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高二英语作文 《昆虫记》读书笔记 1200字

高二英语作文 《昆虫记》读书笔记 1200字

高二英语作文 《昆虫记》读书笔记 1200字

高二英语作文 《昆虫记》读书笔记  1200字

High school English composition "Insect Book" reading notes 1200 words
This is an enduring masterpiece, this is a masterpiece that has created a miracle, this is a popular science masterpiece, this is also a work of high literary value. After reading the famous book "Insects", I understand what is called real art. I just found out

There are so many mysteries in the insect world, I know: how cicadas shed their shells after the rain; How mantis babies survive in their mother's droppings; How ants eat aphid secretions. Also clear: "the son of the Borer" is wrong, bees catch green worms not as their own son, but for their own offspring to arrange food.

The first time I read "Entomology", I was deeply attracted to it. This is a popular science book describing the life history of insects, plain text, fresh and natural; Humorous narration makes people laugh...... Humanized bugs appear, what a strange and interesting story! Fabre's "Insects", let me not dream, those specific and detailed words, from time to time let me feel the presence of magnifying glass, as if in the scene. The shapes of the insects that I had ignored for so long, with their exulting cries, suddenly gathered, I held my breath, and then, with them, penetrated the darkness of my mind. Insecta is not a writer's creation of the world, it is different from fiction, they are the most basic facts! Every day and every night of Fabre's life, is alone, quiet, almost isolated loneliness and hardship. I looked up, at this moment, I very much want to look up my head, like looking at the stars, to treat the mystery of the existence of insects. It brought me into a living insect world for the first time.

So, I went on to read "Insects."

Then look down, "Insect" is an interesting story: "Mantis is a very ferocious animal, but when it is very small, it will be sacrificed by the smallest ant claws." "Even with the use of tools such as compases and rulers, no designer can draw a more regular web than this....... Watching, these bugs gradually clear, I think: if we do not protect the environment, but to pollute the environment, these bugs will still be there? I thought carefully about the relationship between them, and this reading, "Insects" opened a whole new door for me.

As I continued to read Entomology, I saw Fabre's meticulous observation of the caterpillar's journey, I saw him catch wasps despite the danger, I saw him make bold assumptions, experiment carefully, and scrutinize the experimental process and data, extrapsing step by step the timing and effect of high-nosed bee venom needles, the process of hunting by the beetle, the method of handling the prey by the flycatcher, and I saw how he had done it. Long-distance communication of peacock moths...... When an experiment fails, he collects the data, analyzes the reasons, turns around and designs the next one. Rigorous experimental methods, bold questioning spirit, diligent style. This time, I felt the "scientific spirit" and its profound connotation.

Fabre, an entomologist, took care of the nature of insects and wrote the book Entomology with great pains, leaving a treasure of prose and science and technology rich in knowledge, interest, beauty and thought. Its writing is vivid, the language is vivid and accurate, full of abundant interest. In the author's pen, the willow beetle is like a miser; The beetle "made selfless dedication to its offspring, and broke the hearts of its children "; A small sparrow bitten by a poisonous spider will also "eat happily, and even cry like a baby if we are slow to feed." What a lovely little creature! No wonder Lu Xun regarded "Entomology" as a model of "talking about insect life".

I admire Fabre's spirit of exploring nature, which makes me feel that insects are closely related to the environment, and makes me feel the author's originality and subtle observation. "Insects" opened my eyes, looked at the problem from a different Angle, and understood the depth of the problem beyond the past. I think

"Insects" is worth a lifetime of reading a good book, I think no matter who, as long as carefully read "insects", read the taste, read the feeling, will know more.


昆虫的世界有那么多的奥秘,我知道:蝉是怎样雨后after raining;蜕壳的;螳螂[昆] mantis;宝宝如何在母亲的粪便中生存;蚂蚁如何吃蚜虫的分泌物。也明确:“蛀虫moth; borer; insect that eats books, clothes or wood;之子”是错误的,蜜蜂捉青虫caterpillar;不是作为自己的儿子,而是为自己的后代安排食物。

我第一次读《昆虫学》的时候,就被它深深吸引了。这是一本描述昆虫生活史的科普读物,文字朴实,清新自然;幽默的叙述使人发笑......人性化的虫子出现了,多么奇怪又有趣的故事啊!法布尔的《昆虫》,让我不再no longer; no more;做梦,那些具体而细致的文字,不时让我感受到放大镜的存在,仿佛置身于现场。我忽略了这么久的昆虫的形状,随着它们欢快的叫声cry; yell; yawp; wow; call;,突然聚集起来,我屏住呼吸,然后,随着它们,穿透了我心灵的黑暗。昆虫不是作家创造的世界,它不同于小说,它们是最基本的事实!法布尔一生的每一天、每一个夜晚,都是孤独、安静、几乎与世隔绝的孤独和艰辛。我抬起头来,此时此刻,我很想抬起头来,像仰望星空一样,来对待昆虫存在的奥秘。这让我第一次进入了活生生的昆虫世界。


再往下看,《昆虫》是一个有趣的故事:“螳螂[昆] mantis;是一种非常凶猛的动物,但是当它很小的时候,它会被最小的蚂蚁用爪子牺牲。”“即使使用圆规[测] compasses; [测] compassess; bow compass; dividers;和尺子等工具,也没有一个设计师能画出比这张.......更规则的网看着,这些虫子渐渐清除,我想:如果我们不保护环境,而是去污染环境,这些虫子还会存在吗?我仔细思考了它们之间的关系,这次阅读《昆虫》为我打开了一扇全新brand new;的门。


法布尔是一位昆虫学家,他关心昆虫的本性,煞费苦心地写出了《昆虫学》一书,留下leave; leave behind; keep back; leave over;了一部知识、趣味、美感和思想丰富的散文和科技宝库。它的文字生动,语言生动准确,趣味盎然。在作者的笔下,柳甲虫像个守财奴miser;;甲虫“为子代无私奉献,伤了子代的心”;一只被毒蜘蛛咬伤的小麻雀也会“吃得很开心,如果我们喂得慢,甚至会哭得像个婴儿”。多么可爱的小动物啊!难怪鲁迅把《昆虫学》作为“谈昆虫生命”的典范。