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高考英语作文 不肯死去的心 850字

高考英语作文 不肯死去的心 850字

高考英语作文 不肯死去的心 850字
College Entrance Examination The heart that refuses to die 850 words
Perhaps, in the blood, love is always tilted. It is also with the tilt to see the hope of immortality, to have an unbroken dream, to have the continuation of love. In my life, youth is wonderful and bright, middle age is full and rich, but how many people notice the loud and powerful old age?

高考英语作文 不肯死去的心 850字

My friend told me that his grandmother had Alzheimer's disease. First do not know grandpa, determined not to allow this "strange man" on her bed, walked together for 50 years of his wife had to sigh and sleep in the living room. Then one day, the grandmother walked out of the house and disappeared. Fortunately, the police station helped to find the old woman. It turned out that she was so preoccupied with her childhood home that she refused to acknowledge any connection with her present home. The family coaxed and cheated, and finally left the grandmother, but she forgot the grandchildren she brought up, thinking that they were a group of wild children, to rob her rice. She put her hand over the rice bowl and hit them with her cane: "Go away, go away, don't take my food." Make the whole family laugh and cry.

Fortunately, Grandma knew someone else - her own daughter. Every time she saw her, Grandma would have a strange smile on her face and call her "Xin Xin, Xin Xin". In the evening, Grandma would take a stool and sit downstairs, nagging, "Why isn't Xinxin coming home from school yet?" In fact, Xin Xin's son has graduated from college. The family saw this point, whenever grandma made to go back to their own home, they intimidated her: "make again, make again Xinxin will not want you." Grandma would calm down immediately.

One National Day, came to visit, mother personally cook. Then my grandmother's movements were very strange: she looked around and looked like a child about to steal candy. When she was sure that no one was paying attention to her, she put a large chopstick dish in her pocket, and the host and guest were suddenly frightened, but they did not see it. Only Grandma is a person happy, it seems that his technique is very clever. It was a tough meal.

When the last dish was finished, the mother (the daughter of the grandmother) also sat down, while being polite to the guests, while picking dishes from the plate. At this time, the grandmother suddenly sprang up from the seat, grabbed the mother's hand and pulled out. Mother puzzled, had to obediently get up...

As soon as she reached the kitchen door, her grandmother was wary of blocking everyone's view with her body. Then, dig and dig, took out the dish from his pocket and put it into his mother's hand: "Xin Xin, you eat quickly, eat quickly." Mother froze, looking at the steaming dishes, for a while, raised her head, and stared at Grandma's strange smiling face. Wow, she cried.

I think Grandma's "ending" is loud and powerful. Though her soul was slowly dying of disease; But always strong is the heart of the mother who refuses to die.
也许,在血液里,爱总是倾斜的。也正是just about; the very; no other than; nothing else than;用倾斜看到了不朽的希望,才有了不间断的梦想,才有了爱的延续。在我的一生中,青年是精彩而明亮的,中年middle age;是充实而丰富的,但有多少人注意到老年的喧嚣和强大?我的朋友告诉我,他的祖母患有老年痴呆症。先不认识的爷爷,坚决不让这个“陌生男人”上她的床,陪了他50年的妻子只得在客厅里叹息而眠。然后有一天,祖母走出房子消失了。幸运的是,警察局帮助找到了老妇人。原来,她是如此全神贯注于她童年的家,以至于她拒绝承认与她现在的家有任何联系。家人哄骗骗骗,终于离开了奶奶,但她却忘记了自己养大的孙辈,以为他们是一群野孩子,来抢她的饭。她把手放在饭碗上,用手杖cane; [轻] walking stick; shooting stick; crabstick; hand crutch;打他们:“走开,走开,不要拿我的饭。”让全家人哭笑不得。幸运的是,奶奶认识另一个人——她自己的女儿。每次every time;见到lay eyes on;她,奶奶脸上都会露出一种奇怪的笑容,叫她“鑫鑫,鑫鑫”。晚上,奶奶会挑个凳子坐在楼下唠叨:“欣欣怎么还没放学回家return home; be home; go home;?”事实上as a matter of fact; in fact; in reality;,欣欣的儿子已经大学毕业了。家里人见了这一点,每当奶奶闹着要回自己家时,就威吓intimidate; threat; daunt; bulldoze; bullyrag;她:“闹再闹,闹再闹就不要你了。”奶奶马上就会平静下来。有一天国庆节,来看望,妈妈亲自做饭。然后,我祖母的动作非常奇怪:她环顾四周,看起来像一个要偷糖果的孩子。当她确信没有人注意她时,她把一个大筷子盘放在口袋里,主人和客人突然吓坏了,但他们没有看到。只有奶奶一个人开心,看来他的手法很巧妙。这顿饭很难hard; very difficult;吃。最后一道菜吃完后,母亲(祖母的女儿)也坐了下来,一边礼貌地招待客人,一边从盘子里挑菜。这时,奶奶突然从座位上跳了起来,抓住妈妈的手拉了出来。妈妈百思不得其解,只好乖乖地站了起来……祖母一走到厨房门口,就小心翼翼地不让自己的身体挡住大家的视线。然后,挖啊挖,从口袋里掏出盘子,放到妈妈手里:“欣欣,你快吃,快吃。”母亲呆呆Daidai(人名); stupid;地望着热气腾腾的盘子,愣了一会儿,抬起头,盯着奶奶那张奇怪的笑脸。哇,她哭了。我认为奶奶的“结局”是响亮而有力的。虽然她的灵魂正慢慢地死于疾病;但永远坚强的是母亲不肯死的心。