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高三英语作文 百年孤独读后感 1500字

高三英语作文 百年孤独读后感 1500字

高三英语作文 百年孤独读后感 1500字

高三英语作文 百年孤独读后感 1500字

English Composition After a hundred years of lonely reading 1500 words

"One Hundred Years of Solitude" is the most difficult and longest book I have ever read, and every generation has the same name, which often gives me a headache, but I have to admit that it is the most fascinating book I have ever read, this book is a painful history of the loneliness of the human mind.

The novel's bizarre plot is breathtaking. In the small town of Macondo, the Buendia family has a century-old history of rise and fall. This family from decline to prosperity, and from prosperity to decline, a hundred years of history, turn around, and back to the original look, everything can not escape a curse. Jose Arcadio Buendia married his cousin Ursula, who refused to sleep with Jose Arcadio for fear that she would produce pig-tailed children, as her aunt and uncle had done. During an altercation with a neighbor, Buendia kills his neighbor for mocking him for being rejected by Ursula.

As a result, the ghost of the dead disturbs the Buendia family day and night, and the Buendia family is forced to move to the small town of Macondo. At first, the Buendia family flourished, but with the outbreak of civil war and foreign invasion, the fortunes of the Buendia family took a turn for the worse, and even 32 indigenous uprisings led by Colonel Aureliano Buendia ended in failure. By the time of the sixth Aureliano Buendia, due to his marriage with his aunt Ursula, he had given birth to a baby girl with a tail, fulfilling a code written by Gypsies in Sanskrit on parchment a hundred years earlier, and the translator of this code was the sixth Colonel Aureliano Buendia himself. This is no doubt full of irony. And this baby girl with a tail, she was chewed up by ants and dragged into the ant's nest. Then the town of Macondo disappeared in a hurricane.

At the end of One Hundred Years of Solitude, Marquez writes: "At the very last moment when Aureliano Buendia finishes translating the parchment, the mirrorlike (or mirage) town of Macondo will be swept away from the ground by a hurricane." Will be completely erased from the memory of men, all that is written in the parchment will never be repeated, and families who have suffered a hundred years of solitude are destined not to appear again on earth." The author completely negates the attitude of backwardness and ignorance, so he arranges a hurricane team to completely clean up the old things.

The narrative structure of "One Hundred Years of Solitude" is different from ordinary ones. Marquez uses serial, circular and cyclic narrative structure to show the history of the small town of Macondo. It's like an upward flow of air. This kind of circular structure appropriately expresses a theme of the novel: the loneliness and closure of human beings and the backwardness and extinction caused by loneliness and closure. The author has made a profound revelation to the problem of "loneliness", which has national characteristics.

When talking about the loneliness of the characters in his works, Marquez said: "The opposite of loneliness is solidarity." It is the fate of this family that reflects the fate of all Latin America, and he hopes for the unity of the whole nation. "The Buendia family is ignorant of love and inhumanity, which is the secret of their loneliness and frustration." Their loneliness is not the lofty and lofty lofty with the soul of truth, and they are lonely because they cannot share the happiness of wisdom with others, but the separation and separation of hearts in daily life caused by the lack of feelings co-existing with ignorance. Such loneliness can finally disappear a once prosperous town. Here, Marquez is to tell people that the essence of loneliness is a meaningless survival philosophy, it means a cold, negative attitude to life, in fact, how you treat life, life will also with what attitude to return you, a lonely nation is no future, can only be poor, ignorant and backward.

This is a novel about a family and similar to the Chinese "Dream of Red Mansions". But this is a likeness rather than a likeness. The contradiction in A Dream of Red Mansions comes from the feudal hierarchy within the family that destroyed the Grand View Garden; The contradiction of "One Hundred Years of Solitude" comes from the external technology, politics, war, and commerce have hit the small town of Macondo again and again. The Gypsies in the beginning bring technology and Jose Arcadio Buendia discovers that "the earth is round like an orange." And then as politics got involved. Macondo used to be a happy village and "no one has died yet" was their proud declaration. Then, with the intervention of politics and the emergence of the mayor, the struggle of both parties has transformed the peaceful town: soldiers commit crimes and students yearn for the battlefield. The entry of monopoly capitalism gave the town a false prosperity and quickly collapsed in the bubble economy.

The so-called magic realism reflects reality in the form of absurdity, no matter how bizarre and confusing everything that happens in Macondo, it is based on Marquez's observation and perception of Latin American reality.

The longing for dream and glory, the longing for independence and freedom, in Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude, the pursuit and hope in reality transcend the illusion of form and find the ultimate perfect combination.

Perhaps some people will say that it is too absurd, perhaps some people will say that his content is too extreme, but this is its value, its absurdity has created its strong practical significance, and its rich imagination has made it an immortal classic in the literary world.

《百年孤独》是我读过的最难读最长的一本书,而且每一代人都有相同的名字,这常常让我头疼,但我不得不have to; cannot but; fain; be conscripted to;承认,这是我读过的最迷人的一本书,这本书是人类心灵孤独的痛苦历史。

这部小说怪诞的情节令人叹为观止。在马孔多小镇,布恩迪亚家族有着百年兴衰的历史。这个家族从衰落到繁荣,又从繁荣到衰落,百年历史,一转身,又回到return to; go back to; get back to; recur;原来的样子,一切都逃不过诅咒。霍·阿·布恩蒂亚娶了他的表妹厄休拉,但厄休拉拒绝和霍·阿·布恩蒂亚上床,因为她害怕生下像她的姨妈和姨父uncle;那样的扎着辫子的孩子。在与邻居发生口角时,布恩迪亚杀死了嘲笑他被厄休拉拒绝的邻居。

结果,死者的鬼魂日夜骚扰着布恩蒂亚一家,布恩蒂亚一家被迫搬到马孔多小镇。起初,布恩蒂亚家族兴旺发达,但随着内战的爆发和外敌的入侵,布恩蒂亚家族的命运开始恶化,甚至奥雷连诺上校领导的32次土著起义也以失败告终。到第六sixth;代奥雷连诺·布恩蒂亚的时候,由于他和姑母aunt; one's father's sister (married);乌苏拉结婚,他生下了一个长着尾巴的女婴,这符合一百年前吉卜赛人用梵文写在羊皮纸上的一个密码,而这个密码的翻译就是第六sixth;代奥雷连诺上校本人。这无疑充满了讽刺意味。这个长着尾巴的小女孩,她被蚂蚁咬碎了,被拖进haul into;了蚁巢。后来,马孔多镇在飓风中消失了。

在《百年孤独》的结尾,马尔克斯写道:“就在奥雷连诺·布恩蒂亚翻译完羊皮纸的最后一刻,像镜子一样(或像海市蜃楼[气象] mirage; flyaway; a mare’s nest;一样)的马孔多镇将被飓风从地上卷走。”将从人们的记忆中彻底抹去,写在羊皮纸上的一切将永远不会重复,那些经历了百年孤独的家庭注定不会再出现在地球上。”作者彻底否定了落后无知的态度,所以他安排了一个飓风队来彻底清理旧的东西。


在谈到作品中人物的孤独时,马尔克斯说:“孤独的反义词是团结。”这个家庭的命运反映了整个拉丁美洲的命运,他希望整个国家团结一致。“布恩蒂亚一家不懂得爱和不人道,这是他们孤独和沮丧的秘密所在。”他们的孤独不是与真理灵魂的崇高和崇高,他们的孤独是因为无法与他人分享智慧的快乐,而是日常生活daily life; everyday life;中由于缺乏感情与无知共存而造成的心灵的分离和分离。这样的孤独,终于可以在一个曾经繁华的小镇消失。在这里,马尔克斯是在告诉人们,孤独的本质是一种毫无意义的生存哲学,它意味着一种冷漠、消极的生活态度,其实,你怎样对待生活,生活也会以怎样的态度来回报你,一个孤独的民族是没有未来的,只能only; can but;是贫穷、愚昧和落后的。

这是一部关于家庭的小说,类似于中国的《红楼梦》。但这是一种相似而不是相似。《红楼梦》中的矛盾来自于破坏大观园的家庭内部封建等级制度;《百年孤独》的矛盾来源于外界的科技、政治、战争、商业一次次冲击着小镇马孔多。一开始吉普赛人带来了技术,霍·阿·布恩蒂亚发现“地球像橘子tangerine; mandarin orange;一样圆”。随着政治的介入。马孔多曾经是一个幸福的村庄,他们自豪地宣称:“还没有人死去。”然后,随着政治的介入和市长的出现,两党的斗争改变了这个和平的小镇:士兵犯罪,学生向往战场。垄断资本主义的进入给这个小镇带来了虚假的繁荣,并在泡沫经济中迅速崩溃。