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高二英语作文 雪景_下雪了 1000字

高二英语作文 雪景_下雪了 1000字

高二英语作文 雪景_下雪了 1000字

高二英语作文 雪景_下雪了 1000字

High school English composition Snow Scene _ Snow 1000 words
Winter mother-in-law came, bringing her best gift to the people - snow.

"It's snowing, it's snowing", accompanied by the shouts of children, hexagonal snowflakes falling with the wind. Snowflake! Falling down from the jade sky, spondee, fluttering and sprinkling...... A blossoming, a piece, exquisite, crystal clear as jade, white flawless. Your graceful charm, elegant style, dancing posture, are so beautiful and moving. You are like the broken jade scattered by the fairy, like the little angel sent by the heaven, like the laurel tree of the moon palace...... It fell down from the air to kiss the long-lost earth and embrace the lovely hometown. Aaargh! What a beautiful snow.

The cold wind, whistling, as if to blame the naughty snow flowers, however, the snow flowers are more presumptuous. Now they drift to the left, now they swing to the right, now they fly upward, now they rush to the earth and into the window. Like a group of naughty children Shouting at their mother.

Large tracts of snow like tens of millions of white butterflies flying all over the sky, wonderful! I reached out my hand to catch the snowflake. I was so happy to see the snowflake fall into my hand, but as soon as I withdrew my hand, it melted. Why was it so shy? I looked up at the snow, but it fell on my face, leaving me a cool.

All over the sky snow, still like the spring catkins in general non-stop fluttering. Between heaven and earth in addition to rolling waves of the river, the whole mountains, pine forests...... Have become an infinite quiet and beautiful silver world. The snow is getting bigger and bigger, but the snowflakes are getting smaller and smaller, and I saw the dense snowflakes spinning down one after another, and also issued a slight rustling sound, like countless silkworms eating mulberry leaves. High and low pine branches, are holding big snow, by the river wind blowing, and "splat" fell to the ground and other branches.

The snow flying all over the sky, although it is overwhelming, it is so simple and unadorned. In an instant, it dressed up the mountains and rivers of the motherland with its own white body, layer upon layer. Looking at the distance, I saw the sky and the ground, the ground and the sky, the eyes were covered in white, and the rivers and mountains were enchanting. The whole world is quiet, I use my feet gently on the snow, issued a "creak" sound, the whole world is only my voice and I left a string of clear footprints.

Ouch! Look again, under the eaves, hanging one after another of different lengths, uneven ice rinks, shining a little green light, but also have a different flavor. Some of these natural products seem to have been worked on. Some hover like a spiral, some like a sharp knife thrust straight down, some like an upside-down pagoda, some like a graceful girl, and some like a majestic sentry...... They come in all shapes, none of them identical. Aaargh! What a beautiful sight!

The land after the snow is covered with silver everywhere, becoming a crystal fairy tale world. The rows of trees were proudly covered with silver blossoms, shining with a slight purple glow in the sunlight; The magpies in the branches were intoxicated in the charming snow scene, and stopped for a long time without moving, before flying unrestrained, pushing off a snowflake, and then: "chirp" to cheer up; In the courtyard, a dozen sparrows were hopping and foraging in the snow, occasionally turning their heads to look at me warily. What beautiful snow it is! You make me feel what is the real beauty, that beauty is a kind of harmony, purity, majestic, quiet beauty. Looking at the scenery outside the window, I couldn't help but exclaiming such admiration.

Snow, is the winter mother-in-law gave us the most precious gift. Don't you think so?


“下雪了,下雪了”,伴随着孩子们的喊叫声,六角形的雪花随风飘落。雪花!从碧玉的天空落下,spondee,飘飘洒洒......一朵朵,一片,玲珑剔透,洁白无瑕。你优雅的魅力,优雅的风格,舞姿,都是那么的美丽动人。你就像仙女撒下的碎玉,就像上天派来的小天使,就像月宫the moon; the palace of the moon;里的桂树......它从空中降落下来,亲吻久违How long it is since we last met!; I haven't seen you for ages.;的大地,拥抱可爱的家乡。了!多美的雪啊。

寒风,呼啸着,好像在责怪调皮的雪花,然而,雪花却更加放肆。它们时而向左飘移entrainment; travel; wandering;,时而向右摇摆,时而向上飞翔,时而冲向地面,钻进窗户。就像一群淘气的孩子冲着他们的妈妈大喊大叫。

大片大片的雪花像千万只白色的蝴蝶在天上飞舞,妙极了!我伸出手去接雪花。看到雪花落在我手里,我是那么的高兴,可我一缩回手,它就融化了。它为什么那么害羞?我抬头看雪,但它落在我的脸上,给我留下leave; leave behind; keep back; leave over;了一丝凉意。

漫天的雪,依然像春天的柳絮一般不停without stop;地飞舞。天地之间除了滚滚波涛的江水,整个山林,松林......变成了一个无限宁静美丽的银色silver;世界。雪越来越大,雪花却越来越小,只见密密麻麻的雪花纷飞fly;而下,还发出轻微的沙沙声,像无数的蚕在吃桑叶。松树的高高低低的树枝上,都抱着大雪花,被江风吹着,“啪嗒”地落在地上和其他树枝上。

漫天飞舞的雪花,虽然势不可挡,却又那么朴实无华。顷刻间,它用自己洁白的身躯把祖国的山川装扮得层层叠叠。遥望远方,只见天与地,地与天,眼前一片白茫茫a vast expanse of whiteness; in endless whiteness (snow, cloud, fog);,河山妖娆。整个世界都很安静,我用我的脚轻轻地踩在雪地上,发出“吱”的一声,整个世界只有我的声音和我留下leave; leave behind; keep back; leave over;的一串清晰的脚印。

哎哟!再看一看,屋檐[建] eave;下,挂着一个又一个长短不一、参差不齐的溜冰场,闪烁着点点绿光,也别有风味。其中一些天然产物似乎是经过加工的。有的盘旋盘旋,有的像一把锋利的刀子直插下去,有的像一座倒立的宝塔,有的像一个优雅的少女,有的像一个雄伟的哨兵......它们形状各异,没有一个是相同的。了!多么美丽的景色啊!

下雪后的大地,到处都是银装素裹,成了一个晶莹剔透的童话世界。一排排的树骄傲地开满了银色silver;的花朵,在阳光下微微闪烁着紫色的光芒;树枝上的喜鹊陶醉在迷人的雪景中,久久不动地停了下来,才无拘无束地飞起来,推下一片雪花,然后:“唧唧”地振作起来;院子里,十几只麻雀在雪地里跳来跳去觅食,偶尔转过头警惕地看我一眼。多么美丽的雪啊!你让我感受到什么是真正的美,那美是一种和谐、纯洁、磅礴majestic; boundless; vast; widespread; tremendous;、宁静的美。看着窗外的风景,我不禁赞叹不已。