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高考英语作文 打不垮的信念 1500字

高考英语作文 打不垮的信念 1500字

高考英语作文 打不垮的信念 1500字

高考英语作文 打不垮的信念 1500字

College Entrance Examination Can not beat the faith 1500 words

There are many variables in life, no one can promise that our life will always be sunny, no one can predict whether there are hidden beasts and snakes in the grass, no one can outline the wind and frost of fate... All the best, everything is just people's good wishes, life is long, difficulties in real life, setbacks, failures... It is inevitable that how to face "setbacks" with the right attitude is a very important subject in life. In the face of "setbacks", the coward loses confidence, loses courage, the eyes are dark, and finally is overwhelmed by "setbacks", and the strong person stands up bravely in the face of "setbacks", takes "setbacks" as "motivation", and finally wins the joy of success. As British Fuller said: "Setbacks temper some people, and destroy others."

Tan Qian, a famous historian at the end of the Ming Dynasty and the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, was 29 years old when he wrote "National Discussion". After 27 years of hard work, I revised it six times and wrote the first draft of 5 million words. Unfortunately, before the manuscript was published, it was stolen one night. 27 years of work down the drain, heart-wrenching talk, grief on the trombone. However, the heavy blow did not shake the ambition of talk, the manuscript was lost, but people are still there, as long as they still have a breath, the book must come out. Talk Qian wiped away her tears and picked up her pen again. Despite his old age, infirmity, memory decline, and difficulty in walking, his stubborn temperament and persistent faith supported him to travel thousands of miles to search for historical materials, day and night, and never stop writing. After another 9 years, he finally completed the great work "National Discussion". At this time, Tan Qian was already a 65-year-old white-haired old man.

Shelley said, "If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" Shelley added, "Whatever the sky is above me, I am prepared to withstand the storm." All experiences are wealth, and all encounters are enriching ourselves.

There was also a great proletarian revolutionary in the former Soviet Union who was played a trick by fate. He finished his novel "Born in the Storm" while in bed. However, the book manuscript was lost in the delivery by the irresponsible postman of the post office, the author's pain and anger were without repetition, his heart was like a complete stick, and he wanted to give it up. After some calm reflection, he chose to start from scratch and start from scratch. After two years of hard work, the masterpiece "How is steel tempered" finally came out. His name - Ostrovsky, also spread throughout the world and immortalized.

The outside world can not grasp, but the action can produce power. The source of this strength comes from strong faith. True faith is always invincible, with faith, people will calmly face setbacks and difficulties; With faith, people have enough courage to overcome obstacles. Faith can make people see hope through disappointment; Faith can make people rise from adversity; Faith can make people from failure to success. When you encounter setbacks and get into trouble, as long as you have a firm belief in your heart and work hard, you will overcome the difficulties and achieve success.

After years of hard work, Carlisle finally completed all the manuscripts of the History of the French Revolution. He entrusted all the manuscripts of this great work to his most trusted friend Mir, and asked Mir to put forward valuable suggestions in order to further improve the manuscript. A few days later Mill, pale and out of breath, came to Carlisle with the sad news that the manuscript of the History of the French Revolution, with the exception of a few loose pages, had been turned into scrap paper by his housemaid and burned to ashes in the fire. Carlisle was dismayed by the sudden blow. When he finished writing a chapter, he would tear the original notes and drafts to pieces. He worked hard to write this "History of the French Revolution", but left no record that can be redeemed. But Carlisle bounced back. He said quietly, "It's like when I took my notebook to my elementary school teacher for correction and the teacher said, 'No! Boy, you must write more! Carlisle bought another big pad of paper and began to work hard again. The History of the French Revolution, which we now read, is the result of Carlyle's second writing.

Faith is rooted in the blood, the flag of faith is always bright red, faith is a spiritual strength, is a person, a country, a society to stand up and step forward the spiritual pillar. Difficulties and hardships, the best. "Frustration" has become a whetstone to temper people's will, we should be a life of "strong", in the face of "frustration", strong and unyielding, hold the fate of the throat, defeat setbacks, the sun is shining, so as to create a brilliant life!

Faith is the boat that conquers stormy seas, leading us to ride the waves and embrace a bright future! There will be bread, there will be milk, there will be everything! Our pain, those scars engraved in life, maybe one day after many years, will become the pride of us!

人生有很多变数,没有人能保证我们的生活永远阳光明媚,没有人能预测草丛中是否隐藏着野兽和蛇,没有人能勾勒出命运的风霜wind and frost -- hardships of a journey or of one's life;……一切最美好的,一切都只是人们的美好愿望,人生漫长,现实生活中的困难,挫折,失败……不可避免的是,如何以正确的态度面对in the face of;“挫折”是人生中一项非常重要的课题。在“挫折”面前,懦夫coward;失去信心,失去勇气,眼睛发黑,最后被“挫折”压垮;而强者powerhouse; overmatch;在“挫折”面前勇敢地站起来,以“挫折”为“动力”,最终赢得成功的喜悦。正如英国人富勒所说said;:“挫折磨练了一些人,也摧毁了另一些人。”

谭谦是明末清初著名的历史学家,写《国民论》时29岁。经过27年的努力,我修改了6次,写出了500万字的初稿。不幸的是,在手稿出版之前,有一天晚上被偷了。27年的努力付诸东流,令人心碎的谈话,悲痛欲绝。然而,沉重的打击并没有动摇谈话的雄心,手稿丢失了,但人还在那里,只要他们还有一口气,书就一定会出来。倩擦干眼泪,又拿起笔。尽管他年老体弱,记忆力衰退,行走困难,但他倔强的气质和执着的信念支撑着他千里迢迢寻找史料,日以继夜day in and day out; round the clock; stay up till dawn;,从不停止写作。又过了9年,他终于完成了伟大的作品《全民讨论》。此时,谭谦已经是一位[计] single bit;65岁的白发老人了。


前苏联也有一位[计] single bit;伟大的无产阶级革命家,他被命运捉弄了。他在床上完成了他的小说《生于风暴中》。然而,这本书的手稿在邮局不负责任的邮递员的递送中丢失了,作者的痛苦和愤怒没有重复,他的心像一根完整的棍子,他想放弃它。经过一番冷静的思考,他选择了从零开始,从零开始。经过两年的努力,名著《钢是怎样炼成的》终于问世了。他的名字——奥斯特洛夫斯基,也传遍了世界,永垂不朽。

外界不能把握,但行动可以产生动力。这种力量的源泉来自坚强的信念。真正的信念永远是无敌的,有了信念,人就会从容地面对in the face of;挫折和困难;有了信仰,人们就有足够的勇气去克服障碍。信念能使人透过失望看到希望;信念能使人从逆境中站起来;信念可以使人从失败走向成功。当你遇到挫折,陷入困境时,只要你心中有一个坚定的信念,努力工作,你就会克服困难,取得成功。

经过多年的努力,卡莱尔终于完成了《法国革命史》的全部手稿。他将这部伟大作品的全部手稿委托给了他最信任的朋友米尔,并请米尔提出宝贵的建议,以便进一步完善手稿。几天several days;后,脸色苍白、上气不接下气的穆勒来到卡莱尔跟前,告诉他一个不幸的消息:他的女仆把《法国大革命史》手稿变成了废纸,只剩下几页散了下来。卡莱尔被这突如其来的打击吓了一跳。当他写完一章,他会把原来的笔记和草稿撕成碎片。他很努力地写了这本《法国革命史》,但没有留下leave; leave behind; keep back; leave over;任何可以挽回的记录。但卡莱尔反弹了。他平静地说:“这就像我把笔记本拿给小学老师批改,老师说:‘不行!孩子,你得多写点!卡莱尔又买了一大叠纸,又开始埋头苦干起来。我们现在读的《法国革命史》就是卡莱尔第二次写作的成果。

信仰根植于鲜血之中,信仰的旗帜永远是鲜红的,信仰是一种精神力量,是一个人、一个国家、一个社会站起来、迈步前进的精神支柱。艰难困苦,是最好的。“挫折”已成为磨砺人们意志的磨刀石,我们要做一个人生的“强者powerhouse; overmatch;”,面对in the face of;“挫折”,坚强不屈,扼住命运的咽喉,战胜挫折,阳光灿烂,从而创造人生的辉煌!

信念是征服惊涛骇浪的小船,引领我们乘风破浪brave the wind and the waves;,拥抱美好的未来!会有的