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高三英语作文 日照之行_海滨旅游 1500字

高三英语作文 日照之行_海滨旅游 1500字

高三英语作文 日照之行_海滨旅游 1500字

高三英语作文 日照之行_海滨旅游 1500字

English Composition Sunshine Trip _ Seaside Tour 1500 words

Last Friday, my parents and I, a family of three, went to Rizhao and Qingdao to travel. On Friday afternoon, we first went to the Puyang Travel Agency, where we paid our money, as the station bus didn't leave until 9 PM, so we went to the central square first. We played in the central square for a while, suddenly it began to rain, the more rain, we did not take an umbrella, had to go to the nearby people to shelter from the rain. The rain stopped and we arrived at the travel agency after dinner. When I got there, I saw that there were many people waiting there. At nine o 'clock, we began to get on the bus and set off. Sitting in the car, I was very excited, because it was my first time to see the sea.


Sitting in the car I fell asleep, fell asleep, my mother pushed me awake, said to me: "Son, wake up, you see we have to the beach." Hearing my mother's words, I suddenly opened my eyes and hurried to look out the window. Because the day is not bright, I only see a gray on the sea, can not see the side at a glance, very large, at this time there are a lot of people on the beach picking up shells.

After a while, a tour guide came on the car, and the tour guide introduced some information about sunshine for us, and then the tour guide led us to the fisherman's house to arrange accommodation for us. At the fisherman's house, after arranging accommodation, we began to eat.

Lighthouse Square

After breakfast, we followed the guide to the first stop of our trip - Lighthouse Square. On the way, our guide told us, "The red light on the lighthouse is high tide, and the blue light is low tide." Came to lighthouse square, I first saw the endless sea, there are some yachts in the sea, there are many reefs on the sea, there are many people watching the sea. Some children are catching crabs in the rocks and picking up shells on the beach. Mom and dad led me to the beach, we were just standing there, the waves came over to us, at first I was a little afraid, slowly I feel the impact of the waves is very fun, so I stood there motionless, let the waves hit my feet again and again. My father held me tightly, afraid that I would be washed away by the waves, but I did not want to let my father help me, I wanted to play by myself. My mother was busy taking pictures of us, but I just wanted to watch the waves, not take pictures.

After playing on the reef, we went to the beach next to it. My feet on the beach, feeling soft, the wave came, and then back, leaving a lot of sand on the beach, I followed the wave running back and forth. At this time, a dragonfly flew over, I reached out, and suddenly caught the dragonfly, and then released it, but it has been following me, as if to thank me for releasing it.

Square music fountain square

After playing in Lighthouse Square, we followed the station wagon to Wankou Music Fountain Square. I first saw two large rectangular pools, with a spray hose inside, but no water was sprayed. Then we went to the beach again. There were many people swimming in the sea. We were still surfing on the beach. One by one the waves came rushing in, and my dad took my hand and walked along the beach on the waves. Mom still takes pictures of us nearby. Soon she joined us, and the waves were so attractive. We played for an hour and couldn't bear to leave. But there was no way, the time was up, we had to follow the station wagon to the next station.


Coming out of Wankou Square, the guide took us to a big supermarket and said we should go shopping. When we got to the supermarket, we saw a lot of seafood and toys in the supermarket. There are some seafood that you can try for free, I tried one fish and it was very good. We bought some snacks in the supermarket. My mother also bought me an ice cream and a hamburger. After shopping, we went to have lunch. That was the end of our morning trip.

By boat

After lunch, we'll go to the boat. We are on a big white ship, which is a boat for fishermen to go into the sea to catch fish. Dad wanted to see the view of the sea, so we sat on top of the boat. The boat swayed a lot because of the waves, especially at the beginning and in the middle, but I was not afraid. On the boat, I saw the rough sea and really felt the taste of the boat. The ship took us across the sea once and then came back.

Play at the beach beach

After the boat ride, next is to play at the beach, free activities. To the beach, I first saw that there were many, many people swimming, one by one, can not count how many people. On the beach, I saw many children playing in the sand, and many people lying on the beach buried their whole bodies with sand, only showing a head. There are also some people playing volleyball on the beach. They all have a good time.

My parents and I found a place with a little less people along the beach and started to play. My father and I still go to play in the water, and my mother sits on the beach and watches us play. The sea water made all my clothes wet, but I still had a good time.

After playing with the water, my mother and I played with the sand on the beach and watched the crabs walk on the beach. We had a good time all afternoon.

At 5:30, the time came and we boarded the station wagon, our day's beach trip over.



坐在车里的我睡着了,睡着了,妈妈把我推醒,对我说:“儿子,醒醒吧,你看我们已经到海滩了。”听到妈妈的话,我突然睁开眼睛,急忙向窗外望去。因为天不亮,我只看到海面上一片灰蒙蒙dusky; overcast;的,看不清侧面,非常大,这时海滩上有很多人在捡贝壳。



早餐后,我们跟着导游来到了旅程的第一站——灯塔广场。在路上,导游告诉我们:“灯塔上的红灯是涨潮[海洋] flood tide; tide; [海洋] rising tide; [海洋] spring tide;,蓝光是退潮。”来到灯塔广场,我首先看到了一望无际stretch to the horizon; as far as the eye can reach;的大海,海里有一些游艇,海面上有许多礁石,还有很多人在看海。一些孩子在岩石上抓螃蟹,在海滩上捡贝壳。爸爸dad; daddy; papa; father;妈妈带我去海滩,我们只是站在那里,海浪向我们走来,起初我有点害怕,慢慢地我觉得海浪的冲击很有趣,所以我站在那里一动不动,让海浪一次又一次地打我的脚。爸爸dad; daddy; papa; father;紧紧closely; tightly; firmly;地抱着我,怕我被海浪冲走,但我不想让爸爸dad; daddy; papa; father;帮我,我想自己玩。妈妈忙着给我们拍照,而我只想看海浪,不想拍照。

在礁石上玩完后,我们去了它旁边的海滩。我的脚踩在沙滩上,感觉柔软,海浪来了,然后回来,在海滩上留下leave; leave behind; keep back; leave over;了很多沙子,我跟着海浪来回奔跑。这时,一只蜻蜓飞了过来,我伸出手,突然抓住了蜻蜓,然后放了它,但它一直跟着我,好像在感谢我放了它。


在灯塔广场演奏后,我们跟着旅行车来到万口音乐喷泉广场。我首先看到的是两个长方形的大水池,里面有一根喷水软管,但没有喷水。然后我们又去了海滩。有许多人在海里游泳。我们还在海滩上冲浪。海浪一个接一个地涌来,爸爸dad; daddy; papa; father;牵着我的手,在海浪上沿着海滩走着。妈妈还在附近给我们拍照。不久,她加入了我们,海浪是如此诱人。我们玩了一个小时,舍不得离开。但是没有办法,时间到了,我们必须跟着旅行车去下一站。




午饭后,我们将去船上。我们在一艘白色的大船上,这是一艘渔民出海捕鱼的船。爸爸dad; daddy; papa; father;想看看大海的景色,所以我们坐在船上。由于波浪的影响,船摇晃了很多,尤其是在开始和中间的时候,但我并不害怕。在船上,我看到了汹涌的大海,真正感受到了船的味道。这艘船载着我们横渡了一次海,然后又回来了。


乘船后,接下来next; then;是在沙滩上玩耍,自由活动。到了海滩,我首先看到有很多很多的人在游泳,一个接一个,数不清有多少人。在沙滩上,我看到很多孩子在沙滩上玩耍,还有很多人躺在沙滩上,把整个身体都埋在沙子里,只露出一个头。还有一些人在沙滩上打排球。他们都玩得很开心。

我和父母在海边找了一个人少一点的地方开始玩。爸爸dad; daddy; papa; father;和我仍然去水里in the water;玩,妈妈坐在沙滩上看我们玩。海水把我的衣服都弄湿了,但我没事