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高考英语作文 慈善需行之有道 850字

高考英语作文 慈善需行之有道 850字

高考英语作文 慈善需行之有道 850字

高考英语作文 慈善需行之有道 850字

College Entrance Examination There are 850 words to charity
Bacon once said that goodness is the closest thing that human nature has to divinity. Charity, then, is naturally the most sure expression of goodness in human nature. Charity is a manifestation of the spirit and should not be a mere formality. Charity without care becomes charity, and charity is poison.

Charity is not only to help others, but more importantly to "save people". If Rockefeller, today's oil magnate, had been given a free bowl of food instead of work, he would probably have been as poor as many hungry people. While doing charity, while providing help, it is necessary to cheer up the people who are helped and summon the courage to live. If you can't, don't give it, lest the recipient get it and sink into oblivion. Charity contains more concern for human nature, rather than pure compassion for the weak. Pity is not worth a penny, but care is priceless.

Charity also needs to be done in a way that suits the psychology of the recipient. Saint Mencius has cloud: contempt and with it, begging people disdain also. Chen Guangbiao's high-profile charity is naturally not advocated, just because it makes people feel like standing on the moral peak to carry out condescending alms. Not to mention a mere formality, this is more like using the recipient's self-esteem to their own face. Steve Jobs, who was criticized by the media for "not giving a dime," was found to have a huge donation of $2.5 billion to Stanford University in his account after his death, and it was anonymous. I think a tramp needs corn and baked bread more than he needs and is more willing to need fifty cents or one dollar.

In addition to imbuing charity with care and doing it in an appropriate way, charity must also be done well. Some people don't really need our kindness. It is because some people do not do good deeds that there is a crazy display of wealth by a member of the Red Cross, and there is a tragedy of fishermen and snakes. The purpose of charitable acts is not to begrudge our kindness, but to make more efficient use of our limited charitable resources to help those who really need it.

We are all small people under the sky, our small charity can not be like the Gates to eliminate the smallpox virus in a single move. We all have our own kind heart, middle school students, lawyers, cleaners, bus drivers, no one's kind heart is more noble. As Bruce Wayne once said, "A hero can be anyone," and charity can be found in every gesture. Helping a pregnant woman onto a bus, cleaning a welfare home, or even chatting with an elderly person who is left alone can be a sign of kindness.

The ancients created God according to man, and man approached God with kindness. Kindness of heart through the act of charity lit the torch in the hand of the torchbearer of history, illuminated the civilization of mankind. The torchbearers can be self-made millionaires as well as poor people who refuse charity.