、青少年[人类] adolescent; teenager; juvenile;科普知识教育的基地。它是我们学习的典范,也是一个集游览和旅游于一体的观光胜地。

不仅仅是我们的江津发生了如此大的变化。新中国刚刚成立,就连我们学校也发生了很大的变化。校园,曾经只是一片空地,现在是一系列a series of;的教学楼;原来教室只有座椅、课桌,现在每个教室都有高科技设备,如:电视、饮水机等;在旧学校根本没有图书馆,但现在有图书馆供学生阅读对他们有好处的书。种了许多树和草。使我们的学校更美丽,也让我们的学生在这个校园有更强的学习能力。



改革开放以来,服装的颜色和款式更加多样化diversification; to diversify;,面料和质地也发生了很大的变化。随着时代的发展,人们的穿着越来越more and more; increasingly;丰富,颜色也从单一的蓝灰色变成了五颜六色。

20世纪90年代,人们的生活向小康社会过渡,思想更加开放。人们的服装瞬息万变,穿衣风格和穿衣个性都在变化,很难hard; very difficult;用一种风格或色彩来概括流行趋势,强调个性,不追求时尚本身就成为了一种时尚。

中华人民共和国成立后,建立了工人阶级领导的、以工农联盟为基础的人民民主专政,没收了大官僚垄断资本,通过土地改革agrarian reform; [经] land reform;和对农业、手工业和资本主义工商业的社会主义改造,消灭了剥削阶级和阶级剥削制度,实现了生产资料公有制。这就从根本上铲除了阶级剥削的根源,消除了人剥削人、人压迫人的社会现象。这是我国历史上最伟大、最深刻的变革。

我欣赏了秦始皇陵雄伟的兵马俑Terra-Cotta Warriors;,欣赏了精神,听了长江三峡的高歌......到处赞美伟大的祖国,赞美她壮丽的山川,更赞美她悠久的历史文化。


五千年来,英雄辈出。黄沙yellow sand;百战穿金甲,不破楼兰必不归!这是每一个龙族子孙永恒的愿望!