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高二英语作文 笑对苦难 800字

高二英语作文 笑对苦难 800字

高二英语作文 笑对苦难 800字
High school English composition Laugh at the suffering 800 words
I am an ignorant person. Hundred taste of life, I only have tasted more than 17 years, how many sad vicissitudes of life, I have a few silk odor. I thought I could ride out the wind and waves... When one or two stories picked up in the crowd were gradually clear in front of my eyes, I was deeply shocked and proved my ignorance. What is suffering? No matter who you are, no matter what you have been through, when you see it, you will find yourself very happy!

高二英语作文 笑对苦难  800字

That time I heard that sister Mingfeng's hand was injured, I just gave myself a holiday, and took a ride to visit her in God Bay. Ming Feng sister is slightly fat, moderate in stature, with a pair of men's hands on her strong body, and she keeps dancing with it to do things that men can do and can't do. She seems to always be full of strength, as if never fall, Ming Feng sister is a simple and strong person. During that time, Ming Feng sister did not work due to injury, and only had time to sit down and chat with me. And I was the first time with Ming Feng sister face to face communication, unexpectedly such a dialogue has benefited me a lot.

Ming Feng sister's past is an abyss, Ming Feng sister is struggling to climb up in her unique way, because the wall of the deep is full of thorns, she suffered a lot of injuries so that the heart is full of pain. But it was such suffering that forged her solid character. I can not appreciate the pain of Sister Ming Feng being neglected in the family that values sons more than girls; Nor can I personally feel the sadness of being beaten by my father while carrying a bucket full of water; I have no way of knowing the despair of being forced to marry by an old man with a kitchen knife, a flower girl who steals a medicine bottle and wants to kill herself... But life is always like this, it never sympathizes with the weak, when you are not strong enough, you have to be ready to accept the next ordeal.

The so-called "misfortunes never come alone", Ming Feng sister's suffering did not end. In the shadow of an arranged marriage, Ming Fengjie married a man whose brain was not very good. However, the parents of fools are not stupid, they know how to use a variety of ways to torture the new daughter-in-law who has just entered the door. And Ming Feng sister is a person of filial piety, which has become the fatal weakness that leads to her miserable life after marriage. It also taught me that kindness has its limits. When necessary, we may as well treat the wicked as one.

Today's sister Ming Feng, relying on hard work and indomitable strength, has a house of her own and two clever daughters. Life has improved. But that doesn't mean the suffering that haunted her for decades will stop there. Because, let life shine out not God, but our own strong heart!

我是一个无知的人。百味人生,我只尝了十七年多,多少悲凉沧桑vicissitude;,我有几丝香。我以为我能乘风破浪brave the wind and the waves;……当一两个在人群中捡到的故事逐渐清晰地呈现在我眼前时,我深感震惊,也证明了我的无知。什么是痛苦?不管你是谁,不管你经历过什么,当你看到它的时候,你会发现自己很幸福!

那次听说明峰姐姐的手受伤了,我就给自己放了个假,骑车去神湾看望她。鸣凤姐姐微胖,身材适中,强壮的身体上有一双男人的手,她不停without stop;地用它跳舞,做男人能做和不能做的事情。她似乎总是充满力量,仿佛永远不会倒下,明峰姐姐是一个简单而坚强的人。那段时间,明峰姐姐因为受伤没有工作,只有时间坐下来和我聊天。而我是第一次与明峰姐姐面对面的交流,没想到这样的对话让我受益匪浅。

鸣凤姐姐的过去是一个深渊,鸣凤姐姐正以她独特的方式挣扎着往上爬,因为这道深墙布满bestrew; bestrid; besprinkle; bestrewn; bestridden;了荆棘,她遭受了很多的伤害,让内心充满了痛苦。但正是just about; the very; no other than; nothing else than;这样的苦难铸就了她坚强的性格。我无法体会明凤姐姐在重男轻女的家庭中被忽视的痛苦;我个人也感受不到less than; absent oneself from; on the right side of;提着满满一桶水被父亲打的悲伤;我不知道被一个拿着菜刀kitchen knife;的老头强迫结婚的绝望,一个偷药瓶想自杀的卖花女……但生活总是这样,它从不同情弱者,当你还不够坚强的时候,你就得准备好接受下一个磨难。

所谓“祸不单行misfortunes never come singly;”,明峰姐姐的苦难并没有结束。在包办婚姻的阴影下,明奉洁嫁给了一个脑子不太好的男人。然而,愚人a fool; a simpleton;的父母并不笨,他们知道如何用各种方法来折磨刚刚进门的新媳妇。而明凤姐姐是一个孝顺filial piety; fealty; piousness;的人,这也成为了她婚后生活悲惨的致命弱点。它也教会了我,善良是有限度的。必要的时候,我们不妨把恶人当作一个人来对待。