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高二英语作文 学会放下_爬山的启示 1000字

高二英语作文 学会放下_爬山的启示 1000字

高二英语作文 学会放下_爬山的启示 1000字

高二英语作文 学会放下_爬山的启示 1000字

High school English composition Learn to let go _ Mountain Climbing Enlightenment 1000 words
The arrival of another Sunday, I got up early in the morning, pulling my best friend to climb the mountain together, my best friend took two bottles of water, cameras, fans, backpacks and a large basket of things, I lightly floated a past: "You are going to purchase or to climb the mountain ah?" His best friend quibbled, "You have to be ready." Go up the hill with a bang, all right?! Halfway up the mountain, my best friend got tired. Take so many things to climb the rugged mountain road, not tired to death! I thought so while listening to my best friend complain on the side, finally in her tight spell not resentful down the mountain.

"Knot Lu in the people's environment, and no cars and horses noisy, ask you to be able to heart far from self-deviating, pick chrysanthemum under the east fence, leisurely see Nanshan." In the quiet afternoon, drinking a cup of tea, readers of the great poet Tao Yuanming's "Drinking" seem to really enter the leisurely mood, when we envy the poet Tao's leisurely life, but do not understand the reasons.

When Tao Yuanming was young, the family was humble, the father died at the age of nine, and three people lived with his mother and sister, he had a "fierce forget to escape the world, the scholar thinks far and ill" ambition, he entered the official scene, has full of talent, but its nature is indifferent, because of the set of bad style in the official scene and resigned home. However, in the case of poverty and income, he still insisted on reading and writing poetry, he rose to glory and wealth, the pursuit of quiet and noble, and became a "hermit", and all because he wanted to find that piece of pure land in the depths of the heart, to get better things.

The development of modern society is like doing a rocket, the speed is so fast that many people have adapted to this fast-paced life, and there are few estimates like Tao Yuanming. In the modern business world, many people spend their time in intriguousness in order to obtain more material satisfaction. Many people succeed in the struggle, standing on what they think is the peak of life, proudly overlooking the eyes of everyone for them to steal envy. But they do not know that they are not really standing on the top of life, because they carry too much, honor, wealth, beauty and even greed toward power, but want so much, sure can climb to the top? The more impossible to carry, the more difficult it will be to walk in the climbing process, thinking that the master said: "Carrying too much will be too tired, it is better to put down some!" Yeah, why do people make themselves so tired all the time? Can't you just let go and make it a little easier?

If he had stayed in Japan at that time, he might have had a better prospect. Instead of staying in Japan, he would have gone to China, which was already on the edge of its term, and would have abandoned medicine and turned to literature in order to heal the numb hearts of the people. He paid someone to see, we can be less tired, we can be more relaxed, but why not? In the process of mountaineering, don't see a stone that is a treasure, don't see a branch that is a gold bar, the road of life is very long, longer than the Great Wall, the road of life is very rugged, harder to walk than Mount Everest, on the road, learn to put down some unnecessary things, you can go better, go easier, Buddha said: "There is something to give." If you should give up, don't stay, so you can get more and better.

又一个星期天的到来,我一大早就起床了,拉着我最好的朋友一起去爬山,我最好的朋友带了两瓶水、相机、扇子、背包和一大篮子的东西,我轻轻地浮了过去:“你是要去买还是去爬山啊?”他最好的朋友狡辩chicanery; quibble;道:“你必须做好complete; come off;准备。”用力上山,好吗!在半山腰,我最好的朋友累了。带着那么多东西爬崎岖的山路,不会累死的!我一边想着一边听着闺蜜的抱怨,终于在她紧绷uptight; taut;的咒语里不怨地下山了。

“结庐在人的环境里,没有车马equipage; carriages and horses;的喧嚣,求你能心远不自偏,采菊在东篱下,悠悠看南山。”在宁静的午后,喝着一杯茶,读着大诗人陶渊明的《饮酒drink;》的读者仿佛真的进入了悠闲的心情,当我们羡慕诗人陶渊明悠闲的生活时,却不明白其中的原因。

陶渊明年幼时家境贫寒,父亲九岁去世,与母亲和妹妹三人同住,他有“猛忘遁世retiracy;,书生思远而病”的野心,他进入官场,虽有满堂才艺accomplishment; acquirement;,但其天性淡漠,因在官场中套坏作风而辞家。然而,在贫穷和收入的情况下,他仍然坚持读书和写诗,他上升到荣耀和财富,追求安静和高贵,成为一个“隐士”,而这一切都是因为他想找到心灵深处的那片净土,得到更好的东西。

现代社会的发展就像做火箭一样,速度如此之快,以至于很多人已经适应了这种快节奏的生活,像陶渊明这样的估计很少。在现代商业社会中,许多人为了获得更多的物质满足,把时间花在了勾心斗艳上。许多人在奋斗中取得成功,站在他们认为是人生的巅峰上,骄傲地俯视着大家对他们窃窃私语的目光。但他们不知道,他们并没有真正站在人生的顶端,因为他们背负了太多tanto; troppo;,荣誉、财富、美丽甚至贪婪地走向权力,但想要的那么多,肯定能爬到顶端吗?越是不可能背,就越会在攀登的过程中举步维艰,心想大师说过said; quoth;:“背得太多tanto; troppo;会太累,不如放下一些吧!”是啊,为什么人们总是把自己弄得这么累?你就不能放手,让事情轻松一点吗?

如果他当时留在日本,他可能会有更好的前景。他不会留在日本,而是会去已经处于任期边缘的中国,放弃医学,转向文学,以治愈人们麻木的心灵。他花钱请人去看,我们可以少一点累,我们可以多一点放松,但何乐不为呢?在登山的过程中,不要看到一块石头那是宝藏,不要看到一根树枝那是金条,人生的路很长,比长城还长,人生的路很崎岖,比珠穆朗玛峰还难走,在路上,学会放下一些不必要的东西,你就可以走得更好,走得更轻松,佛说:“有东西要给。”如果你应该放弃,就不要留下leave; leave behind; keep back; leave over;,这样你可以得到更多更好。