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高考英语作文 犹忆书香 900字

高考英语作文 犹忆书香 900字

高考英语作文 犹忆书香 900字

高考英语作文 犹忆书香 900字

College Entrance Examination Yuyi bookish 900 words
"Free flying flowers light like a dream, boundless silk rain thin like sorrow", light tree shadow, through the light curtain, looming: "Jasper little family daughter, to marry the king of south." Lotus disorderly face, lotus mixed clothes fragrance ", Jiangnan water town, lotus song female, around the long bridge, smile and look: "by wine Mo shock spring sleep heavy, reading water poured tea, at that time only the way is ordinary", a robe, a tree Xiaoqiu, sunset, alone!

I still remember the obscure "Book of Songs", singing in my arms; I still remember the detailed "Historical Records", thousands of years into a single family; I still remember the romantic lyrical "Li SAO", in the dense fragrance of books, sung for thousands of years!

When reading, in deep reading, you can always perceive the charm of culture, and you will never forget the bursts of books from ancient people across thousands of years of time and space. Only deep reading can bring spiritual cleansing.

I can always see the man by the river: wearing a lofty crown, wearing a bluegrass fragrance suit, wearing a song, sometimes lamenting, sometimes meditating. He also like his text, exudes a little fragrance, all over the layers of forest. He is feeling sad, he also worried about the country and the people, Sima Qian praised him: "its text about, its words, its Zhihao, its line, its small and its refers to the great, lift class you and see far", he wandered in the Miluo River in this way, the destruction of the country, the cry of the people, into the bottom of the river into his eyes. He is a singer who has been sung through the ages, leaving the future generations with a shock. If not deeply understand, who can know his heart, who can know his suffering, who can learn his integrity?

Read "A Dream of Red Mansions", "how much do new and old hatred know", think of the Grand View Garden, will think of her tears! Her pretentiousness is actually because she is lonely and has no support, and covers herself tightly. "Steal the pear core three points white, borrow a wisp of plum soul." Moon cave fairy sewing striped, autumn boudoir complaining female wipe cry marks ", perhaps she sad, perhaps she is stubborn, only willing to ring a pool of smart pool water, quietly falling. She also loves, loves the whitewashed flowers; She also hurt, hurt the fragrant swallow house; She also hated, hated that sometimes seemed silly as crazy Jia Baoyu. She does not have the spirit of "good wind relying on force", there is only "quality clean to clean to go" gentle! She mourns the fall, cries and sheds blood, she only knows that her fate is like a fallen flower that has missed its blooming. She will sing, now buried flowers, others laugh; Who will be buried in his New Year? Qin Fang Gate water, always in the flow, so soft, so clear, just like her life. Her whole life is still in tears, but can not withstand autumn to winter, spring to summer! She left, leaving the grand view garden a story, leaving Baoyu a sad, leaving the talent a surprise!

Always like to imagine that "Mo Dao hometown spring is good, the field of blue blood is beautiful like flowers", perhaps behind the sad, there are soldiers vague tears.

Because of the depth of culture, we will not choose the so-called fashion; Because of the fragrance of books, will choose to savor! Just like tea, the taste is bitter, but the aftertaste is sweet, because it is a memory that has crossed time and space.

Holding the fragrance of books, looking at the fresh green branches and leaves outside the window, in the sea of books, gradually away!

“自由飞扬的花轻如梦,无边的丝雨薄如愁”,淡淡的树影,透过淡淡的帘子curtain; screen;,若隐若现:“碧玉小家的女儿,要嫁给南方的国王。”荷花乱脸,荷花混衣香”,江南水乡,荷花歌女,绕着长桥,笑着看:“借酒莫震春睡重,读书水倒茶,当时唯道是平凡”,一件长袍,一棵树小秋,夕阳西下,独自一人!



我总能看到河边的那个人:头戴高大的冠冕royal crown; official hat;,身穿蓝草清香faint scent;的西装,唱着歌,时而悲叹,时而沉思。他也像他的文字一样,散发着一点清香faint scent;,布满bestrew; bestrid; besprinkle; bestrewn; bestridden;了层层叠叠的森林。他忧国忧民,他也忧国忧民,司马迁称赞他:“其文约,其言,其志浩,其行,其小而其指之大,举类你而视之远”,他就这样在汨罗江上徘徊,国家的毁灭,人民的呐喊,入江底入他的眼睛。他是一位被传唱了千古,给后人futurity; later generations; descendant; posterity;留下leave; leave behind; keep back; leave over;震撼的歌手。如果不深深了解,谁又能知道他的内心,谁又能知道他的苦难,谁又能学会他的正直?

读过《红楼梦》、《新老恨知多少》,想起大观园,就会想起她的眼泪!她的矫情,其实是因为寂寞,没有依靠,把自己捂得很紧。“偷梨芯三分白,借一缕梅魂。”月洞仙子缝条纹,秋闺房boudoir; harem;怨女old maiden;擦泪痕tear stains;,也许她伤心,也许她固执,只愿响一池聪明的池水,悄悄落下。她也爱,爱那粉刷过的花朵;她也疼,疼了香燕家;她也恨,恨那个有时看起来傻得像疯子的贾宝玉。她没有“好风靠力”的精神,只有“品质干净要干净要走”的温柔!她哀悼着堕落,哭泣着,流着血,她只知道她的命运就像一朵落花,错过了盛开。她会唱,现在埋花,别人笑;谁会在他的新年被埋葬?秦芳门的水,总是在流动,那么柔和,那么清澈,就像她的生命。她一生都还在流泪,却抵挡不住秋天到冬天,春天到夏天!她走了,留下leave; leave behind; keep back; leave over;大观园一个故事,留下leave; leave behind; keep back; leave over;宝玉一个悲伤,留下leave; leave behind; keep back; leave over;人才一个惊喜!



捧着书的清香faint scent;,望着窗外嫩绿light green; verdancy;的枝叶,在书的海洋里,渐行渐远!